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  1. That is because you are focusing so much on the size of the volume instead of the flow. Before when ODL carried big payments you just see couple payments move around once every 2 to 4 seconds. Now when you look at it with smaller broken up payments you see XRP flying around like data it is incredible to witness and I can only imagine what it would look like once the corridors start revving up. I have my own theory as to why they have done this and it relates to whale bots and how they increase or decrease prices of Crypto. If you ever observed whale bots at action to lower the price they don't just dump 4 million XRP at a lower price in one or two goes instead they hundreds of bots start selling XRP selling small batches of XRP at a gradual reduced price in small rapid succession across many exchanges to give the impression of a reduction in price that ends up triggering other bots to lower and other traders to sell crashing the price. My theory is Ripple is trying to accomplish something similar except with actual utility and real volume not bots or whale action.
  2. No instant gratification was expected just that the whole crypto sphere was hyping it as the second coming of jesus that would take crypto prices to the promised land but when it finally launched it did not even have a dent on the price.
  3. You guys remember Bakkt and how hyped that was hehe.
  4. Oh What a big man you are cause you heard about crypto before 2017. Let me buy you a pack of gum I'll show you how to chew it.
  5. This is very informative especially the last part QWE. I know that ripples goal is to ramp up ODL to the point where billions of cash transact every day via remittances. The current cap is 8.9 billion USD for XRP and as per your explanation it would require 8.9 billion dollars to buy every single XRP to ever exist at 0.2 USD. I wonder how ramping up ODL volumes will play into the price.
  6. Ok That sounds like reasonable analysis. Can you provide a breakdown of how much cash would be needed from 0.2 to 10 and from 10 to 100 because tbh I do not see how the amount of money is correlated to price movements.
  7. The moment institutional investors step in and start buying crypto in droves the whales will no longer be whales as they can't compete financially with big money
  8. He is the father of Motown music with his soothing vocal cords. He is qouted a lot in the XRP community because in hard bear market times his voice provides sweet relief to the Hodlers. Now my freind groove and take it easy with some Marvin Gaye:
  9. There needs to be strict rules against such behavior. I am sick and tired of FUDsters flooding this forum with misinformation and lies
  10. This is 100% fake. Shame on you, you kalb. In eToro if you have deposited 100,000 USD you tier status will not be Gold you would probably be platinum plus or even diamond tier so stop misleading this community.
  11. Soo.... what you're saying is I should buy Time magazine??
  12. If you are here going maybe it will go up maybe it won't then you really have no business investing in XRP and just shows you have not done enough research on your investment but just saw the large bullrun at the beginning of 2018 got greedy and thought you could make such returns quickly. And now the majority of you got nothing to cling to but hopium because you have no idea what you got your self into. There were people in 2014 who bought XRP at an all time high of 0.05 USD only for it to go crashing down to 0.001 USD and remained around those levels until mid 2017. Do you think the people back then were despairing and going "oh noes XRP may never recover I need some hope?" Doubt it those people were pioneers who recognized a good investment and probably kept holding huge stashes until the bullrun at the end of 2017 and what kept them holding wasn't people telling them to it was them using their brain to research and gather as much information regarding this asset before throwing money into it something the majority of these despairing losers here lack and just want someone to be spoon feed them all the information and then pat them on the back about what a good investor they are and then when things don't go their way they look at someone to blame whether it be Ripple or Riddlers or Youtubers or whatever. I have done my research and I have faith in my investment. XRP may fail but after what I read and looked into the chances of it succeeding are way more than likely then it not
  13. To all the losers in this thread who are despairing and being pessimistic just cause you didn't get MOON!!! you expected I only have one piece of advice for you. Sell your stash and recover your losses and go somewhere else. Impatient people who can't stomach the ups and downs of this market do not deserve 10-20 or even 100 time return on their investment. Word of advise just go back in time in this same forum you so cluelessly post and have a look at threads dating back to 2016 and 2017. Heck in 2017 XRP hit an all time high in May only to come back crashing down extremely hard and remained at a stagnate price for the next 7 month while the entire crypto market was skyrocketing. I have zero doubt that if any of you losers were around during that time you would be spouting the same nonsense I see in threads on this forum nowadays and probably would have exited your investment and went and put it into any other crypto moving up just to miss XRP skyrocketing from 0.2 to 3.9 in a matter of days. If you ain't got the stomach, ain't got the guts and ain't got fortitude to remain in this market exit and go home. This ain't no market for despair moonboys this is a place for people who have done their research properly understand the risk and is willing to take that risk for some life changing money.
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