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  1. Soo.... what you're saying is I should buy Time magazine??
  2. If you are here going maybe it will go up maybe it won't then you really have no business investing in XRP and just shows you have not done enough research on your investment but just saw the large bullrun at the beginning of 2018 got greedy and thought you could make such returns quickly. And now the majority of you got nothing to cling to but hopium because you have no idea what you got your self into. There were people in 2014 who bought XRP at an all time high of 0.05 USD only for it to go crashing down to 0.001 USD and remained around those levels until mid 2017. Do you think the people back then were despairing and going "oh noes XRP may never recover I need some hope?" Doubt it those people were pioneers who recognized a good investment and probably kept holding huge stashes until the bullrun at the end of 2017 and what kept them holding wasn't people telling them to it was them using their brain to research and gather as much information regarding this asset before throwing money into it something the majority of these despairing losers here lack and just want someone to be spoon feed them all the information and then pat them on the back about what a good investor they are and then when things don't go their way they look at someone to blame whether it be Ripple or Riddlers or Youtubers or whatever. I have done my research and I have faith in my investment. XRP may fail but after what I read and looked into the chances of it succeeding are way more than likely then it not
  3. To all the losers in this thread who are despairing and being pessimistic just cause you didn't get MOON!!! you expected I only have one piece of advice for you. Sell your stash and recover your losses and go somewhere else. Impatient people who can't stomach the ups and downs of this market do not deserve 10-20 or even 100 time return on their investment. Word of advise just go back in time in this same forum you so cluelessly post and have a look at threads dating back to 2016 and 2017. Heck in 2017 XRP hit an all time high in May only to come back crashing down extremely hard and remained at a stagnate price for the next 7 month while the entire crypto market was skyrocketing. I have zero doubt that if any of you losers were around during that time you would be spouting the same nonsense I see in threads on this forum nowadays and probably would have exited your investment and went and put it into any other crypto moving up just to miss XRP skyrocketing from 0.2 to 3.9 in a matter of days. If you ain't got the stomach, ain't got the guts and ain't got fortitude to remain in this market exit and go home. This ain't no market for despair moonboys this is a place for people who have done their research properly understand the risk and is willing to take that risk for some life changing money.
  4. lol I am surprised you know about the khanjar. Not many people know much about my country Oman.
  5. There is this chick. Called Tiffany Hayden. Pure venom and vitriol. Does not debate respectfully. Attacks people personally and then an army of her beta orbiters join her in her attacks such as the one on eToro. Truly the one time I questioned my investment in XRP was when I stumbled onto her profile.
  6. Reading your reply I can say with confidence you really aren't nearly as smart as you like to think or portray yourself as. You mean to tell me that an asset that went in a span of 2 years from being worth 0.004 to 3.9 based on pure speculation will in a few years max out at 4-8 dollars? An asset which during the bull run people were struggling to be able to purchase due to the limited sources one can purchase XRP. An asset in which while it was hitting it peak the most people coin price tracker decided to secretly and out of the blue remove its Korean exchange rate just so it seems the price tanked greatly. If you truly believe that then my only advice to you is take your arrogance and your "I know it all" attitude and sell all your XRP holding and use that money you got to invest in a diverse stock portfolio of up and coming companies you can select with your "intelligence". That would be a way lower risk investment than xrp and will yield you if you select right(I highly doubt that) in a few years more than XRP would when it hits 4 or 8. Finally you don't get to dictate what narrative or hopes can be discussed or shared here. The community does and should you not like that you can either chose to discuss it respectfully or leave the community.
  7. What is in it for them to place orders on the buy and sell side? Would they somehow make money from the fees or something?
  8. Thanks for the clarification Lord. To summarize the gist of the answers in this thread regarding who will purchase the XRP when they arrive is that it is going to be the market makers. My question is who are these market makers or liquidity providers and do we have an example of a major one.
  9. So as we all understand xRapid should it function as it is designed will be able o cut down transfer time and settlement time as well as lower fees and eliminate the need for Nostro/Vostro accounts. I do have one burning question regarding xRapid. Assume below is a xRapid transaction: Client 1 uses xRapid to send money from Brazil to Thailand to Client 2 xRapid takes that money goes to an exchange buy the xrp equivalent of the money xRapid sends the xrp from the exchange in Brazil to the exchange in Thailand It then sells the xrp on the exchange in Thailand and transfers the money to Client 2 account Now my question is when the xrp gets to the exchange in Thailand it has to have someone willing to buy it there in order for the entire transaction to go through. Say the xrp arrives at the exchange and there are no customers for it will the transaction stop? If not and it is sitting there waiting for a buyer what happens should the price of xrp tank or moon?
  10. We are all here in this forum based on promises of riches bearable guy or not. Get off your high horse.
  11. That is interesting considering eToro is not an exchange but a broker
  12. You know for someone who detests bg123 and mocks all his followers. You sure spend way more time and energy in this thread then his actual believers. Hope you did not take his riddles to heart and that caused you financial loss hence why you seem very bitter about the bear. If that is the case then it is just sad bro.
  13. I am extremely sorry for misleading you, the community and the rest of the world. My extreme optimism has brought upon you and many others a lot of pain and suffering. I take full responsibility for forcing you to purchase xrp when i typed "MooOOOoon!!" and "589 EOY LONG LIVE THE BEAR!!". I will bear the shame of this dishonor to my name and family name for the rest of my life and if my life insurance did not contain a clause that excludes payment due to suicide I would have committed harakiri with a katana to erase the shame I have brought upon myself
  14. I would ask him why is he working so hard to change the financial world even though he can sell all his XRP become a billionaire and live a very comfortable life for the rest of his life.
  15. There are many crazies in there however I witnessed a lot of useful information being uncovered by people who frequented the bearableguy123 orignal club. Things that were not reported by the news or was public knowledge.
  16. People coming to this thread complaining about how ridiculous this is and how it needs to be closed and how stupid everyone who follow these riddles are. Why don't you just not participate and ignore? I mean there are tons of other topics to discuss yet you keep coming in here and bashing everyone left and right and then demanding this thread closed. If something as no merit to you and is bothering you just simply avoid it and do not participate . That is the mature thing to do.
  17. I think he is having one of those moments where he desperately wants to tell a bragging story but couldn't find the context to do that so he related it to this topic someway. My grandpa used to do that a lot.
  18. Lol no one was thinking that. Stop watching too many teen **** hahahahahaha.
  19. I hope he does and gets arrested along with all the scum participating in those groups.
  20. 0.589 USD. Thus the masked cartoon bear prophecy shall be fulfilled.
  21. On Tuesday I decided to send home some money to my mother. I am currently in the UAE and she is in Oman. For those not familiar with the geography these two countries are side by side and it is only 2 hours to the border from the furthest city on the coast. They are similar in almost all their financial structures. It is Thursday afternoon now and the money has not arrived and when I checked they told me the minimum time for the money to arrive will take 3 business days!!!!! So now the money will not arrive until Sunday which is the start of the week here for two neighboring countries plus the funny part is we are using the same freaking banks just two different branches in different countries. I was sitting down there with my mouth to the floor talking to my bank when they briefed me on this ridiculousness and deep inside I was thinking you know I invested in XRP cause I believe in it and want to make money but now witnessing first hand what a slow tortoise this swift is in this day and age makes me want Ripple to succeed even more so we can have our financial systems up with the times we are living in.
  22. If it didn't go to 800 billion and went to 500 billion you now be asking why it didn't hit 800 billion. If it hit 300 billion you would now be wondering why it didn't hit 500 billion and so on and so on and so on. You go around spewing venom calling people who want XRP to appreciate and moon clowns and pretend your view is the only viable one even better than seasoned veterans who not only had a hand to pioneer this technology your currently discussing but have inside knowledge on a lot of things you or anyone here have zero visibility of. So now the question is: you don't believe XRP will appreciate greatly or "moon" you show contempt to your own fellow board members with an Aura of superiority so what on earth are you still doing here? If you claim you are invested in XRP I am pretty sure there are some sound stocks out there that would give you better returns if you use all your logical know hows abot everything.
  23. What bothers me with some of this predictions is they contain conspiracy nutjob material such as: Knights Templar, Rothschild, New World order, end of times/dollar and so on. I will give merit to any price prediction from 10,000 USD to 0.001 if it is backed by analysis that are logical and grounded not comic book like.
  24. My prediction is if we have a similar bullrun XRP will go to 20 dollars.
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