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  1. Another chance to buy. Smart money is very happy right now. Im out of fiat but I would definitely buy otherwise
  2. Investment medium term Alts bouncing soon imho Current dip is just a short term pullback in an ongoing macro uptrend so ADA could be a nice diversification
  3. My eye is falling on ADA. Getting absolutely battered right now. @Eric123 might be a great entry right now.
  4. Okay, so movement played out just as anticipated. Prepare for more bearish price action. We're just pulling back during the macro uptrend. This is healthy.
  5. Yes. Something's up. Things are looking bearish to me in the short term since today. - Massive coordinated short closes indicating a possible dump; - Dragonfly doji yesterday, followed by a significant bearish engulfing candle; - Reducing volume; - Barely holding the bullflag/channel; - We still go a bullish divergence on the MACD and RSI, so we got that going for us, which is nice. Furthermore, today is also an important close day. Today's candle is the closing candle of the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly time frames. This candle might influence further price movements heavily. We need it to close in the green for short term bullish continuation, but those chances are looking increasingly slim.
  6. Sorry guys, but please keep it on topic. This is one of the few quality threads on this forum. Please lets keep it that way.
  7. So we printed a dragonfly doji on the Daily chart. From a pure technical standpoint, this could mean both good and bad news. When such a doji prints, we have to wait for the next candle to indicate bearish or bullish price action. Today is kinda make or break. We need a bullish candle close today. Otherwise, things could get ugly.
  8. Yes. Especially distancing yourself from any analysis. We just shared our analysis on XRP price. I said that basically "moon is immenent". Other members will get hope and influenced by our analysis. But we can be ENTIRELY wrong. Keep that in mind. Nobody knows anything. Not MagicPoopCannon, not Eric123, not the best analyst in the world.
  9. First of all, my opinion does not matter. I can have it entirely wrong. However, I can make an educated guess. As I said, speculative bullrun will happen again. I expect XRP to behave similarly as in previous speculative bull runs. Therefore, it will go in a parabolic phase for a week or 3. My advice is to entirely distance yourself from moonboys and opinions from analysts in this period. During a parabolic bullrun, everyone is in extacy. XRP will pump hard but fall even harder. And nobody will see it coming. Don't listen to 1k per XRP moonboys. They will get burned hard again. Pick a price point and stick with it. Be patient. You will get rewarded.
  10. I expect a purely speculative bullrun again based on BTC. My price projection for BTC is 120k. XRP will pump again to 22k sats. This brings us to the 26 dollar range. My price projection for the next 3 years maximum is 26 dollars. I don't expect utility driven price action within 5 years.
  11. Medium term looking good. Long term definitely. We got bullish divergences on the RSI and MACD on the 1D chart (chart attached is on mobile app, so a bit ******). We are bouncing in a channel/bull flag that has a similar set up as late 2017. So @XRPboi to answer your question, I would say december 2017. I'm definitely bullish but I've been bullish for whole 2019. We are going to see a pump. When? I don't know. My gut feeling says rather sooner than later. However, I've said this since march 2019. Nevertheless, chart shows a hard bullish setup.
  12. Thats both the beauty and ugly side of btc.
  13. Adjusted the channel a bit, still valid. Resemblance is uncanny, it took a bit longer to form during 2017 - the only difference. RSI on the same level. Prepare for moon. Hope this ages well.
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