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  1. Yeah kiddo and I am glad I get to call you out on your BS so everyone knows your just here talking nonsense with no intent to back it up for whatever reason. Your willing to reply to me and find and post a gif of a cartoon made for edgy 13 year old yet you don't want to "waste your time" backing up your claims that says a lot about what you said previously. Maybe take a class or wacth a youtube video about how to debate and converse to better understand the basics in which adults talk.
  2. I am not agreeing to anything. If you are willing to make big claims then you should always be able to back them up and if you can't then don't hide behind excuses like oh I ain't got no time.
  3. Hahahaha ok FUDster you are soo full of it and you know it. Just so you know in a grown up conversation when you make big claims the onus is on you to provide proof and backup to your claims otherwise all you have written is as good as bull bi-product.
  4. Show proof that you have been saying the Fincen ruling has no bearing on the SEC and show us where it is mentioned in the FINCEN document that it has no bearing on XRP security status.
  5. The moment I heard that in the calls I was like oooooohhhhhh no wonder Ripple is so confident they will win. The 8 years waiting to bring a case and not advising exchanges that XRP is under consideration to be a security as early as 2019 is a very strong case for Ripple to show the SEC is ill motivated with this case
  6. Reading the hate coming from BTC maxis under that tweet makes me oh so more secure about my XRP bag
  7. This calculation is inaccurate. Using arbitrary definition such as market cap and circulating supply vs how much is sold is mathematically and logically incorrect. If you were to calculate sales pressure percentage you should do it either based on 24 hr volume or liquidity.
  8. Lel reading the past few of the pathetic recent posts I predict a lot of people selling their XRP and going off chasing highs on other coins only for XRP to moon big time and them coming back here wishing for the XRP price to dip so they can buy back in.
  9. Like Elon Musk reputation was tainted when the SEC sued him for trying to manipulate Tesla stock prices via twitter?
  10. Yeah especially how his ex wife said that she can't disclose but she knows how much BTC he has and it is in billions and this was in 2014!
  11. Yes he did and he gave her the title Chief Engagement Officer which when abbreviated is CEO. She went around with crazy scammy ideas such as spreading rumors that Jed was satoshi. Everyone internally hated her and wanted her out so when she was let go Jed threw a tantrum and the rest is history. You can read about the whole history in this article: https://observer.com/2015/02/the-race-to-replace-bitcoin/
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