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  1. I sold everything at 24cents, in the red but not to badly. Waiting this out, would rather buy on the way back up than rise out this disaster. Plenty of time during bull runs if one ever happens to make money.
  2. Ok well for the point in question it’s largely irrelevant but thanks for the correction.
  3. So biggest bank in Japan clearly states using ODL to serve half of the asian market and absolutely nothing happens... Well done XRP chat and twitter we Truley are the last retail holders of this Token. Great news though, just wish they would hurry up and turn me on...
  4. Or they don’t understand **** which is also hugely likely. Seriously people overestimate traders, most of them are stubborn ******** who are right until they are not and then they get fired.
  5. Yeah no I agree completely I just don’t see a world where every country / currency has an issue exchange that’s ODL enabled. Hence we will still have some prefunding in my view. A world where every country is enabled will take a long long time.
  6. i meant to put the word "entirely" on the end of the that sentence,
  7. if you need to hold currency in a bunch of countries you have FX risk in X number of countries you prefund, its a fairly hefty exposure / risk var, or however you want to calculate your risk. Essentially if you use ODL and are a US based company you only need to hold USD and transact with your given exchange i.e bitstamp who will handle the transaction on the sell side, and bitso on the other side for the Peso conversion. Its majorly simplified and will never ever remove prefunding, but essentially you can transact more real time without a huge FX risk.
  8. golden cross on 4h apparently which means.... .........absolutely nothing will happen.
  9. Actually to my surprise it seems to work in a regular market, Been trading stocks all week, purely on Rising RSI / momentum but nothing over 30 and td indicator on daily time frame. Have not closed a red trade yet...not making mega money but enough consider decent for a weeks work. Honestly thinking to sell half my crypto and go trade more stocks.
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