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  1. I did not say anything about why people invest in gold. In a previous post you said gold has "zero" utility as if it is not being used at all. I just pointed out that gold does in fact have utility and is being used in a number of things such as jewellery, electronics, computers, dentistry, the medical field, aerospace, award medals and trophies, etc.
  2. Gold has utility and is used in jewellery, electronics, computers, dentistry, the medical field, aerospace, award medals and trophies, etc.
  3. President Kitao said, “When remittance overseas, xCurrent. In the future, xRapid. In other words , we will use the virtual currency XRP (ripple) for remittance. Relationship with SBI Remit, SBI Ripple Aisa and SBI Group "We are developing a system that works with deep-rooted Southeast Asian banks. We will embody this in the not-too-distant future and build a next-generation financial infrastructure." After that, I put my power into the words when I came to talk about MoneyTap, a money transfer app for smartphones that uses Ripple's technology. “We are focusing on making money taps into th
  4. Medium removed the phishing scam article the OP originally mentioned, but it seems the scammer has setup multiple profiles and has reposted the same phishing scam article. I reported the other 3 phishing scam links that @SpaceCowboy posted above to Medium, but doing so is probably a waste of time as the scammer will just setup a new profile and repost the same phishing scam article. EDIT: @SpaceCowboy the other 3 phishing scam links have now been removed from the website Medium.
  5. I reported the post to Medium. Hopefully they will remove it. EDIT: I just heard back from Medium, they have removed the post and suspended the scammer's account.
  6. I like this design. It looks complete (But I would not pay 19.99 USD for it. I would be willing to pay 6.99 USD for it):
  7. @Simoun Here are the instructions on how to to generate a signed offline "Offer Create" transaction using the wallet Ripplerm to sell 70,000 ALV (Allvor) at a ask price of 0.0005 XRP. The wallet Ripplerm can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/ripplerm/ripple-wallet/releases and must be used with the web browser Firefox (It does not work with Google Chrome). How Much XRP Will I Receive for 70,000 ALV Tokens If I Sell At a Ask Price of 0.0005 XRP? If you sell 70,000 ALV (Allvor at a ask price of 0.0005 XRP, you will receive 35 XRP. 0.0005 (your ask price) x 70,000 (the am
  8. I wonder if the recent news about the court order that was issued against iFinex Inc. that claims Bitfinex covered an $850 million loss using Tether funds has anything to do with today's drop in Bitcoin's price? Article is here: https://www.coindesk.com/bitfinex-ny-prosecutors-tether-850-million-allege The court order that was issued against iFinex Inc., (which operates both Bitfinex and Tether) can be found here: https://www.scribd.com/document/407628729/2019-04-24-signed-order#from_embed Tether's response to the New York Attorney General’s court filings: https://tether.to/teth
  9. I see what you are saying. EOS had a high of approximately 5 euros on the 7th of November 2018. XRP had a high of approximately 0.48 euros on the 7th of November 2018. EOS then went down to approximately 1.52 euros on the 8th of December 2018 (a 30.4% decrease in price since the 7th of November's high of around 5 euros). XRP on the same date was approximately 0.26 euros (a 45.8333% decrease in price since the 7th of November's high of around 0.48 euros. Since then EOS has regained it's losses while XRP has not regained all it's losses from 0.48 euros and is lagging behind at 0.29 euros at the
  10. Saying XRP has not moved a single percent is factually incorrect and you know it. I bought more XRP on the 26th of March 2019 for 0.26289 euros per XRP. On the 3rd of April the price of XRP increased approximately to 0.32800. That is a 24.767% increase from the price I bought XRP at. So how can you say XRP has not moved a single percent? Yes, there are other coins that have made bigger gains during the same time frame, but saying XRP has not increased at all in value is incorrect. XRP is a long-term investment (years). So expect to see a big price increase over the long-term, unless
  11. @eXRPe The following XRP contributions that are listed on your website: 14.837676 XRP, 15.137754 XRP, and 15.420201 XRP, was those contributions made by you to test that your website was working properly? I am asking because I noticed the same amounts (14.837676 XRP, 15.137754 XRP, and 15.420201 XRP) have now been removed from the XRP contribution pot.
  12. 50,000 as a minimum. Ideal amount would be 100,000 and upwards.
  13. This is exactly what I did 2 months ago after I sent back to Amazon a Sandisk Extreme Pro 3.1 USB stick that I did not completely wipe 100% (I thought I did, but it turns out I did not) so that my deleted files (which included my 24 word seed) can not be recovered by any software. I transferred everything to the exchange Kraken, created a new 24 word seed on my Ledger Nano, and then sent everything back to my Ledger Nano. I now keep my 24 word seed backed up on two separate Samsung and Crucial solid state USB sticks inside an encrypted file that has AES(Twofish, Serpent) encryption and uses th
  14. Why would I be crapping my pants when even if something did go wrong during the update process I could just reset the device, try updating it again, and then restore my wallet using my 24 word seed? Buying a new device makes no sense whatsoever when the person already has a perfectly working Ledger Nano in their possession. What you are saying makes no sense and is completely irrational. Anyone experiencing trouble updating to the latest Ledger Nano firmware version can use the repair tool that is available in the Ledger Live desktop software application (version 1.3.2 and upwards). Instr
  15. The Ledger Nano 1.5.5 is a necessary update as far as I am concerned. It fixes an issue where a malicious wallet app could empty all the funds from every bitcoin address on your Ledger Nano that contains funds. Ledger has updated the bitcoin app to version 1.3.4 and issued the 1.5.5 firmware update to fix this vulnerability. This bug most likely also affects other cryptocurrency apps that you have on your Ledger Nano that are based on the bitcoin app. There is a way to update just the bitcoin app to fix this issue without updating to the latest firmware, but I don't recommend do that. Led
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