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  1. A user named CaligulazBaby or something made a post in early 2018 about a legit cashout strategy, he called it the "euphoria candle strategy". Basically you cash out after three weekly, significant euphoria candles during the parabolic phase. In the fourth candle, you choose an exit point.
  2. Sorry but DGB sounds a bit unrealistic. I dumped my bags some weeks ago. However, my XRP cashout price point is exactly the same as yours.
  3. Hindsight bias. I regret for not selling at €3. I regret not buying BTC in 2009. Its always the same. For all I know XRP could have straight pumped to .60. You didn't know that it would dump. Don't be so hard on yourself.
  4. Hey Eric, recently I just turned bearish again. I think the chart is screaming for a break down (seeing bearish divergences, short term lower lows and weak bullish candles). I sold my LTC stack @ $67 as the key resistance of $70 was broken and wanted to secure my profits. We are not out of the woods just yet. Furthermore, I got two questions for you: - You seem to work a lot with EMA's, but EMA's only. Why are you not combining this with oscillators such as the RSI and MACD? - Why are you using Bitfinex? Crypto trades at a premium price on that exchange and does not reflect ''real'' prices. It could make your analysis unreliable.
  5. I disagree with you here. Buying at .35 or .25 is a major difference. At .25, you can buy +/- 40% more XRP than at .35. 10k at .35 or 14k at .25? When it goes to $20, that difference is $80.000. It does matter.
  6. I think reading into trading psychology will help you. Please read this article to start with: https://tradingsim.com/blog/trading-psychology/.
  7. Thanks for your intellectual and well thought-out input. Can you tell us more?
  8. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/LTCUSD/qfWqD5bM-Litecoin-Excellent-Long-Opportunity/ Nice long opportunity for LTC. Its really hard to do a proper analysis now for XRP. Its in a sort of limbo in the .33 zone. Waiting for a big move!
  9. Waiting for BTC. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/LTCUSD/5JXda7Hk-Litecoin-Time-Where-is-Chickun-going/ I'll do a XRP analysis soon.
  10. Shorts at an all time high is imo bullish. We always see hugh upwards movement when shorts are high. Its strange, really. Watch the short squeeze when the btc futures expire next friday.
  11. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/LTCUSD/UEbuHneL-LTC-Short-Term-Pullback-Bottom/ Lets see how my analysis plays out...
  12. As XRP remains to stay flat, I did another analysis on Litecoin. My last one did not work out and thus I changed my strategy, focusing more on demand zones and candlestick patterns. I think I'll reconsider using triangles etc. in general as these have failed me multiple times. Okay, the analysis of the 4h chart! So, as we can see, LTC showed lots of strength in the $75 zone since the 3rd of April. Dumps were rejected four times in this zone (yellow circles, green one), indicating heavy buy pressure. As volume is keeping up for LTC, I doubt we'll dump through this price level. Furthermore, buy orders are piling up in the orderbook, for example on Kraken. The last rejection of the four dumps showed something significant (green circle, marked with 1), namely a strong green candle (stronger than the previous three candles after the dumps). On the 1hr chart this moment can also be seen as a strong dragonfly doji (indicating heavy buy power - typically a bullish indicator). This was a strong buy signal, which so far is not disappointing me. Deriving from this, I believe we will soon be testing the $80-85$ zone as we did this morning, that is, if Bitcoin doesn't drag us down again when it fails to break the $5400 level. For the medium term resistance, I believe we will test 95$ zone again in some weeks.
  13. So time for some LTC analysis (Will do XRP later this day). This week is becoming interesting. Bull flag is printing on the 4hr chart. We have a 4hr hammer candle (candle 1), indicating strong buy pressure --> I've drawn possible movement within the triangle. As this triangle is typically a bullish continuation pattern, I expect a breakout up in ~8 days. No price target, this is impossible to give and depends on breaking the $100 resistance level. Furthermore, we can see a rising RSI and slight beginning bullish divergence on the MACD, indicating bullish price action. As LTC is generally in a bullmarket independent from BTC, this is a good bet guys.
  14. @Eric123 look at that beautiful hammer forming on the daily LTC chart. Nice retrace to mid $80 levels, hammer forming, ready to go up a next leg. Textbook bullish reversal.
  15. I mean, we're still trading in the .30-.34 channel. I hope XRP can finally make a significant move as the whole market does right now.
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