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  1. @Plikk @Pablo any thoughts on this? Sounds plausible to me. Thanks @Seoulite
  2. Lets be honest here XRP is still more than 50% down from ath. 3.5 year bear market while all other coins mooned several 100% give or take. Think its fair to say that this is not too fast given the circumstances, could see us rocketing to $4 in the coming days.
  3. Crucial level is .80. Thats a major one.
  4. Its almost 4 years ago. Decision making cant be this slow. Something else is brewing.
  5. @Elysium2030 thanks for putting into words what I was thinking all the time. Your story above EXACTLY matches my feelings. When I see that ADA et al. are thousands of percentages up, I get a bit desperate. Maybe XRP would even be excluded from current bull run.. we'll see. I wont sell either because the minute XRP skyrockets, I would be heartbroken.
  6. Bought like 20k yesterday. Looks like a solid project. Did some decent research on it. Milestones for this year:
  7. On another note, we’re gonna launch so hard soon. The pressure is sky high. 1$ this month.
  8. XRP looking very bullish right now .40 next week?
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