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  1. Hope so I bought some MGI...to high mind, but still quite a bit less than Ripple paid. MGI isn’t make or break for ripple but it’s a bloody important milestone. If MGI start to improve financially and market share wise over the next year after persistent downturn for a while now then I can’t imagaine why people wouldn’t be queuing up for their services. i also don’t think ripple are daft enough to go into this as a POC they have tested and must be very confident in the outcome otherwise why do it at all. the fuddters will say to boost XRP price but that didn’t happen so now there really are no excuses it will work or it won’t. I like 50/50 odds for the potential returns on offer
  2. From what I have seen the SEC is targeting dodgy ICOs ripple didn’t have one...case closed. also as you are someone in the “know” any guesses why the SEC have not gone after ripple, yet they have targeted quite a few obviously scammy tokens / groups.
  3. Bet there liquidity must be amazing for the ten payments a year they probably make. any payment volume to back up your Bs?
  4. Please drive your truck and tell what you think. Quite interested to hear what you see as the issues with using XRP as a solution for cross border payments. i mean I’m not stupid there are def issues but I haven’t heard of any that don’t have either solutions or ideas to solve etc.
  5. CSC was sooooo last year, get with the program trollboy!
  6. Honestly man have you ever considered taking a break from the internet? Your posts are becoming more and more bizzare.
  7. No what’s sad is a few morons who bought at the top full well knowing what they were doing are trying to block something very cool happening for a few bucks. thats the reality of it, full stop. if all this **** had been cleared up two years ago who knows how much progress would have been made. PS - you are a drama queen.
  8. No no no just no @Cooliozxrp has spoken and You as an xrp holder are just wrong. /s if it wasn’t obvious.
  9. It’s a fair point...but they are moving 600bio and not settling with a DA. i think it would be more fair to compare Swift with XCurrrent volume next year and expect that settlement with xrp will take longer. If xcurrent is moving peanuts by end of next year then i will be worried as if morning moving on xcurrent then there isn’t much use for xrp anyway.
  10. They have had this ripple deal signed sealed and delivered for months. They probably already know it’s going to work.
  11. What’s wrong with 10bucks? Honest question.
  12. Will have a read thanks. isn't bitfinex currently under investigation by the US? That’s why I found it a bit weird at least until that’s cleared up.
  13. Great video, I have been watching to the last week or so and it’s definitely ramping up. I have seen a lot of traffic to India which is interesting considering the ban there. I can only assume it’s MGI as the packets are all same size and seem to be larger orders split into smaller orders. (I think xrapid does this) cant wait to see how this looks in q4 when MG start to step things up more.
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