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  1. Just wanted to say, thanks for your contributions. I don't believe in TA entirely, but I like your approach to it. Nice!
  2. Key hindering factors in XRP adoption and how they are being dealt with
  3. Ripple's role and vision in revolutionizing IoV (so Ripple's relevance and what the IoV actually is)
  4. So you're ultimately saying the price goes up or down. Very usefull!
  5. Posted yesterday in the Zerpening, but might as well share it here: XRP/USD weekly chart - I have found the MFI (Money Flow Index) a rather reliable long-term indicator for violent moves up or down. During the past bearmarket, the MFI (almost) touched the lower band twice, followed by a violent move up. The same scenario is unfolding now. Judge for yourself.
  6. $8 IN THREE YEARS A FAILURE?! 2400% IN 3 YEARS A FAILURE??? I have to defend Kaakarma here. Exactly this mindset is what he is talking about. How delusional some people are in here is amazing.
  7. Also: Buy now or cry later I certainly did....
  8. https://twitter.com/DiepSanh/status/1082113802605256704?s=08anh/status/1082113802605256704?s=08 Did anyone see this?
  9. But i mean, before june you could draw the line higher up (touching the bullrun take off). If it falls again below this "trend line", you can just lower the trend line again? This is nowhere near valid. This trendline proofed to fail many times.
  10. ''should be fairly easy'' Hold up there Einstein
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