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  1. XRP is always the last of the major alts to pump . This extended accumulation period means that when it goes it really goes . Just look at its chart history.
  2. I believe the L Oreal heiress is the richest woman in the world. Not bad for a company that whole business premise is Snake Oil Salesmen.
  3. Brilliant . I love Navin, such a great communicator . I also love hearing Indians speak English , such an elegant interpretation of the language .
  4. I dont think Coinbase would host an Aprils Fools gag on their website. Remarkable turnaround in standpoint from them.
  5. Listened through the full 3+ hours of that and I can’t say that anything was revealed that wasn’t already in the public space or that having Bob on Alex’s show was educational in any way . Would love to be proved wrong ?
  6. @BobWay  I have a question about R3 Corda Settler. We know that through their alliance with SBI they intend to use XRP. Do you know of any plans by R3 to use XRP in the Corda settler for the rest of the world? Thanks in advance.
  7. I respect your reference to and interest in history , but this is supposed be a serious forum focused on the rational discussion of XRP and its utility in the global economy . I don’t want to be a forum nanny but can we please cut out the feel good , FOMO posts and concentrate on the facts . Or just keep them to the Zerpening club and not the discussion forum.
  8. He has a point. It is this type of toxic way of communicating that is holding this ecosystem back. When big business peeps into the Cryptoesphere and sees people being abusive, obnoxious and rude it really does set us all back. The best way to progress is to educate, and education does not involve that type of communication.
  9. Great, I look forward to anybody caught stealing XRP getting their hands chopped off.
  10. This is a new question that I meant to ask before so am posting here... R3 And Ripple . How much integration is there between the two companies ? What is the likliehood that R3 Corda will use XRP outside of Japan (where R3 are partnered with SBI )?
  11. I believe there has to be use cases for people/companies to hold XRP, rather than just access it temporarily through market makers. One reason is that banks may hold it so they can take both fees/spreads in payment processes. Dr_ed , I agree with your point that the 2017 volume spikes led to a 3 dollar price which kind of discounts the velocity of money argument...but perhaps this was because speculating involves holding the token for a period of time , even by short term traders. Anyway, good to have a contrarian discussion, everytime I’ve tried it before I’ve been shouted down by the Hopium Addicts .
  12. Thank you OP. As investors we should always be stress testing our investments by taking the contrarian view. All the major cryptos have at least one major red flag. Anything outside the top 10 has at least several. So, perhaps we should all be discussing this as a collective brain, as well as Bobs input. The only red flag I can see on XRP is the velocity of money or token velocity argument that has taken hold over recent crypto economics and is based on the 'Equation of Exchange " theory where price is described by the equation MV=PQ. As described here . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equation_of_exchange. In summary the theory states that if a commodity changes hands very quickly from one asset to another, then its price will experience minimal upward pressure in opposite correlation to its velocity of exchange. So if XRP is only used as a medium of exchange that happens in just seconds then demand for it will be never be high because the total supply has only ever decreased momentarily .
  13. R3 And Ripple . How much integration is there between he two companies ? What is the likliehood that R3 Corda will use XRP outside of Japan where R3 are partnered with SBI ? EDIT this has posted in wrong section; not meant to be chapter suggestion. Apologies
  14. Gaming will be the first major uptake of micropayments. They already have similar protocols in place with in game token payments . Only a small jump from that to payments in a crypto currency.
  15. Great point . I love the Pomp podcast and the calibre of his interviewees . However I’m astounded at the level of misunderstanding from so called experts in his show when talking about XRP. One guest called Tom Shaunessy , who runs a blockchain research company to advise hedge funds and FIs , failed to grasp basic facts about XRP . For instance he stated that Ripple the company owns all the validators . Basic level mistakes .
  16. Brilliant discussion. So good to hear an open , frank and respectful conversation. And thanks Matt, I learnt a lot from your explanations.
  17. Do we think that video is legitimately from Santander? I only ask because the audio quality is poor and not at the level expected from a corporate video.
  18. Interesting. Does their usage of the term Interledger specifically refer to the ILP created by Stefan or is it being used in a general sense ?
  19. Yeah agree that seems likely scenario. We may have another downturn, especially as 0.295 has been tested repeatedely but would be surpised if it went below the low of 0.245. If the bottom is in, I find it interesting that XRP hit its low in Sept , almost 3 months earlier than BTC in Dec.
  20. Lots of people saying that bottom is in. Of course, no one really knows but it does seem in the spectre of reasonable potential outcomes that we ve seen the bottom.
  21. Yeah for sure. He is super bullish. But the difference between him and the BTC bulls like Novogratz and Tom Lee is they are only investors in a system whereas Kitao is creating the system. there is a huge difference of power, influence and inside knowledge between a hedge fund manager and a senior financier on the global stage.
  22. Thanks for this Simoun. I read the article and found another mention of XRP... DLT technology. We invest into Ripple. We have an alliance with Ripple, and it's their DLT technology. And XRP will be implemented in the future, which will mean that quickly at low cost, instant interbank remittances will be enabled who are connected to the system. Up until now, remittances, all you were able to do was to be able to send by cash because the remittance fees were high. Therefore, if it's free of charge, 24/7, 365 days, that will be better, and that's what we try to accomplish through this app. It's not just account information, but you could also send money by knowing that other person's mobile phone number. Currently, our bank is connected with SURUGA and Resona banks, but we would like to increase the number of connected banks swiftly, and we would like to thoroughly ensure that we expand the sales. I believe this can turn into a global opportunity, and that is the motivation we have behind this because Ripple is globalizing. The 100 top leading blanks in the world are saying that they are part of Ripple net, and they're saying they're going to use Ripple's DLT, xRapid are going to be probably be used by fund transfer companies increasingly this year. I think this will be leading to the practical use of XRP. For me, I think it will easily surpass bitcoin on a market cap basis. That's what I believe, and that's what I think will happen. For FX remittance, functions should be added as well for better convenience, and XRP use -- or xRapid use can be used for external remittances as well.
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