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  1. Marjane Delatinne and Wim Raymaeker (SWIFT Global Head of Banking Market ) will also appear together on stage at a treasury convention in Germany on February 14. "The banking industry faces new challenges: What impact will technology have on our daily lives as treasurers in the face of these new concepts and ideas? Are we facing a change in established banking structures? SWIFT and Ripple take a look at the future of international money transfers and present their own concepts for renewal. What's the future like?" https://www.the1tc.com/programm-der-1tc-2019 Something is defini
  2. No official announcement from Santander ? Is this a reputable source ?
  3. I found the summaries of the MUFG/SWIFT and SBI/RIPPLE presentations : MUFG/SWIFT : http://www.jsmeweb.org/ja/annual/pdf/18s/18s-203nakatake.pdf SBI/RIPPLE : http://www.jsmeweb.org/ja/annual/pdf/18s/18s-204okita.pdf Here is the last sentence of the MUFG/SWIFT presentation summary : "I would like to also introduce further improvement plans that incorporate innovative technologies." Now if this is an introduction to the SBI/RIPPLE presentation coming just after... There is a good chance that RIPPLE will be presented as a SWIFT improvement or partne
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