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  1. The locked XRP mechanic has to either change or reduced one way or another. Imagine XRP at 10 USD that would mean people will have 200USD worth of value locked up. Multiply that by all the XRP wallets and you have half a billion worth of USD locked up and not useable.
  2. In his latest video JH brought up a great point about how the ruling on the fair notice defense has not been decided yet and could come at any time even tomorrow. If the judge rules that the fair notice defense is applicable I believe we will see a settlement very very soon especially with the mountain of evidence against the SEC in how it created market confusion.
  3. Sigh another stupid FUD thread started off by the usual idiotic trolls on this forum with some new joiners trolls in which they talk about all these amazing technology that is way better than XRP and how Ripple sucks yet they still stick around here in this forum and not go join and enrich these other communities of the other projects. But let us leave all that aside lets say one project came by and was doing 1,000,000 TPS and settles in a nano-second. Not that project nor any of these proof of concept projects have what XRP has which is a true and battle tested network that has been proven secure historically with millions of ledger closed without a fault, a rigorous actual real world test in which money was actually transferred across the globe in millions with MoneyGram and an ocean of liquidity for settlement so big that if you put all these projects together combined it couldn't match XRPs liquidity which is why XRP is always compared to LTC, ETH and BTC because they are the big players in the market in terms of liquidity So go ahead do all your talk about all these new amazing proof of concept projects but when you go and try to use that as an attack on XRP your just going to fail every single time
  4. So without XRP Ripple is dead but Ripple is successful because of XRP. Which is it you kimichi FUD troll
  5. Yes cause the United States Government is going to go to around sanctioning friendly and allied countries because an entity in it is running a blockchain validator node. Where did you get your geopolitics degree? Devry?
  6. Your points are all nonsense especially when you start off with dumb shit like the US government can shut down all the XRPL nodes when a big chunk of the validators are not even in the USA! dumbass. If you are a FUDster then you need way better and stronger FUD to troll but if you actually believe the crap you typed then you need medical check up to your head cause you may actually be diagnosed by medical grade mental stupidity. I have had it up to here with you trolls on this forum why don't you run along away from here and pleasure yourself to whatever coin you bought with your 500 dollar allowance.
  7. Woohooooo my reputation on this site hit 589!! No one ever like any of my post ever again!!
  8. Bingo. Loads of idiots coming out the woods with this bull market. I can only shudder thinking about what it would be like when XRP breaks through ATH
  9. Stupid miners. I ordered my Bobcats since May and I have yet to receive them...
  10. Nah DS never said that. I followed all DS comments regarding price the closest he said about the absolute top was that investing in XRP was like investing in the next Etheruem. And this was when ETH went from 1 dollar to 1400 in 2017/2018
  11. Bro can you invite me to those threads. That kimichi English troll prick ruins this thread with his constant posts attacking and deriding everyone while the mods turn a blind eye.
  12. Yeah my assumption is pre funding is still a requirements so this is nothing but a glorified xCurrent. There is an interesting part in the video where they show currency flipping from one countries currency to the other so maybe XRP but I don't know..
  13. This has been a goal of Ripple for a long time now/ Don't forget the 100 million USD fund set up by Ripple and Forte in 2019 to foster XRP adoption in video games: https://fortune.com/2019/03/12/ripple-forte-blockchain-games/
  14. https://ripple.com/insights/q2-2021-xrp-markets-report/ Some interesting tidbits: -Very slight increase in XRP sales from 150m to 157 from Q1 to Q2. This accounted for 0.04% of global XRP volume -XRP volume doubled from Q1 to Q2 - A new lease structure which I assume is the new loan program Ripple has been working on. Total lease value of 57m USD -Around 300m XRP were sold in Q2 that was released from Escrow. Seeing that the price was high during Q2 I can only assume Ripple made some good money from that 300m sale
  15. This was the major resistance that it failed to break 4 times during this downtrend.
  16. BTC got rejected at the resistance at 41,300. Lets see if it can try a second time and break the resistance.
  17. as promised below is where DS highlights that Jed did not give Arthur 2% of the total XLM as per the agreement:
  18. There was such an agreement and Britto was entitled to a percentage of XLM coins which Jed did not honor. DS once discussed it on twitter. If i can find the twitter thread I will link it
  19. That is not Ripples business plan as you buying a remittance company is really stupid and counter intuitive to Ripples goal. Allow me to explain: When you own the company that means you are now no longer a neutral party providing solutions to all but you are part of the competition. So now if Stellar owns MoneyGram why would Western Union want to use a software from a company that is your competitor? Why would any banks or financial institutes want to use your software? You will end up placing your company in a corner where the only choice is to make MoneyGram as successful as possible and hoping the competition don't catch up or plain out drive you out of business.
  20. Sorry Pablo but I think you lost the plot here initially with your first post in this topic where you said a lot without saying much at all and then this post where you rambled on about the Crypto Rating Council or how XRP will thrive if Ripple goes away. This is probably due to all the pressure put on you from all the ass kissing you get on this forum and treating your words as gospel by many members on this forum. The Crypto Rating Council is made up of exchanges and crypto funds each with their own agenda not neutral agnostic parties. Nowhere do they declare how the score is broken down or calculated and many of their score do not make sense like how ETH is given a 2.00 while HBAR a 3.75 when they both had a similar ICO fund raising. Plus they have never determined XRP to be a security as you claimed in your post as you can read in the section where they discuss their scoring system anything between 1 and 5 has the potential to be deemed a security but it is not. Regardless they are not an official entity nor does their score carry any legal weight and if the SEC will start quoting score from CRC website then why not let Ripple quote my score of XRP in which I give it a 0 which represent it not being a security. As for the part where XRP will thrive without Ripple now while that may be true in the long run the effects of Ripple going under will be devastating initially to the price and may take up to ten years to reach where we currently are if it is ever be able to recover.
  21. And the bankers coin term matters why? All the people who call XRP that will be going out in the street dancing naked the moment a bank adopts one or uses of their "down with the financial system" crypto coins. XRP is not for retail users, it never was and once regulatory clarity is done in the US you wills tart seeing some big moves and major entities creating liquidity pools for XRP and that will be the final run phase of the crawl, walk, run. On a side note you mentioned DAG superiority can you summarize in 5 sentences or less why DAG is superior to the XRPL.
  22. This is like watching a movie being played out. Who knows boys we may end up being majors winners in history books.
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