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  1. There's a great deal of tuned in and intelligent folk on this board which is what makes it worth being a member of and pointing out the robots and fudsters. With that being said, I am well behind on this topic and would love some simple terms explanations if someone is willing to clear up my confusion! Is this system USING XLM? And if so, will it be used as a "Stable Coin" and if so does that mean XLM is to be worth a Dollar (US)? OR Is this a system created by IBM which uses IBM's own currency which will be tagged to the Dollar and if so, where does XLM come in? Is it just to be accepted on this system and if so are others to follow? BTC, XRP etc? OR Do I have it all wrong and it's a whole different beast altogether? I guess what I really want to know is, as an XRP investor should I be worried? My gut says NO but I'm not sure why! Great Many Thanks in Advance for all info.
  2. Ripple and Etoro share a floor in Canary Wharf in London. Their offices literally share the same elevator.
  3. A couple of weeks ago Putin stated he wanted Russian regulation to be enhanced regarding Digital Assets and the framework to be in place by July this year. This latest delay fits in nicely with that timeframe. I'm not expecting any growth before Oct/Nov.
  4. AntiFa are masked thugs forcing an ideology through extreme violence, intimidation and shouting down others freedom of speech. I couldn't care less what their ideology is supposed to be because those are the facts. If you are seriously defending that movement and it's methods you need to have a good long look at yourself and your values. Your question about other groups being fascists is laughable. No other group is mentioned in my post. Remain coherent or don't comment and certainly don't defend the indefensible. Just a tip.
  5. It's pretty scary. It's how sinister organisations begin. Easily led automatons mindlessly following an ideology. Look at AntiFa and tell me they aren't fascists! The irony would be funny if it weren't so disturbing. Here we have a group of otherwise (presumably) normal people who actually believe a cartoon bear is guiding them to a better position in life... Wow.
  6. A quick look at the accounts all agreeing that XRP is doomed is very telling. They all have one hundred an fifty or so posts give or take and are all low 'likes'. They all say XRP will be $1 in 2025 or so yet present no evidence for their thinking. If you are so easily swayed that you listen to these 'people' and sell up, you do not deserve the big rewards and you will never be successful in this market. Simple as that. If you are so easily led and do no research of your own, you are a peon. Just my opinion. Patience has a price few can afford. Man up, do your research and read the blatant writing on the wall. It has never been clearer.
  7. You can say 'it's all a bit of fun' but there are people out there who are easily led. People of lower mental capacity that look at a cartoon bear and make financial decisions based on which tooth he is pointing to. These folk have no business investing in such a speculative market and need protecting from themselves. As such, those of us with fully functioning adults minds should be shouting down the soothsaying cartoons from the roof tops.
  8. If you actually believe that then why are you invested in it (if you are) and why oh why are you wasting your time on this site? If you come on here for fun and not because you believe in the investment then I genuinely feel sorry for you. I hope Christmas and the new year bring you some genuine human contact. You should believe in yourself and get out in the world and become the person you can be... Good luck for 2019. I hope it brings you happiness.
  9. I doubt you're capable of either, given this response. Jog on, son.
  10. Keep telling yourself that. The truth will be found in how many of them hold XRP come Boxing Day.
  11. Lest be clear. NOBODY will care about your crypto investment and NOBODY will want to talk to you about it until you make money. Look at it this way, talk to the hot girl in the bar about XRP now and you're the sad geek she avoided the rest of the night. Talk to the hot girl in the bar about XRP in five years time and you're the successful, self made guy who pulled up in a Bentley. Nobody cared about Einstein's waffle when he worked as a Patent Clerk. You have to prove yourself before people take you seriously.
  12. That test is a test of trust and the fact actual doctors don't understand that is quite scary. I keep seeing idiotic posts writing off this or that child's entire future because he/she ate a bloody marshmallow. The reality is this, if the kid BELIEVES they will get 2 marshmallows if they wait they may or may not wait. If that same kid thinks there's a chance they are being lied to or have figured out there is some kind of testing going on they may well not trust the stranger running the test and decide 'one in the hand' is worth the risk and to be honest, that kid is pretty smart. Certainly a lot smarter than the vapid fools who just wrote off his/her life chances! What this test and certainly the HODL conundrum comes down to is deciding early on what you need and what you will be happy with. I have decided on when to sell the majority of my XRP and will leave a stack where it is for 10-15 years afterward just in case it goes to some mental four figure price. But I will be cashed out and happy on my target, I wont care if the price doubles the day after.
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