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  1. This graph was also posted a million times in may-june when we ran up to .50
  2. I'd argue that XRP is due for a minimum of 100% upside correction. It just took too much beating the past year to the point that it is HEAVILY oversold. Eventually, the price will catch up with the fundamentals. Its only a matter how long you're willing to wait for the inevitable.
  3. Lets just not pollute this great thread with this childish nonsense of argueing with strangers online Discussion is okay but this is just childish behaviour. No I'm right! No, I'M right! NO YOU AREN'T, I'M RIGHT! Maybe we can put you all in the day care thread.
  4. Agree. If we assess the growth potential the crypto market currently has, one can objectively state that there is a potential for yet another 2-3 runs before topping out.
  5. Are we watching the same market? Short term, XRP is tied to BTC during bearish movement. Long term, XRP is not tied to BTC. Look at the BTC chart this year and compare this to the XRP chart until now.
  6. At the mercy of BTC? I wish. Meanwhile BTC pumped 200%-ish while we only lost value this year.
  7. Eric I love your analyses. Literally the only one I really take seriously. Just down to earth, realistic, grounded etc. No ******** fibbonaci levels, just pure candle analysis and forecast. Kuddo's man, you tha mvp.
  8. Thousands of people owned 500k btc back in the day Your math doesnt check out😂 Overall good analysis of the situation.
  9. XRPBTC with imminent arrows pointing up
  10. SBI about to get scammed so hard in the next few days 
  11. Its not about being right or wrong - your analyses are always solid and you have your arguments and reasons to state these things. The market does what it wants anyway. Your analyses are great and easy to comprehend, kuddo's😁
  12. Its not about who is right or wrong, this only serves egocentric feelings. The market does its own thing. Its about analysing the market and making decisions based on past performance. Future price movements are nearly impossible to predict but since our brain is hard-wired to spot patterns in EVERYTHING, some people think they can actually predict this. TA is good for analysing long term crypto market behaviour but short term is hard. Just let the market do its thing and make your decision based on rational data. So a bit hypocritic, but I'm getting sick of these meta discussions in this thread. Once this thread was great. Now its poluted with forum members that contribute nothing and only bash TA. This was literally the ONLY constructive thread on this forum. So as some others have pointed out, please refrain from posting dumb **** in here and keep the quality at an high level. Its the reason why I left this thread and only read it when Eric has something to say.
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