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  1. 18 May was our 1.70 top. Btw, a great example of a dead cat bounce here. This is insane, look at how much we lost in just 2 days.
  2. Saw these posts since $300 ETH. ETH could easily see 30k before we see any serious price movement towards ATH.
  3. Just barely holding around the 0.5 Fib retracement, such a significant level here. Moves down are getting rejected kind of, would like to see a break above $1.30 here again.
  4. I think a drop to $1.10 is inevitable here. BTC is too weak.
  5. @Plikk @Pablo any thoughts on this? Sounds plausible to me. Thanks @Seoulite
  6. Lets be honest here XRP is still more than 50% down from ath. 3.5 year bear market while all other coins mooned several 100% give or take. Think its fair to say that this is not too fast given the circumstances, could see us rocketing to $4 in the coming days.
  7. Crucial level is .80. Thats a major one.
  8. Its almost 4 years ago. Decision making cant be this slow. Something else is brewing.
  9. @Elysium2030 thanks for putting into words what I was thinking all the time. Your story above EXACTLY matches my feelings. When I see that ADA et al. are thousands of percentages up, I get a bit desperate. Maybe XRP would even be excluded from current bull run.. we'll see. I wont sell either because the minute XRP skyrockets, I would be heartbroken.
  10. Bought like 20k yesterday. Looks like a solid project. Did some decent research on it. Milestones for this year:
  11. On another note, we’re gonna launch so hard soon. The pressure is sky high. 1$ this month.
  12. XRP looking very bullish right now .40 next week?
  13. Would LOVE for XRP to CANON through .32 After like .40 its blue skies, will be interesting
  14. Well to be fair thats still over 5x return so I would not say that was a bad move. In hindsight yes, but you still racked in a more than decent profit.
  15. Generally thats a sign of euphoria. When old colleagues contact you, often times that is a sell signal
  16. What allowed XRP to soar?? I cant believe what I'm reading. Market wide mania? Euphoria? Crypto hitting mainstream? Every coin pumping at minimum x30? Hellooooo?
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