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  1. It seems to me that as long as SBI volume is hidden, for whatever reason, you're going to get speculation as to why.
  2. Somebody officially cleared up the reason JPY was removed from XRP Charts in a way that definitively ends speculation? I'm genuinely curious.
  3. Yen on XRP Charts disappeared maybe a week or two ago. There is some speculation that it has to do with SBI/xRapid testing.
  4. High aspirations, low expectations. SBI is a piece of the puzzle long-term. An immediate price/vol hike would be a plus, but not something to count on.
  5. Everything SBI related is murky to me right now.
  6. Even with xrp charts yen down, we should still be able to see SBI volume somewhere (as we can see Bitbank's). I had assumed that sites like livecoinwatch and coinmarketcap just hadn't added SBI to their aggregate yet. But we are now a ways out from "launch" and I would expect it to have been picked up by these kind of sites if SBI was a full go.
  7. Can somebody show me where SBI volume is listed? I'm unclear on this. Right now, I'm not clear enough to say "yes, SBI has fully launched and we can see that it hasn't affected volumes/prices." I also can't say "SBI hasn't fully launched yet." If I could find a place where SBI volume is listed, that would help clear things up.
  8. If I could make 5 or 6% on my xrp, I'd literally never sell. I also think if something like this becomes possible, it would drive demand and thus increase the price of xrp.
  9. Boy it's hard to interpret that in any other way than that Amazon is a customer/partner of Ripple. Make the announcement already.
  10. Is there a feed for the SEC meeting today? I can't find it on the board and I'm sure many are interested...
  11. ed1, could you dumb that down for me and explain further? I'm not an expert on the tech. In Stefan Thomas' Google talk about ILP, he said it would support LN. How does that fit into the equation?
  12. Hence the concern that we develop liquidity now. If BTC has 10x the liquidity and xRapid ends up supporting it, xRapid could be the best thing that ever happened to BTC, not xrp. Same goes for ILP.
  13. xRapid goes live and supports other digital assets. Lightning Network takes BTC down to virtually the same fee as XRP. BTC has much higher liquidity and therefore xRapid payments route through BTC, not XRP. To me, it's a big deal that xRapid is open to other assets. It has the potential to take demand/use away from XRP. That said, I do trust the team. Ripple is heavily incentivized to drive demand for XRP so I don't see them doing something that would drastically affect that in the long run.
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