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  1. This makes sense. From memory, one of the other 'Big 4' banks in Australia - Westpac - were fairly early adopters of xCurrent. In addition, they also started offering Osko payments a few months ago.
  2. Forex exchange (not a crypto exhange), now listing XRP. Hopefully a sign of things to come ?? On Saturday, FXChoice (https://en.myfxchoice.com/) announced that it is listing XRP. FX Choice Limited is an Investment Firm regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (license number: IFSC/60/191/TS/18). Their statement reads: "XRP (Ripple) now available Announcement from 27/09/2018 We are pleased to announce that clients may now deposit and withdraw XRP (Ripple coin). For those unaware, XRP (Ripple) is currently one of the top five cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. Ripple is the name for both a digital currency (XRP) and an open payment network within which that currency is transferred. It is a distributed, open-source payments system. To deposit XRP, you’ll need to open an XRP-denominated account with us." The best description I could track down of FX Choice is... "FXChoice is a broker specialized in Forex and CFD trading for private clients, institutional investors and fund managers. Having around a decade of experience in the forex industry, the brokerage strives to provide excellent service and customer support. In 2016 alone FXChoice was awarded the Exceptional Customer Service accolade by LiveHelpNow on 5 occasions. The broker offers trading in almost 40 currency pairs and various CFDs (on indices, precious metals, commodities, energies) through two robust trading platforms. With their NDD technology FXChoice is executing around 15 000 digital transactions a day. The company behind the brand, FXChoice Ltd., is headquartered in Belize and regulated by the local International Financial Services Commission (IFSC)."
  3. My thoughts also. It would be great to see a pump off the back of a utility announcement, however as a hodler, i see any announcement like this purely as a soild indication of reducing the risk profile of my long term investment. Might not be able to put a number on it in terms of dollars and cents.....but for those in it for the long haul, any confirmed news on utility and xrapid adoption will be huge.....and just the beginning ?
  4. No stress man.....i dont have an issue with you or the information in the article. Its just that the title Oracle Times have clearly given it a clickbait title (by including XRP) which is stretching things a bit far. For the record, im bullish as hell on XRP ?
  5. Please change the tiltle of this post.....its completly misleading. There are many articles, press releases and threads in this forum about Santanders progress with Ripple (which is great news), but using xrp for 50% of transfers is not one of them. Will it happen at some point? I believe so ?, but until there are facts and a credible source to back it up, these statements dont help anyone.
  6. I would like to think my cash out positions are based on a logical decision as opposed to an emotional one.....eassier said then done though. For me it will come down to what is driving the increase and demand. If its the instituitional injection of funds into xrp that continues to drive volume and price based on speculation then ill likely just keep on holding. If its an increase in volume and price based on utility and the adoption of xrapid then ill likely cash out in small increments, but hold a majority of zerps knowing that it will continue to build over time. If this allows me to pay out my mortgage in 5-10 years ill be happy
  7. Price is dropping, time to buy some more ☝️ The irony as I make a payment from my bank using BPAY and will wait 2 days for it to hit the exchange. All so i can invest in a digital asset that settles in seconds ? Makes me laugh and reaffirms my decision to back XRP every time. ....even more ironic considering my bank is a Ripplenet member ?
  8. Thanks for sharing @sneaks ! Interesting to see the timing of the pattern aswell. It appears these low-lows tend to line up perfectly for the weekend (my opinion only). Newbies and part-time traders get shaken down, while others get locked out from picking up bargain priced zerps if they havent deposited fiat into an exchange a couple of days prior.....cue the whales. ?
  9. Fidget_Spinner


    Go home, your drunk ? Im only 3 months into XRP and this forum is by far one of the best resources available. So much information at your fingertips to help you decide if you think the use case and long term intrinsic value of XRP is worth it. If not, invest in something else. The market is immature, price is basically based on specultation (so essentsially doesnt mean anything, other than what level of risk you are willing to take on if you believe in the long term use case). XRP is crashing again literally this second, purely due to being coupled with Bitcoin. This will make most people that want a quick win to whinge and complain, but the reality is that it presents a great opportunity to increase your stack at a low entry point. The catch 22? This will only seem like an opportunity if youve done your research and trust in the use case. If you have only been watching the numbers to date, you will feel sh*t outta luck ?
  10. If these predictions are correct, it means another year of low entry points to increase our stacks. Not a bad position to be in before moon time ??
  11. Ana Botin has put up some interesting commentary on linkedin over the last month or so. Two weeks ago she shared Santanders announcement on One Pay FX, with the article specifically stating 'The new service uses xCurrent, a technology based on distributed ledgers owned by California-based Ripple'. https://www.santander.com/csgs/Satellite/CFWCSancomQP01/en_GB/Corporate/Press-room/Santander-News/2018/04/12/Santander-launches-the-first-blockchain-based-international-money-transfer-service-across-four-countries-.html However its worth nothing that prior to this (1.5 months ago - 5th March), Ana wrote an article titled "Old school ideas can make Satoshi's project flourish''. In this she says: 'Let me explain this in the context of what we are already doing. Santander is far advanced with its plans to make blockchain based international payments, using digital tokens to represent euros and dollars, an everyday reality for its retail customers. The change from the status quo will be dramatic. As we cut out the intermediaries, a settlement will, instead of two to three days, become intra-day or even faster, and there will be transparency: customers will know exactly how much money is being sent and received in both currency pairs.' .....and 'Santander is an early partner to the international Utility Settlement Coin Project, in which we play a leading role. The project intends to let financial institutions pay each other or to buy securities, such as equities and bonds via digital tokens. Importantly they would do so without waiting for conventional money transfers to be completed. These tokens would be directly convertible into cash at central banks, cutting the time, cost and capital required in post-trade settlement and clearing.' https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/old-school-ideas-can-make-satoshis-project-flourish-ana-botín- Draw your own conclusions from this. Personally what I infer is that 'worst case', they are using xCurrent, but its clear that xRapid is the goal ....also aligning with Ripples strategy ? Keep on HODL'ing
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