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  1. This site shows live ODL activity and volumes: https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard Comparing speculative volume to utility volume right now assumes that speculative volume of BTC will also climb to keep pace with XRP utility volume. Why would you assume that's the case?
  2. No one knows for sure to what extent the volume will impact price, but a healthy ecosystem means a massive increase in desirability of the asset — and that most certainly will push up price. We already see XRP staying stable against a falling market, so accumulation is happening even with these tiny volumes. The more utility XRP has, the more that market makers will be buying to get into the game of providing that liquidity. Market makers buying drives up the price.
  3. I'll sell if Ripple ever stops making progress. I think it's foolish to pick a drop-dead date for disruptive, lifechanging tech like this.
  4. bKash is such an important partnership -- they already have 60% of the market share for mobile financial providers in Bangladesh. That might be a smaller market, but I think we'll see Ripple adoption more and more in countries where mobile banking is pivotal, especially since it's in keeping with the endless talk we hear about banking the unbanked. If Ripple becomes the go-to-solution for these services, it could represent a trillion dollar market.
  5. Huh! Then I’m not sure. It’s possible they’re no longer investors.
  6. When I search "Ripple" and "Founders Fund" this thread is the first thing that comes up. Are you sure they ever invested in Ripple? Thiel is a big Bitcoin guy.
  7. So awesome, thanks for sharing this. Looks like they’re also using Bittrex, which I haven’t seen much on ODL transactions before. Might be onboarding a new set of market makers too for a backup US exchange.
  8. Or simply a test of transaction throughout of the ledger. BTC could be selected as an arbitrary denomination.
  9. Censorship and de-platforming are two very different things. Alex Jones is still free to spout whatever he wants (lawsuit aside) just as YouTube is free to de-platform him. If the government came in to block YouTube’s speech, that would be censorship.
  10. Well... to be fair social networks like those are merely exercising their speech by booting people out of their club who they don’t agree with, or who threaten their business. If government stepped in and forced networks to permit any speech, that would be a massive infringement of 1A and the exact opposite of democracy. We can talk about whether that’s good or bad, and clearly this recent XRP booting feels like abuse of a community by a powerful corporate — but that abuse is perfectly legal and democratic.
  11. Essentially it’s a 10-page letter from Ripple explaining why Mexican regulations for virtual currency will cause exchanges to split into two entities — one licensed for fiat, one unlicensed for virtual asset use / cross-border. Not the end of the world, but makes things more difficult for new entrants. Ripple is arguing they should change the laws and allow exchanges to operate with fiat and virtual currencies at the same time. It’s unclear if the Mexican authorities will make any changes, but it’s at least cool to see Ripple is engaging with them on specific aspects of their approach.
  12. There was a list of five or so community members who were suspended permanently due to “impersonation.” Might be an honest mistake (the XRP community can feel like a bot army sometimes), but imo its more likely to be a coordinated move to silence them all at once over a rule they didn’t break. The CEO of twitter is on record saying he buys $10K of Bitcoin every week, so there’s that. Also an uptick in coordinated FUD over the past few months. If I were a conspiracy theorist I’d say bags were being filled or XRP was being attacked by powerful BTC holders... but I have no idea.
  13. If you know how to program and build projects for the web, then I’d find a small, makeable idea that the community would be able to use, and devote some time to it. Wietse Wind is a great example of someone who just took it upon himself to make a thing, and it has spun him into some key positions on great blockchain projects. If you’re building something on your own, keep it small, keep it simple, and don’t add functionality you don’t absolutely need. And if you don’t know how to program, even better! Learn the basics and pick it up as you go. I always find hands-on utilitarian learning so much more fun than taking classes.
  14. ILP could disintermediate centralized payment networks, creating new payment path options (besides Cybersource, Mastercard, Visa etc). But ILP may not be mature for a while.
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