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  1. Same here, very happy with my stack, but of course would love to have more, and will continue to buy more if it dips.
  2. sorry don't understand the significance of this news, can anyone explain please?
  3. Thanks @Hodor reading your blogs with joy since may 2017, and you are providing information along with other respected members on the forum which have made me decide to invest and increase my stack every possibility. Believe Ripple will succeed in the long term for sure, and have a gut feeling we are going to see some huge gains very soon.
  4. Thanks @AlexCobb Nice and simple basic explanation which makes Codius a bit more clear to me. Is there an expected release date / timeframe yet?
  5. I have been living in Indonesia for 2 years (biggest muslim country in the world) and they were really going crazy about Bitconnect at that time. trading of crypto is also legally available on www.indondax.com which has a XRP to IDR pair which I use to send money over to family in law. much faster and cheaper then SWFT
  6. very happy with the rise, lets see the coming days what will happen. would not be surprised if we drop below 0.50 again..
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