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    1Ton reacted to WarChest in Where's the progress?...   
    I am a Long term Holder.
    In answer to the OP, I think Ripple need to freshen up at the CEO level. It's not any slight on Brad, just sometimes it is time to change the leadership's face, reinvigorate and go again.
    Ripple is becoming very Stale now. As I say nothing personal at all, but feel a fresh drive is required, as this is aiming to be a 'main stream software vendor, maybe a bit of a shake up is required...
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    1Ton reacted to MisterRipple in Where's the progress?...   
    You didn't get the message I think.
    It's not about the price or investing.. it's about the overal progress XRP has made in the market (especially late 2019 and 2020).
    Price will follow if progress and "real utility" come into play, but price isn't the topic here.
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    1Ton reacted to fatlever in XRP is going to total failure. What will you do with your HODlings?   
    I did not cherry pick data.  I just used a revenue chart that was available and it started from 2004.  Another chart below showing Amazon's revenue's starting from 1995 even before they went IPO.  Revenue up 1,500% the 2nd year.  Up 825% the 3rd year.  Up 312% the 3rd year.  Up 168% the 3rd year.  2 Years after IPO Amazon has 1.6 Billion in revenue in 1999.  2.7 Billion in revenue in 2000.  Only the absolutely clueless see that type of growth as "no fundamentals whatsoever."  
    Amazon's model in the 1990s to today has always remained the same.  Don't worry about profits, take all the money you make and invest it back in the company for growth.  It's a business model that there have been a lot of books about and been emulated by many companies.  People didn't get this back then and even until the early 2010s people were still clueless about this.  As you can see using this model, they have been growing and growing and growing.  Non stop.  
    Yes, it sounds very familiar.  Except Ripple does not sound at all like Amazon but XRP and cryptos in the space sound exactly like Pets.com collecting massive amounts of money from investors using hype and delivering nothing but losses.

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    1Ton reacted to QWE in XRP is going to total failure. What will you do with your HODlings?   
    Amazon started as an online bookstore in 1995, its history did not begin in 2004 as you decided to cherry-pick the data. It had an IPO in 1997 and was part of the .com bubble in 1998/1999, when every pet store that owned a .com domain mooned like there was no tomorrow. No fundamentals whatsoever, yet every tech stock went parabolic. Just like crypto in 2017.
    If anything, you can compare the 1999 .com bubble with 2017 crpyto bubble, you cannot just arbitrarily choose 2004 as a start. Here’s a graph of Amazon stock during the .com bubble:

    There was nothing to justify the price of Amazon during those first years. It went from 1.50 USD to 105 USD in less than 2 years, then fell all the way down to 6 USD in the following 3 years. That’s about -95% from ATH. Sounds familiar?
    Amazon also had its fair share of pivoting and tipping its toes in different sectors to find its place in the industry. Remember, it started as an online bookstore. During those times, investors doubted it will ever survive. From Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Amazon ):
    “According to sources, Amazon did not expect to make a profit for four to five years. This comparatively slow growth caused stockholders to complain that the company was not reaching profitability fast enough to justify their investment or even survive in the long-term. In 2001, the dot-com bubble burst destroyed many e-companies in the process, but Amazon survived and moved forward beyond the tech crash to become a huge player in online sales.”
    The bolded text is like Wikipedia describing the XRP Chat forum and all its recent doom and gloom through an article about Amazon in the early 2000s
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    1Ton reacted to fatlever in XRP is going to total failure. What will you do with your HODlings?   
    Anyone parroting about fundamentals in crypto is clueless.  Crypto is entirely a speculative gamble and there are no fundamentals.  Where are the the revenue, price-to-earnings, free cash flow and earnings-to-growth that fundamental analysis in stocks is based on?  There is no fundamental analysis in crypto.  You can't base it on hype, POC partnerships of Ripple and the hopium of confirmations in echo chamber investors here and call it fundamentals.  
    Furthermore, it is utterly clueless and moronic to compare Ripple/XRP investment to Amazon hoping it will shoot up like Amazon did from the 2000s.  Look at Amazon revenue from the 2000s.  It was going up year over year every single year.  Their year over year quarterly growth, trailing 12 months over the 2000s look even better.  During the 2008/09 recession when everyone stopped building and buying, Amazon was ramping investments to dominate the cloud space for the next 10 years.
    Again, right now when most companies are hording cash, Amazon has acquired self-driving company Zoox for over a billion to get ahead of the competition in self-driving fleets and has launched an Aerospace and Satellite Solutions arm to deploy swarms of small satellites encircling the globe to integrate with their cloud offerings. 
    Amazon is led by Jeff Bezos one of the most brilliant business strategist of all-time.  Meanwhile Ripple is led by Brad Garlinghouse, a corporate parasite from failed DOT COM companies AOL and Yahoo.  Amazon innovates, thinks 10 steps ahead, has increased revenue and growth year over year.  Ripple hypes meme ideas like xRapid, Coil, ODL, PayID, moves goal posts after failing to deliver and its only revenue is generated by dumping XRP tokens on investors who treat their investment in XRP like a religion.  

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    1Ton reacted to fatlever in Under 4000 Satoshi for the first time since 2017   
    XRP is up only a little over ~3X times from it's high in December 2013 of $0.06 to its current price 7 years later.  That is a very very poor return for the amount of risk you take for a completely volatile speculative asset.  Investing is all about risk/return.  If you take that amount of risk, you should be rewarded accordingly.  The reward for XRP just hasn't been there.  There are only a few periods where it pumps and it does that after dumping hard.  After December 2013 it mostly was stagnant or dumped for over 3 years until around April 2017 when a BTC bullrun picked up the whole crypto market and it pumped from under $.01.  Then in December/January 2018 when almost everything was pumping and Koreans were FOMOing into XRP.  Unless you catch these pumps and time the pump and dump window just right, XRP has not been a good long term hold at all.
    Furthermore, as I have repeatedly stated in this forum, the idea of applying fundamentals to crypto is total and utter nonsense. You can do fundamental analysis in stocks because there are fundamentals but talking about fundamentals is crypto is a sign that you're talking out your ass.  If you think that the "wealth of information in this forum" or the marketing fluff from Ripple is fundamentals then you delusional and have no clue about investing and being able to separate marketing hype and an echo chamber of hopium from appreciation of asset value based on revenue, growths and profit which does not exist in crypto.
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    1Ton reacted to fatlever in We're all idiots   
    Nobody can tell you with certainty what is going to happen to 100% speculative assets like crypto that have ZERO fundamentals.  What you can notice are new narrative hypes and  long term trends developing that are in line with past movements.  I pointed out to this trend about a year ago in the  thread "Under 4000 Satoshi for the first time since 2017" saying XRP has dropped below 4000 SATS and will keep dropping because it looked like the same scenario from the 2014-2016 BTC bear/recovery playing out. 
    Meanwhile there are people like you who are completely delusional and pointed out in that thread that XRP was a complete steal at $0.60. 
    For people like you, XRP is a steal at $2, $1, $0.80, $0.60.......and has imaginary fundamentals.  Also for the the past 2 1/2 years any critical thought of an asset with constantly bleeding price is ridiculed at being invested in price appreciation and not realizing the great imaginary fundamentals of XRP and the progress Ripple is making.  Only in crypto investments are people this delusional to make such an argument.  
    I've repeatedly stated since the bear market began there is no trend towards XRP recovery and bounce. 
    Since I started in early 2017,  don't baghold and don't DCA trying to catch falling knives, I've made really really good gains.  I still held a very small amount which during the Under 4000 Satoshi for the first time since 2017" thread which was money wasted as XRP kept bleeding and that amount is almost negligible now. I also actually sold a ton of XRP for XRB (Raiblocks/Nano) when I noticed a narrative hype developing when both XRP and Nano were ~$1 in December 2017 and I sold Nano for $24-34 which was enough to pay off my house while XRP only reached ~$3 range while being told by people in here XRB is joke and XRP is a FinTech leader breaking into banking.  
    The mistake you're making is bagholding, DCA into a sunken cost, talking about imaginary fundamentals and progress and partnerships Ripple is making when the obvious trend for almost 3 years has been down down down.  Crypto is based on Bitcoin movements, narratives and speculative hype -- I realized this in early 2018.  If you still haven't realized by now and are chasing imaginary fundamentals and good news from Ripple, you're lost and have been losing money for years and missing out on opportunities where tech stocks have made huge moves.   
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    1Ton reacted to eXtRaPolate in Ripple’s XRP Granted with Approval for Money Transfers from U.S. Authorities   
    I believe this is the document you are referring to...?
    "the continued growth and expanding partnerships of virtual currency companies, such as Ripple, which offer both a payments messaging platform to support cross-border money transfers as well as a virtual currency, XRP, which can be used to effect settlement of those transfers"
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    1Ton reacted to BravoTango in Whats everyones take?   
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    1Ton reacted to Julian_Williams in Whats everyones take?   
    We are trading in a corrupted market with whales and bots.  The price could go on falling or rising, utility is not a bedrock yet so it is pretty much arbitrary which direction it will take.  Big rises, like we saw in 2017, are in many ways more possible given the  way the market has been opened up for ordinary investors to come in.  For every person who got burnt in the bear market there is another person who made very good money,  and given the ease with which people can join the market today there is an order of magnitude more fresh investors on the sidelines than there ever were in 2017.  In the last three years nothing has happened to stop another bull market like we saw in 2017 happening again, and in 2017 prices went from about where we are now to 3.5 in a matter of a few days. 
    If someone gave me 500k to invest in one thing, what would I choose to invest in?  I would not invest in property, because a recession is around the corner and lots of people will be in negative equity soon.  I would not invest in oil, the economies of the world are in for a slump, I would not invest in airlines, travel or hotels.  Every investment looks like high risk.  Digital cash is the future, like digital telecoms were the future in the 1990s.  Investing in crypto feels smart to me. (not financial advice).
    If you are happy with profits at 1 dollar, cash in when it reaches that figure.  I will not be cashing in anything under 1 dollar and even if it reached $5 I would still hold on to at least 50% of my stake.  Targets and cashing out are personal decisions that every one has to take their own responsibility for.
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    1Ton reacted to Jotaro in Whats everyones take?   
    Cesar1810 stop being so gay man, keep loving every post you see, it feels wrong, as if a dude is touching me intimately.
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    1Ton reacted to Jotaro in Whats everyones take?   
    from traditional ROI standpoint, that's godlike return, but we're in crypto, and we know why we're here, the astronomical return, otherwise it defeats the purpose of going into such volatile asset class, think of it as a educated lottery ticket
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    1Ton reacted to QWE in Whats everyones take?   
    This data is for Bitstamp only:
    You currently need 8.5 million USD to move XRP from 0.20 USD to 1.00 USD, but you need 46 million USD to move BTC from 10k USD to 50k USD.
    This is just Bitstamp, you have to take into account other exchanges, so it would of course be much more than that, but I believe the comparison still stands. Interestingly enough it takes roughly the same amount of USD to move ETH by 5x as it does for XRP (at Bitstamp).
    It is hard to extrapolate this data for ranges that you mentioned (0.2 USD to 10 USD and 10 USD to 100 USD), because my data is just the amounts of different digital assets at market sell orders at this time. As soon as prices start moving, market orders get added and removed, so market psychology takes it from there.
    Generally, when prices move up quickly, there are a lot of new buyers, and at the same time, a lot of sellers remove their sell orders, because they are afraid they might miss higher prices. This means much less hard cash is needed to move the price up.
    The only thing that market capitalization of a digital asset really tells you, is how much money it would take for every seller out there to be able to cash out at the current price.
    For example, the current market cap of BTC is about 175 billion USD, so it would take 175 billion USD of hard cash to allow every BTC owner in the world to sell their Bitcoin at 9600 USD.
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    1Ton reacted to dontsellmeadog in Whats everyones take?   
    I like that I transferred most of my XRP to Bitcoin in April and finally saw some really good gains for a change!
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    1Ton reacted to Zerpple in Whats everyones take?   
    I like the idea of course. Just like I like the idea of XRP hitting $10 tomorrow, or $300 next week. 
    I just don't think any of it is going to happen.  I'm sure there will be a bull market starting soon from the halvening, but I don't think we (BTC or XRP) are going to raise as much as we did in 2017. Going simply off the idea that history repeats itself, you can see a pattern of diminishing returns on post halving bull runs. 
    As for XRP achieving that price on its own. All indicators show the remittance market is still cold, or the very best, luke warm on the idea of using XRP.  At it's current rate of growth and adoption, I simply do not see us getting to the utility required to get us to that kind of range. Definitely not in 2 years.
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    1Ton reacted to LetHerRip in Bitcoin halving   
    I know, only lower
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    1Ton reacted to Caracappa in Question for David Schwartz: If XRP Hit $5, Would Liquidity Be Enough for Holders of Over 30k XRP?   
    $5.00 x 100bln = 500bln, not 2 trillion. Rounding up current supply of 45bln that makes a MC of 225bln, so about 50bln more than BTC has right now, and lower than BTC was at peak.
    Besides the math there are a lot of flaws in your logic of the markets. If XRP would suddenly this second be $5.00 then yes everybody sells. That's why prices go up steadily, and when FOMO comes in more agressive. But it creates a constant equilibrium up or down.
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    1Ton reacted to panmores in SBI CEO Speaks About Ripple During Earnings Presentation Call   
    Agree, mostly. The true visionary keeps building silently and once it's ready, boom. Why alert the competition? Why all the hype and promises before anything gets done? We must understand Japanese corporates and banks are sitting on huge amounts of cash and have to do something with it. To me it looks like much window-dressing. Would love to be proven wrong by Kitao-shiller. Two years and counting shilling, not much real-world effect.
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    1Ton reacted to dontsellmeadog in Why the price bump this morning?   
    Because Bitcoin did. FOMO over halving. 
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    1Ton reacted to ZeeperCreeper in The wait is over! PagoFX available to download in the UK today!   
    Are you being sarcastic?
    This is Santander's cross payments app built on RippleNet (xCurrent). There's no indication it uses ODL or has anything to do with XRP.
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    1Ton reacted to Jotaro in Haha where are the hodlers now   
    invested right before the 2017 bullrun, around sep 2017, after not exiting the bullrun profits in early 2018, i told myself this is a 3 to 5 years hold, and more inclined to 3 years.
    full 2018 passed, so does full 2019, without realizing it's almost half way into 2020 now, time seriously flies, by end of this year will mark the so called 3 years.
    im with the fella posted on 29 Dec 2019 in this thread, just wait, if it happens it happens, speed up the wealth to retirement level, or not, quite simple actually, provided that you dont need the money you invested.
    at this point im beyond numb after seeing price getting hit over and over and over, been buying all the way down thinking im getting bargains, to the point i refuse to add more nowadays when the price truly lingers at the bottom. looking back now i wonder how i managed to be so motivated to buy xrp using a sizable portion of my paycheck every month without hesitation, i even took out a small loan to insure myself in case a bull run happens so i will have a big enough bag, i was eager to get a bigger loan amount but it's hard to get it without long track record of credit history, banks are such a jerk, despite i have a very good salary, im glad i was unable to take a bigger loan by fate.
    that said, im only down 50% compared to a lot other more unfortunate folks at 70% and above.
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    1Ton reacted to nakedzzrp in The POWER of Ripple's escorws if XRP will be adopted.   
    He's not gonna reply, he dumped his bags long time ago
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    1Ton reacted to Julian_Williams in Major Accumulation of XRP at All Levels   
    Whales are a problem, more whales is a bigger problem.   If the value of the xrp goes up to say 10 or even 100 dollars, these owners will become serious players in teh economic activities of whole countries.  I do not know how we sop this problem from getting worse..
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    1Ton reacted to AlejoMoreno in "Disbelief" stage of market cycle   
    I am worried about the fact that almost every single person in this space is expecting a bull run to start as a result of the Bitcoin halving.
    Usually when everyone is waiting for something to happen, then that is not actually what happens. That is not how markets work. If markets did what everyone was expecting them to do at the time they want them to do it then we'd all be rich.
    But then again this is crypto, maybe some manipulation will kick in to artificially start the bull run that everyone is anticipating since that would easily lure money into the space.
    Having said that, there are plently of people that disagree with me (like you) and those people have also created plenty of presentations and good logic to explain why this next halving will lead to a bull run (their explanations are sound and well thought out).
    I hope they are right and I am wrong but that does not mean I am going to change my mind to align with the majority and avoid friction.
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