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  1. Man the guy is a major charlatan and I feel sorry for the people who idolized him and got burnt. We live in the age of the cult of personalities where logic, reasoning and human decency is thrown out of the window and replace with facades, major behind the curtain PR campaigns and disputing other opinions using memes. We need regulation not today not tomorrow we need it now even if it hurts the price otherwise these rich pompous manipulative greedy billionaires such as Musk and Vitalik will end up killing the market by making a lot of the people who trust and follow them lose all t
  2. I think I am going to do the same. I had a strong stance against trolls on this forum and somewhere along the way I got soft
  3. Just ignore him man he has been trolling the forum with his Kimichi English since December. Funny that obvious trolls like him get a pass while entertaining posters such as Hopium get banned
  4. You believe in pump and dump and then call me delusional? There are like hundreds of pump and dump currently in the market I can even name you some such as bonfire, dogecoin, shibacoin and safemoon. Why not go and hang over there and honor them with your presence cause it certainly not welcomed here. I would like to refute your second paragraph but honest to god I cannot understand or make sense of any of it. English is not your first language?
  5. Here comes xrp-nuke the high gas fee never getting to 2.0 ETH shill who hates XRP but spends most his time on an XRP forum like a loser. Let me school about a thing or two as I highly doubt you been in this market longer than 6 month. CMC chose to remove Korean exchanges at on a Sunday midnight where everyone was asleep ready to work on Monday what happened next is everyone woke up and saw XRP price plunged by 30% overnight with zero explanation so that kicked off more panic selling and CMC did not clarify until midday Monday. This happened on Jan 8th the day XRP hit its ATH and no nobody
  6. I will never forget when CMC decided to remove Korean Exchanges out of the blue without notifying anyone beforehand at all and cause the XRP price to plunge from its ATH and people waking up started panic selling cause they thought there is a major sell off. If this was a regulated market CMC would have had a lawsuit coming their way.
  7. Much thanks for the website. With the way the volumes are right now I predict end of June of him selling his stack.
  8. Look at his post history he is only posting links to his blog and never contributing anything on this forum...
  9. Wonder what happened to the previous CFO Ron Will. He joined it was announced and then we barely hear from the guy and he left in less than 3 years.
  10. At current price they will cash out with 21 billion worth of cash
  11. Just look at GME stock. Similar pattern and behavior at the r/dogecoin to r/wallstreetbets. GME hit an all time high of 399 per stock only to crash to 40 dollars and never fully recover.
  12. Two words currency agnostic that is one thing XRPL has that ERC20 doesn't. Once XRP has liquidity from worldwide currencies from cross border payments smart contracts will run and be executed buttery smooth with the speed and low fees of XRP.
  13. As a wise bear once said "Ripple has plans within plans". Well today we have come to find out from our dear Ripple employee and potential BTC billionaire Stefan Thomas that Codius(long thought dead and replaced by Flare) is still being worked on. Now that is not the exciting part but the exciting part is how they have actually planned to grow the liquidity first on the ILP via the payments rail before launching Codius to be the superior smart contracts platform. This has me very excited for the future of XRP and makes me believe that 3 figures may actually not be so far fetched. I rarely hype
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