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  1. Why do people keep asking if it is xCurrent or xRapid by the time xRapid/XRP can be used in all solutions?
  2. Do you mean Corda blockchain or Corda Settler?
  3. "We are not trading in XRP but using it as a medium for instant money transfer/settlement which is far more cumbersome in SWIFT." Just WOW... That's what i'm talking about!!!
  4. This is a, more for fun, blog that addresses the current FUD and misinformation about XRP. https://xrpcommunity.blog/this-is-where-we-fight/
  5. He is absolutely 100% correct that SWIFT gpi and XRP compete in Corda Settler (i also explain it here https://xrpcommunity.blog/xrp-vs-gpi/ ) but as i explain in the blog, this competition is actually perfect for XRP and eventually will be the winner. I'm only opposed to the fact that he said "this is a win for SWIFT". It's NOT a win it's the beginning of their end.
  6. Someone must tell this clueless author that this doesn't change the fact that SWIFT remains slow, expensive, non-transparent and insecure with 6-12% error rate and with the top banks sill profiting against the rest 99.9%, increasing the corrspondent banking problem + nostro/vostro accounts / liquidity problem. But yeah... "this is actually a win for Swift over Ripple.", said nobody reasonable and not paid by SWIFT... ever!
  7. "Through Ripple, BeeTech now connects new markets allowing for cross border movement of funds between Brazil and Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany and France"
  8. Marcus Treacher is really one of the most important people in Ripple and he does know very well what SWIFT really is and how bad it is and he always point this out!
  9. Just an observation: Corda Settler doesn't work like xRapid. xRapid uses XRP as a bridge to connect 2 fiat currencies while Corda Settler doesnt bridge anything, it just settles in the desirable asset. For XRP to be used through Corda Settler, both counterparties must be using XRP and if the receiver chooses XRP as the settlement mechanism, it will receive XRP and that's it.
  10. Right now yes, they have to think about it because as i explain, in order to choose XRP on Corda Settler both counterparties must be using XRP and the receiver gets XRP which means that holds, so you will not see many choosing XRP because there isn't much adoption yet. SWIFT gpi is the preferable choice. For now...
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