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  1. golden cross on 4h apparently which means.... .........absolutely nothing will happen.
  2. Actually to my surprise it seems to work in a regular market, Been trading stocks all week, purely on Rising RSI / momentum but nothing over 30 and td indicator on daily time frame. Have not closed a red trade yet...not making mega money but enough consider decent for a weeks work. Honestly thinking to sell half my crypto and go trade more stocks.
  3. Should have bought in December then, or should have traded all the possible ups and downs there were.. i mean yeah let’s blame the commodity rather than the trader...
  4. The ones with no risk management...ergo 90% of the “traders” in this market.
  5. Because anyone with half a brain knows it’s a suicide to trade btc as an institutional investor. I’m still quite shocked that bakt would launch given the huge manipulation in the market. Seems totally bizzare.
  6. So the 200+ banks on ripplenet dont receive a service? Great blog @Hodor, would only critisise the assumption that MGI are able to save money and thrive...we don't know yet, but i'm also hopeful
  7. No it just means bigger players with more momey can come in and manipulate the **** out of it.
  8. Please think about it carefully. A Nostro account is an account held by a bank, in another bank in a different currency.. At what point would xrapid need that function? answer - it doesn’t ever that’s literally the point of xrapid.
  9. Weren’t R3 pretty low on funds at one point?
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