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  1. Still believe in XRP & Ripple & continue to make regular purchases with a view to holding long term.
  2. I'm still here since 6/24/2018 First invested in XRP in October 2017 and continue to buy. I am prepared to be around for 5 years minimum (unless price goes crazy)
  3. That happened back in December (around the 30th I recall). The major cryptos were all in red yet XRP posted +18% as it approached $2.5 (lovely days they were too and i am convinced that we'll see it all happen again in the not too distant future).
  4. I'm more than happy to view Ripple/XRP as being part of the other potentially successful 3.66% then
  5. Approximately 4000 XRP added to the existing portfolio in recent weeks. Convinced we will see $5 minimum in the months ahead, which makes the current prices a good investment. The fundamentals remain very strong and I believe that there is a huge amount going on in the background that none of us really know about.
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