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  1. Hello all! I am The Iron Bank (yes, I am a big fan of GoT), I am happy to be referred to as Iron Bank. I keep my identity private for now, but in truth have no real qualms about becoming non-anonymous in future as we progress. My Twitter account is IronBanking I'm in England so I'd love to help raise awareness of XRP in England as well as beyond. My timezone is London BST. I'm also aiming to gain a deep understanding of Rippled and associated technologies, and hope I can use this understanding to answer community questions. I'm happy to contribute to a regional team if I can be of help, and know there are a couple of people who aren't a million miles from where I am. Indeed, I purchased a ticket to DLTCONUK to take place in Manchester, UK, the other day. And by happy coincidence today see that the organiser of the event, @ScottLoveForCrypto is also part of this group!
  2. Am I right in thinking a EUR SEPA Transfer to Bitstamp from Revolut, then buying at Bitstamp is still cheaper than this?
  3. Lowest 0.19 Highest 1.80 DCA 0.46 Unfortunately for me I spent more when it was higher and not so much when it was low
  4. Quite honestly I'd be spending a lot of time online and in here to see what the sentiment is and if we were expecting to go higher. It is definitely a possibility that I'd be selling but I also want to keep hold of a few just in case.
  5. Interesting developments. There are a few Technical Analysis people predicting next week could be particularly bloody for the markets, followed by a bull run in summer. But who knows. Perhaps this is why BG mentioned not looking at the price and a return date of 1st June.
  6. I wish I'd put more in when I found it at 0.20. I'm tempted now. But it's hard when you're trying to stick to the 'not more than you'd wish to lose' mantra.
  7. Sometimes a person manages to put a concept into words in a way that truly aids understanding. This is one such time. I have read about Interledger but I am also now just understanding how big this really is.
  8. I wanted to but alas I am too new right now. Ready to get my teeth into this stuff!
  9. I saw somebody translate part of the puppet to 'arm'. If that is the case the first company I thought of was the huge cpu/semi-conductor company. A quick search shows they're owned by SoftBank which used to be owned by none other than SBI Holdings.
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