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  1. Wietse's process is secure, as is the XRP toolkit signing method. All you are doing is adding/signing a note onto your XRPL account pointing it at the ETH wallet address you have created to receive the airdrop. I have performed/assisted with this around 20 times for people going back to dec last year. No issues with any accounts.
  2. ignore the above.. someone from Agoric confirmed that codius is taking a different approach, though they would love ripple to use their tech at somepoint..
  3. Not much, other than a friend shared the news that xrping invested in Agoric who specialise in smart contracts, so assume they are linked somehow.. https://medium.com/xpring/investing-in-agoric-ad57ad10e448 https://agoric.com/ https://twitter.com/ethanbeard/status/1128060608606347266
  4. There is still a gap in general understanding of Trust Lines and Issuances on the XRPL - the info is here, but it's not ideally formatted for education, and needs to be explained more accessibly. https://developers.ripple.com/become-an-xrp-ledger-gateway.html I will try and write a new blog post to help educate. The new Bitstamp license as you say is a driver for this use. It important that people understand this feature, the IOV and XRPL is bigger than XRP alone. j
  5. Hi Bob, Does ‘auto bridging’ fit it with this in some way ?
  6. I along with many others have been researching this patent and its potential features for a few days now. Its a mystery to me why they make them so complex, but that’s the way things are done.. Although the detailed operation of how the patent works in practice will never be 100% clear as the document only describes a logical set of variables and operations, and does not explain how the programming will be implemented, there are many clues which which when combined give us a pretty clear idea on how this system could operate. I’m going to bullet point a few statements all ma
  7. They closed down some time ago - some info on this page. You can achieve most/all of this via gatehubs services though. https://id.ripple.com/auth/migrate https://rippletrade.com/#/404 0- more info and links.
  8. I believe there are different regs in play for Remittance providers vs banks and FI's due to the amounts being sent and KYC etc.
  9. also worth reading this.. https://hackernoon.com/the-6-costliest-mistakes-people-make-when-trading-bitcoin-otc-d975d4acda25
  10. Think his exact quote was " Diversification is for people who dont know what they are doing"
  11. Video also now featured here, https://ripple.com/sbi-ripple-asia/ (perhaps old news ? but could not find anywhere on the forum..)
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