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  1. I'm not selling but this is starting to look like another year of 30c XRP. To be honest, I'd not be at all surprised to see it sitting at 30-40c next Christmas. I very much hope I am wrong but somehow I don't think I am, sadly.
  2. I'm sorry if English is a second language to you, if this is the case it's pretty good. However, your grammar is so poor you make little sense in your posts. Just an observation, I am not attacking you. I have little idea if you are attacking me and have no inclination to pour over your words in an attempt at divining some meaning.
  3. My take is this 'community' is made up with average people of various ages and levels of intelligence and maturity. Some are genuine XRP investors who wish to exchange info, others are the bizarre and lonely. Those whose lives are so empty they spread FUD online. As for Ripple? It is made up of the who's, who of the technological and economics worlds. People at the very top of their game. They are connected globally and seem peerless in their ingenuity and potential. They hold information we can literally only guess at and so far as I can see have barely put a foot wrong in setting up wha
  4. This post should be saved and sent out to every member of this forum in five years time. Staigera will either be a laughingstock or a genius.
  5. You know in a lot of primitive societies when an individual has ceased to perform any useful function the honourable thing to do is suicide. They remove their 'drag factor' from the rest of the group. I'm not saying you should kill yourself, obviously! Just that if your life really is so empty you find solace or enjoyment in making stupid comments on some web page in an actual ATTEMPT to spread negativity in the world, perhaps your life is being wasted and that there are options available...
  6. So BG stating he thinks BTC will rise and make a lot of money is "suspicious"? A business man. Making money. In his line of business. Is "suspicious" to you? Wait till you find out what goes into hotdogs..
  7. Actually, I must've hit the wrong button. I didn't mean that reaction to your post however having read it, it's not entirely unwarranted. How you can take the mass adoption of a technology from this minute, infinitesimally small market we have now to reaching literally half the global population and believe this will REDUCE the footprint of XRP is fairly bizarre.
  8. Some pretty dumb comments on this thread. Libra is a STABLECOIN. If you don't know what that means, look it up. It is NOT a competitor to XRP. In fact given the high level interactions between FB and Ripple including senior people leaving FB to JOIN Ripple it would suggest there are strong ties between the two. Libra will need a vehicle. XRP is the best around. And if they don't work together? Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. Cool the jets people. If something as small fry as this has you all-a-flutter you are in the wrong game..
  9. 300 posts. 131 "reactions", not "Likes". I'd say the feeling is mutual.
  10. Eh? You must be a Bot because that was just a rambling selection of near random words and made no sense at all so far as I can see. Suggest someone kicks your plug out the wall and reboots you or replaces your laughably simple software...
  11. You could literally have posted this nonsense every week for the past six months and been more or less correct and you're STILL wrong!
  12. All balanced and well reasoned replies, many thanks. I was just having a wobble. It's easy to forget just how young this market it when you are this close to the elephant. I'm not sure what part of the beast I am staring at because all I see is a dark tunnel... I hope it's the trunk.
  13. At the risk of sounding like a fudster, what difference does any of this make? We very clearly are not being given all the pertinent information, particularly from Japan. The more this SBI crowd "guarantee" this or that exchange will open and transform the market overnight before failing to deliver and delaying an entire business launch by half a year with a bland tweet, the more I think the Japanese market is a screwball run by amateurs. One thing we can be virtually certain of here is that this Huobi development will not make a blind bit of difference to the price of XRP. Before fo
  14. There's a great deal of tuned in and intelligent folk on this board which is what makes it worth being a member of and pointing out the robots and fudsters. With that being said, I am well behind on this topic and would love some simple terms explanations if someone is willing to clear up my confusion! Is this system USING XLM? And if so, will it be used as a "Stable Coin" and if so does that mean XLM is to be worth a Dollar (US)? OR Is this a system created by IBM which uses IBM's own currency which will be tagged to the Dollar and if so, where does XLM come in? Is
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