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  1. You did not answer my question. My point is that your numbers are not in any sort of context and seem totally arbitrary both in its time frame and estimated totals. So please give me some context for these figures and how you came to them. For instance if BTC goes up to 50k and ETH to 2k but XRP stays under $1 that would be pretty dire. But if the whole crypto market collapses, except for XRP which maintains its value and even goes up a little that would be fantastic. Your opening post was excellent and interesting and had some rational backbone. I just do not understand the rational for telling the world that XRP will be unable significantly overtake what happened in three days in Oct 2018 until Dec 2020? That seems extremely pessimistic given that many believe we are at the bottom of a bear market.
  2. Are you suggesting that if BTC goes to an ATH of 20K in the next two years XRP will languish at below one third of its ATH? Are you suggesting XRP will perform worse than Alts and BTC that have less utility promise?
  3. This is an excellent use case analysis Moncho. Have you thought of contacting Ripple for advice about how best to encourage a corridor to be developed into EL Salvador. I imagine for a small country like this, one good well informed person with local knowledge and a strong incentive could really carve a position out for themselves getting something like this set up in their country.
  4. ..and blink of an eye has a different meaning in Japan anyway
  5. CEOs should avoid making time framed predictions and when they do it we should ignore what they say . What SBI are doing and setting up from their base in Japan is simply huge and will impact on price. Crypto Eri has the best handle on. She is hard working and intelligent and gets to grips with the detail.
  6. Yes, but Ripple, R3 and other members of the XRP ecosystem have all sort of targets about what they want to achieve. XRP might get monopolistic, they might get a share, they might fail. Each one of the following could eat up the total supply: Cross border settlements Trade and Purchases in retail and commodities Derivatives Streamed Micropayments Smart contracts Investment portfolios
  7. Yes, I thought he was a spammer at one point! But he wanted to do he own research.
  8. A Japanese friend once told me money has legs. If you have it, it runs away from you. If you don't, it runs to you. Never really understood what he meant, but it seems to happen to me in my life. I always think making real money is about learning how to identify opportunity. If money were sticks floating down a a river you could wade in and try to catch the biggest sticks as they past you by, or alternatively you could study the course of the river and find the places where the sticks congregate naturally in pools and backwaters and go scoop them up. I really do not think people who chase money are as successful or happy as the people who study the landscape and are willing to wait and be patient.
  9. The team at Ripple, R3 and other businesses managing the success of XRP do not care about your investment or disappointment. I would guess they are over the moon about developments over the last 18 months. They have a job to do and they are doing a good job. I don't think the current slow progress of XRP relative to other very different crypto currencies really bothers them or upsets their business plans. It seems your analysis is entirely driven by your disappointment with the price of XRP which has then turned into pessimism and finally anger and scatological abuse towards the thing you perceive to have underperformed and not given you the instant gratification you expected from it. Those were your priorities. If you really want to chase the assets on the basis of recent performance you should work at your TA skills, which would require you to give up any emotional connection with your investments and become an expert in spreading your risk and opportunistically investing the dips and selling the highs. My personal expectations about price are that they will explode at some point in the future. Personally I am very happy with the performance of XRP and the work of the many teams developing the XRP ecosystem. If the price is only $5 in five years I would still accept that as having been a very good investment in a very worthwhile project that provides services for all sorts of people, many of them in poor undeveloped countries. .
  10. The BTC Max idiots think they will harm XRP by calling it the bankers coin. This association with banking is going to be very powerful for adding potency to XRP which will be "the bankers bridging asset" or "the bankers digital coin". People associate the word "bank" with sobriety and safe custody of money, which gives people confidence that XRP is the safe custody coin (not a scam coin). Add this feature to its other feature when adoption starts; Fast growth. It will almost seem as if the banks were issuing bank notes that had babies in your wallet. This is the subliminal image XRP will gain when it begins to get used, and there will be a huge scramble amongst investors from all walks of life to own and hold XRP. This is what I imagine happening in the next few years
  11. I only invest in projects that I believe in. To do otherwise would make me feel uncomfortable because for me it would be like gambling on horses bookies had tipped me to back. I can see a case for using TA as a model for profitable gambling, but again that is not what I want to do with my life so again I would feel uncomfortable. The only crypto project I believe in is XRP which is why I am 99% XRP 1% ADA. I do not care that BTC has recently done very well compared to XRP. For me that is like being jealous of someone who has done well on the horses or won the lotto. I don't bet on the horses and I don't buy lotto tickets so it would be stupid for me to be jealous, wouldn't it? About investment by the masses in XRP. I think it is going to happen on a huge scale. The important new game-changing investors will not be friends of people who use Coinbase, or BTC enthusiasts changing horses. The investment will be coming from people who start to use crypto in a commercial setting. These users will include people in very poor countries with low incomes who use Mojaloop as well as rich people who work in banks in London and New York. IT will include investment companies with pension portfolios and stockbrokers who like the story behind XRP. I think investing in XRP will spread like a virus and will have its own colour, not the colour of BTC. The process has already begun. SBI and places like Singapore and India are really getting it together. They like the idea of multi hop, remittance payments and the flexibility of digital money transfer. I do not think it is possible to stop the roll out of XRP or the mania that will follow in its wake. Not investment advice, just my personal observations.
  12. The Liquid XRP is the most interesting so far. People would ask what is liquid XRP? and that would start a conversation about XRP being the liquidity of global payments.
  13. Can this really be taken as an announcement? I think it comes from that Swiss seminar organised by the IMF? Ripple Pushes Its XRP-Powered xRapid Solution to Argentina and Brazil https://www.coinspeaker.com/ripple-xrapid-argentina-brazil/ https://dailyhodl.com/2019/05/19/ripple-reveals-expansion-of-xrp-powered-xrapid-amazon-files-crypto-patent-and-bitcoins-21-million-club-hits-new-record/
  14. I think you have a 60% + chance of being right for the rest of 2019 and first half of 2020 and we will see growth unfolding along the pattern of previous bull markets. I think the type of investor will be changing dramatically over the next two years, and this will have a disruptive effect on your expectations as they take over control of the market. Overall, after the financial sector digitalise and join the internet, they will rule the market. The impact will be huge on the crypto that they choose to promote, of which XRP is the obvious horse for us outsiders to back. This time the lead may come from Japan, Far East and developing countries and even India, with the EU and US dragging their feet over regulation but eventually joining too. I think the accuracy of your your predictions to date have been epic.
  15. I have nothing against him but it is the repeating over and over that makes me give him a miss. I have nothing against him making money on his phone calls, he puts in the work and he asks for his payments. Crypto Eri prepares what she wants to say and then rolls it out - that is professionalism. Crypto Eri also has a lot more original content. Her latest Video on SBI is mindblowing:
  16. I only skimmed the article, but from what I read I understood Ripple's method misled the unwary to underestimate the release of XRP by 200 million and the way they return the XRP will affect the speed at which the returned XRP is released, but this is an effect that will only be felt in 14 years time. Yes Ripple need to be 100% transparent in these things but the difference between their reporting and their actions are minimal and was easily explained and made transparent. If you look at the new figures, it was good news that was being unreported. The acceleration of sales is happening faster than many of us thought. Q1 20183.0B – 2.7B = 0.3 B3.0B – 2.7B = 0.3B Q2 20183.0B – 2.7B = 0.3 B3.0B – 2.7B = 0.3B Q3 20183.0B – 2.6B = 0.4 B3.0B – 2.5B = 0.5B Q4 20183.0B – 2.4B = 0.6 B3.0B – 2.4B = 0.6B Q1 20193.0B – 2.3B = 0.7 B3.0B – 2.2B = 0.8B There is also 55 million that was released from another source. I think the article brought more clarity to the issue and is helpful. Any damage to Ripple's reputation will short lived and if it suppresses the price it gives us a little bit longer to accumulate.
  17. Great story. Here's a collection of companies that did not respond to going digital (can you add to them?): Failures Swiss Watchmakers and Quartz Kodac and Fuji - Fuji embraced the digital tech by making cheap cameras, Kodac went bust. Post Office and Email - PO never adopted being involved in the email industry Barnes and Noble and Amazon Film streaming and Blockbuster Print publishers and Kindle? London Taxis and Uber? Digital success stories (Can you think of an industry that embraced digital) Fuji Film and digital cameras Non Digital Shipping and air travel - not a single shipping company embraced air travel or created an airline Digital Start ups that came from nowhere and went mega this would be a long list
  18. Am I the only one who found the question meaningless? “Brad everyone wants your liquidity nobody, wants to provide it so my question is: Could there be a run on Ripple?” I think I understand what a run on a bank is, I learnt that when I watched Mary Poppins as a child: Banks take deposits from the public and then they lend out those deposits to clients who want to borrow money from the bank. If all the depositors ask to withdraw their money at once the banks do not have the money, and there is a run on the bank. With ripple there are no depositors and no money lent out by Ripple. So what on earth is a "run on Ripple"? I had the impression Brad did not know either, which is why his reply seemed to stumble around and he seemed to be making up a reply from thin air. I thought the episode was extremely odd? Am I am missing something?
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