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  1. Shhhhhh you shouldn't be sharing such information. I was honest to god enjoying watching the people in this topic go from euphoric bullish 10 USD XRP!!!! to pessimistic "woe is me" we are entering the bearish market it is all over why didn't I sell
  2. That is a wise move. You been in this game as long as I have and this crash is clear manipulation. Crash the price by 25%--->People panic sell and margins get called--->Raise the price by 15% so people think it is recovering and they buy back ---> Crash it even further by another 25% so people sell again. Rinse and repeat this is clearly whales going to school on all the newbies just joining the market especially when it is not just or two coins but the entire frigging market. Once there isn't any more suckers to lure price stabilizes for 2 to three days and then the bull market proc
  3. No evidence but speculation and strong hints based on previous occurrences and out of character behavior as well as leaving Ripple with no job prospects at all(forced resignation with a strong NDA). Here is a thread for you to read and come up with your own conclusion:
  4. If that is true then how do you explain the 50 million pay off for whistleblower reward the SEC gives: https://www.natlawreview.com/article/sec-whistleblowers-receive-50-million-payout-second-largest-award-program-history
  5. Only a rat would say being a snitch is an honor and that is what you are XRPage a pathetic sad excuse of a troll rat that spends most his time trolling a forum who considers him a complete joke and never taken seriously instead of actually working on bettering himself in things that interest him.
  6. He is one of the snitches that SEC used to gain access to emails and information.
  7. Yeah well no different than testing on Lab rats. Humanity first. One of these days Elon Musk shenanigans is going to catch up to him and then the government will really nail him to the wall.
  8. Hahahahaha I was looking for his username to ask for the BTC then bail on him
  9. Ever heard of the phrase "Jack of all trades , master of none". I don't need XRPL to issue silliness life NFT or have stable coins issued on it or any of that other noise. I invested in XRP for one and one reason only which it can do flawlessly: Rapid, unadulterated, super fast and efficient payment capabilities of the XRPL. The utility which is already here and has been proven to transact more than 2 billion USD up to date: https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard I am here for the take over of SWIFT, for the unleashing of the Nostro/Vostro money for payments and money flowing all over
  10. Name one real use case Ethereum does that is solving an actually current problem in the real world in real time that displays this "utility" which Ripple is way behind and I will sell all my XRP and invest in ETH. And oh you can't go around mentioning most coins are being built off it or staking your crypto as solving a real problem.
  11. ETH 3.0? Hahahahahaha we been waiting for ETH 2.0 for 4 years now and all we got is this gem:
  12. Best of times. Looking back it was all like a passing dream
  13. Hahahaahaha Keeping his spirit alive. But in all seriousness I am 70% certain of my prediction. I did my homework.
  14. By mid May XRP price will be around 20 USD. Bookmark this if you want and come at me by Mid May.
  15. Man the amount of emotional responses recently as "ohhhh I should have sold at x.xx" or "Woe is me it is all over" makes me really wonder have you people been holding XRP for the past four years or what if you don't have the guts to wither the 40 to 50% ups and downs that are coming sell your stash now and don't look back no matter what
  16. If you listened to the SEC lawyer trying to defend the irrelevaf those documents you can almost hear the panic in his tone when talking about those documents being made public
  17. All external communications are now going to be revealed! Hopefully a lot of the dirt will be uncovered and the SEC will be made to look like the clowns they are.
  18. Live tweeting of the hearing for anyone interested:
  19. I concur bring Hopium back. We have tons of trolls whose only purpose on this forum is to spread FUD and shill BTC and ETH and they do it so plain and obvious yet Hopium who has been nothing but a delight to this forum get banned. Please unban him or properly justify his ban instead of some arbitrary "oh he has many names and always trolls" without backing it up.
  20. Guys I got a perfect scheme. I am going to sell all my heavy bags I been holding for years. I am sure the moment I do that XRP will moon and moon hard so when that happens I ask each of you to contribute some of your moons bags to have the same amount of XRP I had before.
  21. XRP Shorts are at some of the lowest levels ever since October 2017.
  22. Your choice of words in red I would say is interesting to say the least. Everything you linked to is to do with ICOs. Ripple never held an ICO yet Ether did and it got a pass from the SEC. So explain to me Pablo what was unambiguous about the SEC statements that clarified everything to the retail investors.
  23. I am the type of guy who likes to look back when new information is revealed and try to make sense of what was said by whom. After reading this whole shenanigan between the SEC and the Ether Foundation I understand why Vitalik back when Ripple got sued acted so out of character, threw a fit and called XRP a "shitcoin" because Ripple in their response to the SEC brought up BTC and ETH and why they are designated as non security even though the majority of mining is held in China. Basically he was panicking because he is well aware of the shady deal Ether Foundation have done with Wi
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