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  1. "Captain, the ship is too heavy. Need to lose some weight before a SEC decision. We already met our OTC quarter sales"
  2. Something is screaming the movie Waterboy is this reply. "No Colonel Sanders, you're wrong.. mama's right."
  3. Wow, these hackers are damn ruthless! First they hack a bunch of accounts and now they are phishing for more by sending fake emails telling customers to move their funds?
  4. IMHO, Bitcoin is still hold marketing value and it is in the news... It's incredible. Binance was hacked and BTC still soared. Either the account freezing on binance caused this, or the "parabolic" hype was the culprit. Any conversation I have had... it's always "ahh, yeah... i've heard of that bitcoin blah blah"... still a long way to go. XRP community needs some similar marketing schemes. Although the heart was there, the past donations have not been in our favor in terms of XRP awareness. Then again, it's not Ripple's job to market XRP in it's entirety... as major holders on the other hand..... something needs to get cooking.
  5. HAHA. My comment was made in the middle of another thought and should have elaborated more. I do not know anything about eToro, except that they have been invested in Marketing. One of them happens to be commercials, which happen to be pretty funny.
  6. Another thought came to mind. Looking at how many manufacturers of processors there are and counterfeit businesses of processors that exists, statistically out of 1000, at least 1 has malicious "piggy back" hardware/software. Now say a company XYZ wants to create a IoT device or a consumer device that relies on internet connectivity. Imagine that same company using a processor from a counterfeited manufacturer and company XYZ tosses an IP stack... or even an IP stack of said vendor. Like.. WOW.. I wouldn't know where to begin. In our Digital asset / crypto world, this is where hardware wallet hi-jacking comes to place. It has been done.. counterfeits are out there. More: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-10-04/the-big-hack-how-china-used-a-tiny-chip-to-infiltrate-america-s-top-companies https://www.marketwatch.com/story/how-hackers-can-turn-your-phone-into-a-cryptomine-2018-05-11 https://www.cnet.com/how-to/find-out-if-websites-are-mining-bitcoin-cryptocurrency/ Apparently I purchase my aluminum foil from bulk on Amazon. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!
  7. Just to shine in a bit. I'm a software engineer, mainly embedded. Worked with ARM M/R/A series processors for quite some time, mainly in the Mobile LTE /Smart phone space. ARM's main objective IS selling chip architectures... but there is an extensive amount of software that comes out of ARM to support vendors using their architectures. This comes in the form of drivers, libraries, tools, etc.. Just One example of MANY. In the last 5+ years, ARM has integrated processor blocks for cryptography support. Not "Crypto" in the sense of blockchain, but the required high speed floating point blocks essential to offload math calculation when algorithms require it. They DO provide a security library suite for many of the industry standards... AES, SHA, etc... Much of these are the foundation of the very security algorithms that are used in blockchain. Depending on the vendor, they can chose to pay for the licensing to use ARM's suites... and it is very commonly used since it is just the cost of licensing. Some companies may chose to interface with these cryptography blocks directly, but the trade off is time and money in R&D. This is rare and usually occurs in niche areas. The ARM Cortex A-53 for example: http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.ddi0500e/CJHDEBAF.html Here is where my concern is, just using the MPCore Cryptogrophy Extension as an example, Where and Who wrote the drivers/libraries for this? I worked for one of the top European telecom companies and drivers came from all over the world. In such a large company, At any point, Malicious code can certainly make it into the initial drivers that we would have used. As a customer of ARM, we just use the underlying libraries that are provided upon making an agreement with ARM. Dormant code COULD be sitting there. Just my .02. **NOTE** I am not making a claim about the MPCore Cryptogrophy Extension as being "insecure". I just picked one hardware block with software support from ARMs collection and sort of "picked" at it. Not spreading anything negative here.
  8. Never saw it as well... interesting, A lot of backlash on the twitter account. lol, have to be careful what you post these days. The XRP gods will through lightening bolts for any FUD.
  9. Lol...We're getting a lot closer, that's for sure! Drawing a QR code on an old piece of cardboard would be difficult though.... "... Victim of Jan 18' crash, wife left, need some drops"
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