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  1. ADingoAteMyXRP

    Valor, Another Ripple Scam?

    I am launching a cryptocurrency called Malice which will raise tens of hundreds of dollars to short Valor with. Crisis averted!
  2. ADingoAteMyXRP

    XRP Classic (XRPC)

    XRPBGV: Bearable Guy's Vision. It's a stablecoin stuck at $589.
  3. ADingoAteMyXRP

    XRapid ONLY uses XRP as counter currency

    Just because something has limited supply doesn’t mean the entire ******* world economy is going to collapse. You’d have to be actually stupid to believe that. Beanie Babies. Gold. Limited Edition Sneakers. Small-Run Vinyl Records. Your mom. All these things have limited supply (with some flexibility in the case of gold. Pretty sure they stopped making Beanie Babies.) Call me when these things collapse the global economy. You people are daft. LOLR is and always will be the central banks. It’s kind of their job. Ripple may lend from their stash eventually as well, as Miguel Vias has stated.
  4. ADingoAteMyXRP

    XRapid ONLY uses XRP as counter currency

    It's relative. All currencies in those trades are simultaneously base and counter currencies, depending on how you look at the trade.
  5. ADingoAteMyXRP

    XRapid ONLY uses XRP as counter currency

    This is absurd. USD/XRP is the trade on the first leg of the xRapid exchange, and XRP/MXN is the trade on the second leg. Those two trades happen through the order books of the two exchanges. Public trades provide that liquidity. It doesn't matter what the "counter currency" or "base currency" is. It's an arbitrary term. If XRP is worth $0.33 USD then USD is worth 3.03 XRP. It's all relative. Give BrownBear the 1000 XRP already and please for the love of God take a math class.
  6. ADingoAteMyXRP

    India is coming

    Debunked unfortunately:
  7. ADingoAteMyXRP

    Can XRP Catch On? Ripple Touts New Banking Partnerships

    Amazing news couched in weird negativity from Fortune: "... Euro Exim Bank will begin running an exchange service that will hold XRP; he declined, however, to say whether it would buy its supply of XRP on the open market or receive it from Ripple." A bank will be accumulating XRP and serving as an exchange and overseas transfer service for customers (!!!). But for some reason the author thinks it matters where they get the XRP from. Do they realize it all hits the open market eventually? Even OTC sales impact the market. The supply of XRP is not infinite.
  8. ADingoAteMyXRP

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Truthbot/Bridgewater for Mod 2020
  9. ADingoAteMyXRP

    MUFG bank will use XRP?

    The more fractured the currency landscape becomes, the more expensive it gets to convert currencies and the more important it is to have an algorithmic protocol designed to find efficient paths ----> ILP. As long as XRP is the fastest and most liquid asset, it will be used.
  10. ADingoAteMyXRP

    The impossibility of liquidity in xrp

    Miguel Vias has talked about Ripple potentially using their stockpile of XRP to be a kind of lender of last resort, providing that service to governments of the world (at a cost I’m sure). That sounded like a hypothetical when he talked about it in the past, but it would answer to OP’s weird accusation filled with a lot of assumptions.
  11. ADingoAteMyXRP

    Is Earthport purchase by Visa Good News?

    Visa just spent a quarter of a billion dollars to acquire a major Ripple networking partner. It’s good news.