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  1. XRPHornets

    Stealth to Health: Crypto in 2019

    Good point. I was just thinking in terms of the point of the lowest price between prior ATH and new ATH.
  2. XRPHornets

    Dred It, Run from it, XRP Still arrives

    or "If you lived here, you'd be home by now "
  3. XRPHornets

    Stealth to Health: Crypto in 2019

    Minor correction on the length of the bear market opinion. The bear market may actually be officially shorter than 14/15 if , in the future , we don’t go lower than $3200 BTC as this was reached from previous ATH in less time than the previous bear market of 14/15.
  4. XRPHornets

    The Xctopus

    Good idea .
  5. WuWei, you ve completely misconstured my point, and perhaps I wasnt very clear so apologies. I was and am in complete in agreement with your post and this one too. What I intended to say that behaving altruistically makes one feel better about oneself and if one has developed their personality to a level where material possessions only have limited amount satisfaction to give, then it becomes apparent that behaving altruistically gives far more pleasure and satisfaction from life. And so a virtuous cycle is created whereby being unslefish becomes an act of feeling good.
  6. Me too. Without sounding too much like a cxnt, it actually becomes a selfish act to help others out because it makes you feel just better than a Lambo/jewellry etc etc
  7. Even if XRP never takes hold in the west, it seems clear that Asia wants an alternative to the current situation of being beholden to US dollar and US big banks.
  8. XRPHornets

    Stuart Alderoty Joins Ripple as General Counsel

    He seems like a big hitter. Decent CV.
  9. Most of the upward pressure on XRP price comes from Asia. Asia is well ahead of the US in terms of blockchain regulatory adoption . Lets stop fretting on every potential SEC move . They are just one piece in a bigger global puzzle .
  10. The fact that other players are moving into the remittance market shows it is probably the most imminent , prescient use case for blockchain tech. Ripple has first mover advantage.
  11. XRPHornets

    How OTC relates to price

    I’d say what we are witnessing is OTC institutional buying taking the other side of retail sellers: Classic Buffet scenario of the wise buying greedy when the herds are selling fearful.
  12. Keep hearing how they are lined up to be the big thing in 2019. Inveting in protocols and exchanges ie polymath seems to be the safer option rather than trying to pick individual winners. Anyone else interested in this area ?
  13. XRPHornets

    Daily FXT (Ripple 96% Long)

    nice indicator...although I find it surprising that they think GBP is long against the dollar seeing as sterling is plummeting because of Brexit uncertainty.
  14. Ha ha we ve all been there my friend . Well done for saying so .
  15. Agree. Wasnt there a recent thread on large movements from XRP wallets . I wonder if the two are related .