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  1. My BS detector normally goes off when I read up on literally any DeFi project. But when I watched this video it exploded.
  2. Yeah, this could potentially be an issue. If they really are burning the unclaimed Spark then I wonder how that will impact the portion of Spark they still hold. They may wind up burning some of their own / distributing it to rebalance the pie. 1B sounds like a lot of Spark that are already pre-claimed by retail, but in the context of the full scale of market-available XRP today it’s pretty low. You have to be super engaged in this space to even know Flare exists yet. Probably one of the reasons for their 6-month window to claim your tokens.
  3. Yep, and the more I think about it the more potential this seems to have. Ethereum can’t get its head on straight, and even if it could they’re planning to launch PoS which is flawed (according to Flare’s argument, we don’t need to get into that here). Copy-pasting would allow for cheaper contracts and faster settlement. It’s a no-brainer for any real business. With that in mind, Flare looks more like an Ethereum fork than an XRP utility fork. Crazy potential.
  4. I think you can use the same address for multiple message keys.
  5. So when is gas used if ever? Is it just to set up the wallet or transfer tokens that utilize gas? A bit of an Ethereum noob.
  6. I don’t know what decade she thinks it is but here in 2020 posting instas of how rich you are is one of the trashier things you can do. Would much rather see her UNICEF receipts, but hey I’m just some guy who still has his humanity.
  7. ODL accounting for 20% of RippleNet volume in Q2! That’s wild. This was before we dropped down to $4M per day. So guessing an average of $15M per day in Q2 puts daily RippleNet volume around $75M... that’s if the ODL tracker is even catching everything (which as we know it wasn’t for a long time. EUR>USD corridor wasn’t in there until long after it launched).
  8. This thread is making me more and more confident in my investment. The arguments being tossed out against XRP are some of the weakest sauce I’ve tasted.
  9. This is fascinating stuff. I just read a document the other day (forgetting which one -- maybe CGI? Solomon was going over it) that said updating from T+3 to T+0 would actually require more float rather than less. I'm not sure I believe that, but their argument was that when settlement is expected instantly then you have to have enough capital in float to provide peak payment volumes, whereas with T+3 days you can hold less in float because you have time to pull that capital from elsewhere, and there are lower expectations around urgent delivery. That logic doesn't make a ton of sense to me, b
  10. This is great! Folks should watch the last few minutes too -- he answers some questions from viewers that are a little more Ripple-focused. As always the asks are a little prying about Ripple/Polysign's plans, but his responses make me pretty excited to see what they're up to.
  11. Not surprisingly, the anti-Ripple conspiracy theory that WU is buying their biggest competitor solely to shut it down has only found footing in General, thanks to a small handful of known (possibly paid) trolls. Yes, companies sometimes buy other companies that eventually are shut down, but it’s rarely if ever intentional. https://www.quora.com/Why-do-some-companies-buy-other-companies-only-to-shut-them-down-soon-after-not-even-competitors-Examples-are-Amazon-Shoefitr-and-HP-Palm If a sale happens, which is just a rumor today, the people, process, partnerships and technology will be
  12. Hopium? Wouldn’t you say this is real news of new customers using XRP for international remittance?
  13. The puzzle pieces are coming together! Remittance customers and Uber drivers have a lot of crossover, so the partnership will encourage those folks to use Moneygram (and therefore RippleNet) for money transfers. This could also explain the many Uber references in Ripple presentations over the years. Moneygram seems to have been on fire lately (in a good way). I think RippleNet is at the heart of many of these integrations and developments.
  14. Yep! And Coil recently joined the working group. It sounds like ILP is getting built out to help with payments in areas with less developed clearing/settlement infrastructure.
  15. We’ve been through how ODL works here. What are you asking for now? $6M a day in XRP usage across EUR > USD corridor (that we previously did not know about) is awesome news!
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