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  1. Q & A ----------Part 1 (Education) (18++) (Friends/Driver License/Hodler/Xids//Cryptographer Skill Required)---------------*Private/Family Area For Investment Broker, This is a some assistance : Q : Why different xrp.id/r a.k.a Mr (without suncream) & mrs.xrp.id a.k.a Mrs (with suncream)? A : Click Here *for 1st class investhor, don't worry you feeded with icecream Bro Motto : we take care economy because family in 1st class! Q : Why prefer open source? A : because at current time, we need faster, fair & no hiding price tech. (knowledge base) Q : Can I see my cycle or cryptotime table? A : Yes, see here. "experience is the best teacher". (PLA) Try it's yourself : (no opensource) ---> approx time to guess : 30++ sec (opensource) ---> approx time to guess : 1 sec (exam grille: mean, median, modus) Faq : Fisherman's Friend is Strong, Are You? https://xrp.id/events/mayarya518.doc --------------------Part 2 (Economy, Ecosystem) (Wealthy & Healthy Required)--------------------------- *Public/Friendship Area Q : Why you focus on xids & technology? A : xids.. well, because they smarter, stronger, have a chance to live longer & more clever the day becomes. Technology : Because Faster, in volatile area & use brain to make money. Q : how much it costs/prize? A : see the pricing plan here Q : is my money safe on that xids & when my ROI will come? A : Just feed it or leave it & you can see our TOS/SLA Biz Motto : We Fair & Respect because friends in business class. --------------------Part 3 (Entrepreneur, Entertainment, Enterprise) (CV/Debit/Investment, PD/Famous/Money/Credit, PT/Holder/Holding Required)--------------------------- *Partner/Ship Q : Any Possibility to ROI lose? A : Off Course. Although currently for motorcycles, it is not possible to become a rolls-royce. Q : Is this just a sweet promise? A : I Don't Sell Sugar/producer, just music/sugar consumer, youtube user & just want make it real. NB : No more Ads & DJ in the next post, it's time to battle. (Ads-Free). Best Motto : Just Do'it, because we are friendly partners & ship in economy class. -----------------------FinisH/The-End----------------------------- ----------------------And This Is The Start/The Beginning---------------- JOIN US
  2. He look tired..? just give our Asset a break & holiday
  3. this is why we need to give reward for some veteran ? so they can stop play head and tail (or horse in current) just for losing money. Trust me, all worthy coin has 3 sides ? Just save money and rest in peace. Investhor wiseword : do not put eggs in one basket. NB: Ads (13+)
  4. Off Course Not ? , Just web consumer/user ☕ Sorry.. ?
  5. True, and don't forget X Protocol (Male & Total Football Tech) is more powerful than 0x Protocol (Female & Zoo Tech) ??
  6. Current Statue Design (bps) + Formula 1,86 + AM3 = Mbps
  7. FYI , to reduce dumb people complain. Current Facepage is still Alpha Version (Google Rounded Vision) Not Plate Version. And for the joker that don't know me, cek my market wallet and do research where the blue come from.
  8. And who are you kiddo? are you the person hired by the girls?Are you kidding me? I live in SEA.  I deal with the SKY. And driving flying truck for N*S* grab project (santa claus project) to bring money from moon to the earth, for world.
  9. Just to keep fairness for veteran xrp holder/consumer ☠️
  10. Announcement ?‍?: ??‍♂️?️N3 (403) (Powered by watch chain) Finishing Touch Held Cause Time Keeper. (I am on holiday). -Par/Pair = MP3 (temporary folder) Current Charity Project (M4A -- Mercy 4 Alpha***). --Price Prediction = ?‍⚕️AMG ?️ ?‍♂️?️?️??‍✈️Next Project : HI5 (Powered by My Current Watch (Most Powerful Version of Watch Chain + (Leaderchain Support)) also International Distributed Thanks to All Supporter, MyDOM, MyHelmet, MyWatch, MyMotor, MyCycle, MyOff, MyOn, Live, Gate, GOA, UT Also thanks to Blockchain, Etherchain, & LQ. NB : For Bank, don't worry this project is free gift from BRIsat Brought to you by : ledgerchain.world Ads (18+) AAAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVVVIP $$? [Click and drag to move] [Click and drag to move] [Click and drag to move] [Click and drag to move] ? [Click and drag to move] [Click and drag to move]
  11. Maybe this is the answer for your xrp (play version) ?️
  12. Thanks All --------- CONCLUSION SOURCE & PROOF----- Three key : 1. Me & MySel(fishing) Invention 2. [Hidden for Respect Privacy FAMILY] ? 3. Friendship/t ?? Tricky : 1. BOA Self(ish) Bitcoin Blockchain Patent Claim
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