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  1. Happy Birthday Leprecoin - I bought my first XRP 22nd April 2017 - am a very happy HODLer too!
  2. This looks like a 'Good News Story' Check this link - MoneyGram to Pilot Ripple's XRP Token: https://www.coindesk.com/moneygram-to-pilot-ripples-xrp-token-for-international-payments/
  3. Thanks @Hodlezerper - Have only got access to Windows 10 unfortunately. Will send the Log Files to Ledger as suggested by @pucksterpete Thank you very much for your suggestions.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to get back to me @pucksterpete & @LordVetinari - I have tried so many times to send back to Polo and Bitstamp and keep getting the same error. I didn't think it was necessary to use a dest tag as I believe it is not needed. Though I have tried sending using a dest tag and the transfer still did not work. I think my Ledger Blue may be a bit sick! considering the other issues around the ripple app not syncing and not being able to delete the ripple app from the ledger blue and reload it again. I can't delete any of the apps from the ledger blue or load new ones come to think of it. The Bitcoin and Ethereum Apps both work fine which is a curious thing. If anyone has any other thoughts I would be grateful to hear from you.
  5. I received my Ledger Blue in early September and have had a few issues with the Ripple Application.I have been able to transfer a small amount of XRP to the Ledger Blue from a couple of exchanges but whenever I go to transfer XRP back to an exchange I get an error message - "Ripple Network Unavailable The Ripple Network does not respond" Using the 'Ledger Manager' app in Google Chrome - I have tried to delete the Ripple application from the Ledger Blue (in case the app is not working) and then re-install it. No Luck When I refresh the Ledger Wallet Ripple App on my computer the 2 arrows in the top right of the screen spin around indefinitely and no refresh or update happens. Has anyone else had a problem with the Ripple App and Ledger Blue - It would be great to hear if I am not the only person in the whole world with this problem. ## The Bitcoin and Ethereum apps work with out a problem!! P.S. I have contacted Ledger Blue support and it took 4 weeks to get back to me and I tried everything they suggested. I contacted them again - 2 weeks ago and haven't heard back - probably another 2 weeks before I get a reply!
  6. Well done @Hodorfound the Blog - keep up the fantastic work and your exceptionally positive attitude is greatly appreciated
  7. Thanks - great service @nicolas, I am in Australia - took about 10 minutes to join up with you guys this morning. Love your work and go Ripple.
  8. Try Coinigy - have found it to be excellent
  9. Thank you for the explanation - to a beginner this makes it very clear. Thanks for taking the time to explain. Kind regards
  10. Hi, Can someone help explain the different terminologies to express the price of XRP on different trend graphs on different trading platforms. I am from Australia and am familiar with $0.03 as representing 3 cents. The price of XRP on 'Coinmarketcap.com' shows price as $0.030705 - I'm ok with that - this is US 3 cents. On 'GateHub' the price of XRP is shown as 33.40 for example - What is 33.40 telling me?? Is this a different way of expressing $0.03340 - which is 3.3 cents ?? Please, can someone explain. Regards and thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Noodles, I am very very new to cryptocurrency myself - I was directed to anoother member who was really helpful and knows a lot more than me. I would hate to give you the wrong information considering I am so new also. Try and contacting @enej and hopefully he won't mind helping you. Kind regards, Barton777
  12. Hi Namini, Thank you for getting back to me - I read in a Blog at blog.gatehub the following so I assumed I needed 50 XRP. Q: How do I create a new wallet? A: You may create new hosted or ripple wallets. Newly created ripple wallet needs to be activated with 50 XRP. To remain active, ripple wallet takes 25 XRP of reserve I will also contact @enej Thanks again
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