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  1. SamsungPay’s sole money transmitter Sentbe is officially a Ripple partner and connected to Moneygram. SamsungPay is also planning to use crypto. Two separate pieces of news but absolutely related.
  2. Digging around a bit and found this from May: Samsung Pay integrating cryptocurrencies. Seems to validate this news. Apparently they're 80% of the South Korean "simple payments" market. https://www.ccn.com/samsung-pay-crypto-integration-millions/
  3. YoYo is the next Ripple Psychic that SamIAm has chosen to believe. First it was BearableGuy, then “the BGs” (because all the copycats must be working together), then it was the Ripple Riddler, then “the Riddlers”. Now it’s YoYo. Next it will be “the YoYos.” There is no end to it. None of them are real. It’s Q-Anon for crypto Twitter. And yet he also doesn’t “believe in” human contributions to global warming... and is shuffling that propaganda campaign to his audience. It’s a little disgusting. That said, he shares interesting news articles sometimes. Thanks for sharing.
  4. So either this platform uses Ripple... Or every major Ripple partner decided overnight to join a new platform, and NO non-Ripple partners decided to do so. One of those hypotheses tests credulity.
  5. Xoom is likely using Ripple. Deutsche Bank confirms HSBC and Xoom as Ripple clients in a DLT memo: https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/01/16/deutsche-bank-confirms-hsbc-and-xoom-as-ripple-clients/ Xoom partnership with Ria (Confirmed Ripple partner): https://www.pymnts.com/news/partnerships-acquisitions/2018/paypal-xoom-euronet-ria-global-remittance-money-transfer/ Xoom using Earthport (Ripple partner, recently bought by Visa): https://www.earthport.com/case-studies/casestudy-xoom/ Nothing official, but it's more likely than not. Or I mean you could believe our old friend Clickbait.
  6. Holy. Moly. All of those are either openly RippleNet members, members of Ripple's Global Payments Steering Group, or rumored partners. I don't have time to dig up the articles for all of them, but holy **** does this smell like Ripple.
  7. It’s entirely possible we’ll look back on the Libra Panic and laugh hysterically. In my opinion the reaction among lawmakers and regulators has more to do with Facebook’s recent complicity in foreign interference/misinformation campaigns (hey guys!) and less to do with fears of Libra outgrowing fiat. If Facebook wants to become an international bank with all the burdens and capital requirements that go along with that, they’re more than welcome to — but I see that mainly impacting the smallest economies of the world and not much else. In places like the US/UK/EU/China where money and job growth are sound, Libra might be used for occasional international finance but honestly, who would invoice a customer in Libra? Invoice in your local currency and let your customer pick the cheapest payment path. Freelancers in the developing world, however, will jump all over an opportunity to participate in the global economy. So I can see Libra succeeding there in the short term. XRP and other native crypto, on the other hand, are an enormous threat to USD hegemony and from where I’m standing I don’t think Mnuchin and others see that yet. They’re in the process of adopting a cute baby bear, but it will grow up.
  8. This is amazing -- thanks for sharing! I'm not a huge Love for Crypto fan, but videos like this make you realize both how early we are and also the inevitability of digital assets in the global monetary system. The people doubting DA's are the same people who doubted the popularity of MP3s.
  9. Okay there Bagel Boss. 1.5 s ledger times, no sooner than 2019.
  10. Correct, it may be worked on later this year. Speeds and throughput are fast enough now. No other tech compares to XRP so we’re safe. Faster is always better though, from a utility and price standpoint.
  11. Faster is better. Always, always, always. The people facilitating orders are called Market Makers, and these are the folks who will be holding on either side of each xRapid transfer. That means the faster XRP settles, the more likely it will maintain its position as a standard settlement asset, therefore the more XRP will be held by market makers, banks, FIs, and corporates. Increased speed of settlement is not the goal of Cobalt, but if they reduced settlement time it would have a positive impact on XRP utility and price.
  12. JPM Coin is the equivalent of having a bank account balance with JPM. Citibank can trust JPM all they want, but at the end of the day Citibank's entire business model relies on holding and investing their own balances. Not handing those balances over to JPM. They want to get out of JPM Coin as fast as possible, which means FX transactions, which means new infrastructure to support that liquidity, which ultimately means XRP.
  13. They’re holding it in Singapore this year, so most likely someone recognizable who held a position of power in Asia.
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