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  1. Are all other crypto’s panicking about mushbook coin, or is it just xrp holders? I don’t get it. Fb coin could in theory be a competitor for any aspiring currency replacement but yet only Xrp is getting bashed.
  2. So we don't even have a white paper and FB is already going to dominate 40% of the market...Right!
  3. Where to buy MG stocks? Checked etoro and it’s not there. Gotta be worth a punt when the market opens
  4. As I read somewhere. If you consider that when ripple and MG started working together back in 2018 the share price was 12bucks. Quite possible this deal was negotiated back then and 4.10 would be a bargain.
  5. Are you a real prince? If yes you can probably pay someone to think for you.
  6. Funny that, they are still selling the same product / proposition..maybe they should talk about cheese. I suspect opening a corridor means employing market makers, which in turn probably means yes there is some volume as what market marker wants to trade in a dead market.
  7. well if its true, would the price be 44cents right now? I doubt it..
  8. if i remember rightly its a rule about setting value of an asset min and maxes that it can be traded at. Cant remember the conditions it would have to be used etc though sorry. googled a bit, apparently people are claiming that xrp value will be linked to gold value...
  9. Has one any of these people CSW taslks about publicly backed him? I mean his friends that helped with the code, the people from Newcastle university etc.
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