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  1. There was such an agreement and Britto was entitled to a percentage of XLM coins which Jed did not honor. DS once discussed it on twitter. If i can find the twitter thread I will link it
  2. That is not Ripples business plan as you buying a remittance company is really stupid and counter intuitive to Ripples goal. Allow me to explain: When you own the company that means you are now no longer a neutral party providing solutions to all but you are part of the competition. So now if Stellar owns MoneyGram why would Western Union want to use a software from a company that is your competitor? Why would any banks or financial institutes want to use your software? You will end up placing your company in a corner where the only choice is to make MoneyGram as successful as possible and hoping the competition don't catch up or plain out drive you out of business.
  3. Sorry Pablo but I think you lost the plot here initially with your first post in this topic where you said a lot without saying much at all and then this post where you rambled on about the Crypto Rating Council or how XRP will thrive if Ripple goes away. This is probably due to all the pressure put on you from all the ass kissing you get on this forum and treating your words as gospel by many members on this forum. The Crypto Rating Council is made up of exchanges and crypto funds each with their own agenda not neutral agnostic parties. Nowhere do they declare how the score is broken down or calculated and many of their score do not make sense like how ETH is given a 2.00 while HBAR a 3.75 when they both had a similar ICO fund raising. Plus they have never determined XRP to be a security as you claimed in your post as you can read in the section where they discuss their scoring system anything between 1 and 5 has the potential to be deemed a security but it is not. Regardless they are not an official entity nor does their score carry any legal weight and if the SEC will start quoting score from CRC website then why not let Ripple quote my score of XRP in which I give it a 0 which represent it not being a security. As for the part where XRP will thrive without Ripple now while that may be true in the long run the effects of Ripple going under will be devastating initially to the price and may take up to ten years to reach where we currently are if it is ever be able to recover.
  4. And the bankers coin term matters why? All the people who call XRP that will be going out in the street dancing naked the moment a bank adopts one or uses of their "down with the financial system" crypto coins. XRP is not for retail users, it never was and once regulatory clarity is done in the US you wills tart seeing some big moves and major entities creating liquidity pools for XRP and that will be the final run phase of the crawl, walk, run. On a side note you mentioned DAG superiority can you summarize in 5 sentences or less why DAG is superior to the XRPL.
  5. This is like watching a movie being played out. Who knows boys we may end up being majors winners in history books.
  6. Yeah yeah.. don't you ever get tired of repeating stuff like a parrot
  7. only to go back to 0.62 next coming hours
  8. I am bored! I am super bored. Do something already go up or go down just no more freaking side movements!!!!
  9. Quit talking the non stop FUD talk Fish brain and put your money where your mouth is. Open your shorts position and show us so we can be entertained.
  10. And what is he going to do? Threaten to find me and ruin my life like he did to that one Tesla employee who pointed out glaring safety issues in the factory and unleash all kinds of goons, claim I will shoot up his factory and all kinds of other mob like shenanigan's like he did on his former Tesla employee: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-03-13/when-elon-musk-tried-to-destroy-tesla-whistleblower-martin-tripp
  11. It is not beliefs. Everything I stated in there is a fact and you can go to youtube to find tens of videos about stupid quotes and vaporware projects by Musk that is swallowed up by the masses who want cool relatable Iron Man billionaire friend. Calling Musk a genius is like calling the 1800s snake oil peddlers who made big money geniuses.
  12. Tesla wasn't Elons idea.... He bought a big chunk of shares of the company then turned around and fired the two founders. And all the amazing things Space X has achieved were done by smart capable engineers who worked at NASA and other aerospace industries. Elon couldn't design a water bottle rocket let alone a real one. Real geniuses are people who actually conceptualized, worked and designed their work that went on to make them billionaires. People like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and so on people who had an idea designed it built it by their own hands and then went on to greatness.
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