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  1. Marjane Delatinne and Wim Raymaeker (SWIFT Global Head of Banking Market ) will also appear together on stage at a treasury convention in Germany on February 14. "The banking industry faces new challenges: What impact will technology have on our daily lives as treasurers in the face of these new concepts and ideas? Are we facing a change in established banking structures? SWIFT and Ripple take a look at the future of international money transfers and present their own concepts for renewal. What's the future like?" https://www.the1tc.com/programm-der-1tc-2019 Something is definitely in the works...
  2. No official announcement from Santander ? Is this a reputable source ?
  3. I found the summaries of the MUFG/SWIFT and SBI/RIPPLE presentations : MUFG/SWIFT : http://www.jsmeweb.org/ja/annual/pdf/18s/18s-203nakatake.pdf SBI/RIPPLE : http://www.jsmeweb.org/ja/annual/pdf/18s/18s-204okita.pdf Here is the last sentence of the MUFG/SWIFT presentation summary : "I would like to also introduce further improvement plans that incorporate innovative technologies." Now if this is an introduction to the SBI/RIPPLE presentation coming just after... There is a good chance that RIPPLE will be presented as a SWIFT improvement or partnership.
  4. Good news !! A live webcast will be held ! Live Webcast : http://fdic.windrosemedia.com/ Start Date : 5/7/2018 Start Time : 9:00 AM EDT
  5. Just found this. Should be interesting to know what bank representatives will be there ! (Sorry if already posted) https://www.fdic.gov/news/conferences/techforum/ https://www.fdic.gov/news/conferences/techforum/agenda.pdf Emerging Technologies in Banking: Transforming Banking Operations : John Doherty, Partner, Financial Services Ernst & Young Steve Ledford, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Product Development, The Clearing House John Macaluso, Senior Vice President, Business Development Fiserv Glenn Schneider, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Discover Financial Services Ryan Zagone, Director of Regulatory Relations Ripple Who Should Attend : Representatives from banks that use or are considering using emerging technologies Representatives from firms offering emerging technologies Representatives from bank trade associations Thought leaders on the use of technology in the business of banking Leaders of consumer and community organizations Representatives from federal and state financial regulatory agencies
  6. I loved his smirk when he said "A really experienced management team"
  7. Wow I just found a video of the event !!! Ryan Zagone from Ripple starts talking at around 02:00
  8. The press release is out ! (in French) France appears to be really bullish on FinTech. https://acpr.banque-france.fr/sites/default/files/medias/documents/20180329_cp_acpr_french_fintech_symposium.pdf
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