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  1. Stormy09

    Galgitron's new blog: Proof of Not Working

    Thanks, that was a really insightful read
  2. Merry Christmas everyone - hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas / New Year
  3. Stormy09

    Big amount Cashing Out in Australia

    It's free to withdraw from coinspot now - and it's pretty cheap to transfer XRP in - about 1 xrp last time I did it (about 2 weeks ago) I transferred a few from Bittrex and by the time I refreshed Coinspot it was there !!
  4. Stormy09

    just want to say thank you. I'm out? not at all :)

    Maybe just sell a percentage of your remaining stash - that way you never run out, and, keep some of the money on hand to buy back in if it's just a pump and dump. Bitstamp are a good solid exchange. Good luck to all
  5. Not sure if this helps - I plot up to 18 pairs against USDT on 1 graph by adding % gain or lost to previous figure - it tells me when a coin is pumping or dumping.
  6. I have found that trying to predict the price, for me, is totally futile, I get distracted by other coins going on a surge while mine (XRP) rumbles along. So , as a strategy, I invested a few XRP into a few different coins, if the coins go on a surge then I sell enough to bring me back to my original amount of XRP invested in that coin. Seems to be working
  7. Whatever - another dip another buying opportunity !!
  8. Pretty sure this was brought up previously and when large amounts are transmitted they are insured by various fi's etc. and also this swings both ways i.e. the price could increase by a $.01 and the recipient would receive extra
  9. Stormy09

    Where in the world is everyone??

    Born in UK Living in Queensland Australia, just English
  10. my own personal opinion is that Ripple aren't too bothered what price XRP trades at as long as it's stable
  11. Thanks for the update R8 - a lot of us truly value your signals - ( and secretly and not so secretly ) wish I ( we ) could come up with the same predictions. Kind Regards Storm
  12. Thank you for the insight R8 - very much appreciated
  13. Do you think this will set a precedent for other states to follow ?? - otherwise it would seem they have a vested interest in blockchain