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    webdevxrp reacted to Kakoyla in Ripple Data API v2 rate limit   
    If you want all the transactions as close to real-time as possible, maybe consider running a rippled node and subscribing to the transactions websocket stream? 
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    webdevxrp reacted to AllinXRP in November is the month   
    I have to be honest....in my opinion not one person on the board should be depressed at this point. 
    I first bought at $2 and kept buying the whole way down. At $.42 I am now at break even. 
    In other words, anyone that’s been around more than 12 months should be up. Anyone that came in high (and has been on this board watching the market) should have managed to get themselves into a decent spot. 
    So, what’s the issue?  Our investment hasn’t returned HUGE profits?  I mean, come on now. RELAX!  
    XRP Loooooooonnnnnnggggggg
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    webdevxrp reacted to seasonal in I am thrilled with XRP's performance   
    Around this time last year I purchased 4000 zerps for .21 cents each. I am absolutely thrilled, not only it's price but with the news that the Ripple team is flexing it's muscles around the world. I have not lost a dime with XRP. And things are moving along at a brisk clip.
    I think that XRP (and XLM) is the future and people (investors) who had the  vision to see this are going to be rewarded. The only thing we have to do is wait and have realistic expectations for the value that XRP has and be sure it will continue to grow.
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    webdevxrp reacted to KBenben in Is it really possible to all become wealthy, frrom XRP?   
    Reading the various comments, I realize that two essential points are forgotten.
    The first is that no one can know if the price will reach 1/50/100 or $1000 in 1 month, 1 year or 10 years. All community members who played the game failed. 
    If we follow 90% of the forecasts, we should today be between $ 4, $ 8, $ 11 and for the craziest $ 20.
    For the news, SBI VC had to launch in February, Brad was supposed to let the cats out of the bag at Swell 2017, Coinbase had to list XRP. Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, was to partner with Ripple. 
    In the end, a lot of nice news that are probably (and I hope) in the pipes but that haven't come out yet.
    We will always be surprised by the news. Who would have thought that Bittrex would be the first US exchange to use Xrapid? 
    Be patient, Rome wasn't built in a day. 
    Most people don't understand the impact Ripple represents. Moreover, they do not understand the talents and geniuses who work in society. If you believe in them, then invest what you can allow to lose, the rest will follow.
    The second point is the next Bullrun. It's funny to see all the FUD around Ripple and XRP. But we will not lie, 90% of crypto investors do not invest in technology, they invest in a crypto that will allow them to become potentially rich, hoping to become the next millionaire in crypto.
    So if at the next bullrun, the latter is in favor of XRP, the most negative will seek to board the boat to hope for the eldorado and will invest massively in XRP, even if it means transferring their ETH, BTC, TRX, and other EOS.
    Money makes the world go round, so why wouldn't it turn heads too?
    HODL !
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    webdevxrp reacted to Staigera in Is it really possible to all become wealthy, frrom XRP?   
    I said life changing to me $100 XRP is my goal. And I think it's possible.
    And depending on the news and development of XRP, I will continue to hold until that price has been reached.
    At $20 I will cash out 10k XRP and let the rest ride, 200k can keep me and my company busy for a few years till XRP goes to my desired target. 
    Maybe it doenst even take years, maybe it goes to $100 in 1 year no one knows. 
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    webdevxrp reacted to BarryM17 in Is it really possible to all become wealthy, frrom XRP?   
    Not going to read this entire thread - simply going to respond to your question with my thoughts, which seems to be what you were asking people to do.
    MANY people have already become millionaires from investing in this asset.  Yes, it does look too good to be true, but again many people have become millionaires already by investing in it.  Also, many people, whom bought at the ATH and have a terrible DCA are seriously in the red.  Also it could go to zero - all crypto could go to zero.  Also it could moon.  Any investment is a risk.  Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
    Would you rather buy 1 share of AMZN at $1880 (which, yes it will probably continue to go up forever, all-be-it at a slow pace), or use that $1880 to purchase 5645 XRP?
    "If" XRP would go to $100, you'd have $564,500.  Far more of a gain than buying AMZN.  Also XRP could go to zero.  Also XRP could go to $589, in which case you'd have $3.33M.  Also, XRP could go to zero.
    It's the most speculative investment ever.  Anything is possible.  Up to you if you think the reward outweighs the risk.
    Personally, I just bought more.  So dirt cheap right now.  Whole crypto market has been bearish FOREVER NOW.  At these levels, how much lower can it go?  Oh yeah, zero.  But I doubt blockchain is going to die, and XRP has real world use cases.
    Just my 2 cents.  Hope that helps.
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    webdevxrp reacted to xrp_is_love_xrp_is_life in How much Xrp do you hold? Anonymous Poll   
    You also can have a milion xrp, just press that option.
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    webdevxrp reacted to Kiwi in What Happens to XRP if SBI does NOT launch in 2018?   
    I guess we all die.
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    webdevxrp reacted to Morty in How depressed do you feel about XRP price on the scale from 1 to 10   
    I think depression is not the emotion I'm feeling. It's more like extreme impatience. 
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    webdevxrp reacted to 2ndtimearound in When does everyone admit they were wrong?   
    You talk only of speculation.  You constantly talk about bubbles and market psychology. 
    Nowhere do you mention utility volume or xRapid.  They are not even on your horizon. 
    Utility volume is mechanical.  Speculator volume is sentimental.
    You 100% invested in XRP as a speculative move, no more no less.  You never talk about future utility volume.  You are a speculator, blindly speculating on market sentiment. You would have been better off investing in a bunch of low-cap coins.  

    I am different to you.  I have invested in a commodity that will gain in value through utility.  xRapid's effect on XRP's price is going to take time to manifest.   XRP is an easy hold for me because we are not there yet with xRapid.  Today's price does not matter at all (only matters for buying). The only thing I care about is that my position is big enough to make a different to my life when XRP's price lifts off (I'm looking to sell at a reasonably low price - high single digits, low double digit dollars).  I'm not a dreamer, but I do expect Ripple to gain at the very least a slice of the banking sector that will see XRP's price grow to at least $10.  That might be 3, 4, 5 years away.  So be it.  I think that will be inevitable, OR XRP may crash to zero if some catastrophic problem occurs.  So be it.  However, I do not care about market sentiment, or BTC, or total market cap of the overall market.  That has zero to do with utility volume. 
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    webdevxrp reacted to ADingoAteMyXRP in When does everyone admit they were wrong?   
    We lose 10 cents and everyone goes totally insane overnight.
    We gain 10 cents and everyone talks about how to cash out after they get their island money.
    xRapid isn't even live yet.
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    webdevxrp reacted to Chewiecoin in Major Banks (S) will use Xrapid by the end of this Callander year, and in the order or magnitude of dozens (S) next year” Use, not pilot, not money transfer companies. Banks, Use.   
    I can’t believe there are posters in this thread trying to downplay this interview. Trying to say that BG’s comment was vague. Arguing a “may” vs “will” use it. Come on!!
    This was a prominent person in crypto, the CEO of Ripple, a significant player in this space stating categorically that xRapid will  be used by major banks by the end of this year. No pilots, no beta, but real usage. 
    He then says that he expect “dozens” more to be on board by the end of next year. 
    You cant downplay that. This is amazing news and what we have all be waiting for. Not only is xRapid working, it has proved to save money and Ripple’s CEO is confirming it will be being used. 
    And no this is not just some biased comment from someone with a conflict of interest. This is the CEO of a major tech company. If what he was saying was false his reputation would be in tatters.
    Dozens of major banks will be using xRapid by the end of next year with some using it this year. Believe it. It came direct from the horses mouth. 
    Celebrate it. 
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    webdevxrp reacted to cuber in Time is running - newbies invest now in XRP   
    This topic serves no useful purpose. It's threads like this which caused people to get seriously burnt when XRP was rising to the ATH. Unless you have substantial facts that this is about to happen then please cease from posting these speculative comments which have absolutely no base.
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    webdevxrp got a reaction from Gwada97159 in Hackers want XRP   
    USD here we come! ?
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    webdevxrp reacted to 2ndtimearound in Hackers want XRP   
    "Boss, they're telling us they don't hold any Ripple.  They only have XRP - what do we do now?"
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    webdevxrp reacted to PG1 in Ripple Network Topology   
    A server can be 'amendment blocked'.  Which basically means the software it is running no longer understands the full set of updated network rules.  So to some extent it depends on what the code changes were but yes two weeks is the minimum time from when an amendment is deployed to the time it is activated.  This allows participants an opportunity to upgrade.
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    webdevxrp reacted to SquaryBone in XRPhp: PHP library for XRPL communication   
    You're absolutely right. This doesn't bring anything new to the table. It's basically 100 lines of standard code.
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    webdevxrp got a reaction from SquaryBone in XRPhp: PHP library for XRPL communication   
    Just to prevent this from getting out of hand... The GitHub repo shows only a basic class that communicates with any API. The only thing related to XRPL/rippled is a class name.
    I’m very long XRP here, just pointing out that this PHP ‘library’ is just a generic utility to connect to any URL that returns a JSON response.
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    webdevxrp reacted to XRPto50dollars in EOY Ripple Price Prediction   
    someone last week said it very well. BTC hit $20,000 and at most, you can use BTC to buy about 10 things; including a mortgage and pizza. theres no real world usage of bitcoin.
    XRP is going to skyrocket. its just a matter of when. no one expected the $3 run. no one will expect the $50 run either
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    webdevxrp reacted to Elitefoo in EOY Ripple Price Prediction   
    $10 as well then settle around $6
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    webdevxrp reacted to JA8 in Moon Price   
    No, I had a little over 1.1m XRP and sold about 850k of them, making about $1.5m USD at the time. I didn’t sell the top of the run - I waited for the first bounce after the first (terrifying) plummet. It was hard to hold through that. 
    I’m thankful I no longer have to watch the price like a hawk, and I’m able to sleep through the night now without waking up every five minutes to check the price.
    With the amount I have left, if I sell half at $12.50 (which I anticipate later this year or early next year) then that’s another $1.5m ish. Then if it reaches $25, and if I sell another half at that point then that’s about another $1.5m, and so on. 
    One thing I’ve learned since being in crypto since 2013... it is to sell out in tranches. Secure your position. Holding your entire stack all the way to X price point then cashing out everything might make you more, yes, but it could also lose you everything. The sleepless nights, stress, effect on relationships etc etc just isn’t worth it. Hope that helps someone ?
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    webdevxrp reacted to Chewiecoin in The "HODL to $100 Club"   
    How are we all travelling? Its been 5 months of low prices everyone still HODLing I hope.
    If there is one positive (and it's a big one) from the December 17 rise and the subsequent fall and the slow period thereafter it is:
    1) We know XRP can appreciate above $1 (remember most people thought it was impossible, MC and all that). And not just above $1 but well over, up to $3.50, so we know the price can get that high. What's more, during the next bull run why would it stop at $3.50? With all the incredible extra partnership news, more wallets open now vs then, and now the start of utility demand the next Bull run will sail past $3.50; and
    2) The reduction in price and the longevity of the lower price has given us all the chance to buy more so when the large price rises come we will all be so much better off.
    I can still remember all the posts during the December Bull run whining and moaning about how they wished the price would go down so they could buy more. Well, we have been given that amazing second chance. I hope you have all taken advantage of it? No more excuses.
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    webdevxrp reacted to OzAlphaWolf in Great overview of XRP Ripple at Consensus 2018, we are going to be HUGE.   
    Oh, and if you think that LTC transaction was impressive somehow, here's one for 500,000,000 XRPs at a cost of something like 3-4c and it would take about 3-5 seconds.
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