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  1. Am I right in thinking a EUR SEPA Transfer to Bitstamp from Revolut, then buying at Bitstamp is still cheaper than this?
  2. Lowest 0.19 Highest 1.80 DCA 0.46 Unfortunately for me I spent more when it was higher and not so much when it was low
  3. Quite honestly I'd be spending a lot of time online and in here to see what the sentiment is and if we were expecting to go higher. It is definitely a possibility that I'd be selling but I also want to keep hold of a few just in case.
  4. Interesting developments. There are a few Technical Analysis people predicting next week could be particularly bloody for the markets, followed by a bull run in summer. But who knows. Perhaps this is why BG mentioned not looking at the price and a return date of 1st June.
  5. I wish I'd put more in when I found it at 0.20. I'm tempted now. But it's hard when you're trying to stick to the 'not more than you'd wish to lose' mantra.
  6. Sometimes a person manages to put a concept into words in a way that truly aids understanding. This is one such time. I have read about Interledger but I am also now just understanding how big this really is.
  7. I wanted to but alas I am too new right now. Ready to get my teeth into this stuff!
  8. I saw somebody translate part of the puppet to 'arm'. If that is the case the first company I thought of was the huge cpu/semi-conductor company. A quick search shows they're owned by SoftBank which used to be owned by none other than SBI Holdings.
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