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  1. Quoting the article: The most interesting point highlighted in the the facts and violations section: It raises an interesting point though... Who has more weight in law? the SEC or the US treasury?
  2. Yes, I think this has got a little confused.... The Revolut Thread has been merged with the Uphold Thread... Perhaps it should have been merged with the other Revolut thread.
  3. You can not transfer XRP directly in or out of your Revolut account.
  4. An Update on this..... The latest Revolut App update for IOS is available.... I have updated and can confirm XRP and BCH are now available to buy and sell in the app.
  5. So, reading Revolut's Twitter feed, They say they are running about 2 Weeks behind schedule in terms of adding XRP.
  6. A blog post from Revolut Yesterday. https://blog.revolut.com/revolut-europes-new-tech-unicorn/ Re-confirming that they are soon going to add XRP (and BCH). I guess nothing new, as they having been telling us all for a while they would be, but always nice to see them mention it again. No new dates are mentioned, but if they are to stick to their original estimate of End of April, Then one would presume it is to be done within the next 4 days,
  7. Interestingly, The link no longer seems to work. I think they might have taken the story down. Now it just links to some information about Ripple.
  8. Well, lets leave that there then........I really am not. I was merely directing attention to the story, so that the misinformed do not read into it as truth.
  9. I didn't say their stories were not biased..... but they are certainly not an unknown entity in the UK. As a newspaper, they have existed for over 100 years, and are part of a wider group of news outlets. Anyway, if anyone feels the need, please do drop a comment on the article (unfortunately you have to register to do so) - highlighting how wrong they are.
  10. My point is.... this is an article, attempting to destabilise XRP, by indicating that Google Chrome is about to ban "Mining" extensions of Crypto currencies from next week. This article exclusively discussed XRP 'mining', So, my point is, either the writer has done, 0% research into XRP at all.......... or it an intentional FUD article.
  11. Hey Guys, I noticed this article on the Express website. https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/941089/Ripple-price-massacre-Google-latest-ban-mark-end-for-cryptocurrency-XRP This worries me, as the Express is not just some random website spitting out fake crypto articles... it is a part of a wider group or news outlets / newspapers.. Now, I am not worried about the content of the story..... i know that is a load of rubbish.. But either, the author is misinformed.... or trying to spread serious FUD. - This is a very XRP focused article, so I think perhaps an intentional move, Perhaps an attempt to devalue XRP? Anyway, Thought I would point it out.
  12. Heh heh. unfortunately not completely....... If I had keep everything I initially bought then, I would have done very very well (I think I bought in for about 3c) ... Unfortunately, through combination of greed as things got high (high being 30c), and fear when things got lower, So, at $3, i still had some Ripple, but nothing compared to what I originally had..... On the bright side, I learned (through many bad sells / buys) not to jump ship when things look scary, So, now have two separate pots, one which I HODL, and the other I trade with (with profits from trading being re-invested in the HODL pot). Thanks for all Welcomes.
  13. Hey All, Hey guys, first bought XRP a year ago (almost to the day). Been watching the forums here for about as long. Thought its about time I registered and said Hi... So..... Hi
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