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  1. One point of clarification: Ripple is not an investor into XRP, they simply own a lot of it. To say they “invest” in XRP would make it seem like they expect it to increase in value, which could make XRP seem like a security in the eyes of the public (and regulators). This is also why you never hear Brad telling the public to invest in XRP. That would make it seem like a security. If you’re correcting people online, it’s important to keep that in mind.
  2. Dear quan, Absolutely, that’s a great idea! I’ll make that public right away. We appreciate you letting us know about this. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and always remember to “Keep On Ripplin’!” TM. Yours truly, Matt Ripple
  3. That's why I'm planning on buying Ripple stock -- not just because of the inherent company value, but I think their assets are going to be grossly undervalued by analyst calculations. It would be a more longterm play than buying XRP outright, but hey... value investing!
  4. It only has coins that had some traction pre-2017. Mostly Bitcoin and Ethereum forks.
  5. Depending on how it plays out... you might be able to get much, much more longterm XRP via the stock than you would be able to get via direct XRP buys, although it wouldn’t be liquid. Keep me honest though! I’m not much of a trader.
  6. Ostensibly share price would build in Ripple’s ownership of XRP so by purchasing Ripple shares you would also be buying a portion of their XRP (although illiquidly at net present value and not at market price). The converse is not true though — shares of XRP are not ownership of Ripple. I’m actually curious how markets price that in, if at all after the IPO. We know the internal share price assumes like 1/10th of current going market value for their XRP since it’s illiquid.
  7. I know the context of this was an argument with one of many low-information trolls on this site, but it still reminded me what an exciting time we’re in for the future of Ripple and XRP. Personally I’m very optimistic — the criticisms we see here are rarely valid, and when they are they totally miss the big picture. I guess emotions really can be contagious!
  8. Yep, looks like it was at 450+ and is now 300+ on the site. Some of us might remember when Brad appeared onstage a few months back, and the interviewer also quoted Ripple at 450+ customers based on a convo they had earlier. At the time Brad corrected him onstage, saying they have 450 employees, and only 300 customers... In light of this change it sounds like they've been downplaying their customer base for some reason... maybe hoping that the 500 number will be a stronger story when it happens.
  9. I too would love an official ODL monitor, but comparing the existing data with Brad’s explanation of $53M sent last week, @mouradski seems to be dead-on accurate.
  10. Your numbers aren’t adding up. I for one am not sure...that the optimism/hopium is worthwhile for Ripplecompany.
  11. I don’t know who Alex Cobb is,can you explain further?
  12. What exactly are you trying to source here? That’s not what this site is for and could honestly be dangerous. Go To the dark web.
  13. What's your agenda here friend? No one knows if the document is real, least of all you. Ripple is clearly in damage control over something, trying to hide it rather than denying.
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