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  1. Thanks for the feedback doopers. Very interesting. Why do you assume majority of volume on Bitso is ODL related?
  2. This is the second consecutive Sunday where the ODL transaction drops to 4 digits something that never occurred ever since I been observing the website for the last 6 month.
  3. I am not worrying bro or raising any alarms tbh I am just highlighting an oddity. I have been following Utility Scan daily for almost its entirety and even on the weekends the numbers are always in the 100k's that is why when I saw that low 2000 I was thinking what is going on.
  4. Easy there... I have no clue where and when you said/discussed the utility scan site is not reliable. I don't follow you around every topic to see what you have said and tbh with your attitude not sure I want to. Maybe the website is not reliable but the onus is on you to tell me why it is not reliable technically since you made the claim. So far it is the only option we have to try to track ODL and i have spoken to @mouradskiand I like the methodology he applies on how he tracks ODL and for me I will take his technical explanation over some dude screaming unreliable and demanding others agree
  5. SA seems to have returned on the map as a new corridor: Additionally yesterday the 20th of September is quite an odd day as ODL transferred measured to only 2,122$ a record low never seen before. Either there are ODL traffic not being picked up by the website or something fishy is going on.
  6. South Africa removed from the map for some reason. @mouradski was SA added by mistake?
  7. California is Ripples turf as it is where it is based. I view this as a positive thing.
  8. That is because you are focusing so much on the size of the volume instead of the flow. Before when ODL carried big payments you just see couple payments move around once every 2 to 4 seconds. Now when you look at it with smaller broken up payments you see XRP flying around like data it is incredible to witness and I can only imagine what it would look like once the corridors start revving up. I have my own theory as to why they have done this and it relates to whale bots and how they increase or decrease prices of Crypto. If you ever observed whale bots at action to lower the pric
  9. No instant gratification was expected just that the whole crypto sphere was hyping it as the second coming of jesus that would take crypto prices to the promised land but when it finally launched it did not even have a dent on the price.
  10. You guys remember Bakkt and how hyped that was hehe.
  11. Oh What a big man you are cause you heard about crypto before 2017. Let me buy you a pack of gum I'll show you how to chew it.
  12. This is very informative especially the last part QWE. I know that ripples goal is to ramp up ODL to the point where billions of cash transact every day via remittances. The current cap is 8.9 billion USD for XRP and as per your explanation it would require 8.9 billion dollars to buy every single XRP to ever exist at 0.2 USD. I wonder how ramping up ODL volumes will play into the price.
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