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  1. Much too early to comment. I agree the sentiment towards XRP seems more positive than a week ago. XRP is about providing liquidity, and gaining more liquidity has moved to the top of the agenda, so it is possible that this is at last having an impact. Lets keep watching and keep our fingers crossed that this is a moment when sentiment moved in XRP's direction.
  2. Yes, XRP has been very steady against BTC for about a year. Since mid 2018 the vol looks as if it has been slowly rising (is that good?).
  3. The last three days has been XRP resisting the BTC dominated bear market. Maybe there has been a change in sentiment towards XRP, or some good news?
  4. The pessimists about XRP price have been right, does that mean they have been prescient? I think all it means is that generally pessimists are right in a down trend, and optimists are right in an uptrend. To be prescient you need to give reasons for things to have turned out badly and see the relationships you predicted to happen play out; for instance if you said XRP will do badly because no one will use ODL, then you were not prescient, you were just lucky. I believe my investment is good because I believe ODL will be adopted and that adoption on scale will push the price up. Nothing the price does at the moment has changed my predictions which are as yet untested.
  5. XLM always follows XRP. I have no idea about the connection with Binance coin.
  6. In a democracy lockdown will only be socially acceptable for a limited period, after that people will simply start to ignore it. From what I understand there will be a progressiveness waves followed by periods of lockdown. The vaccine is at least a year away, but some anti viral drugs are showing positive effects. I think the most optimistic scenario is that the lockdown will allow the antivirals to be found so that the viral pneumonia can be suppressed, and this will reduce pressure on the hospital services.
  7. Whales are a problem, more whales is a bigger problem. If the value of the xrp goes up to say 10 or even 100 dollars, these owners will become serious players in teh economic activities of whole countries. I do not know how we sop this problem from getting worse..
  8. You cannot evade the fact that Ripple is an American company, and so it falls on the US to regulate it. The situation is not so different from when ICANN was set up to manage the internet, or the League of Nations became the United Nations. SEC will be very aware that the regulation of the unsold balances of XRP, once set up, cannot be centralised under the jurisdiction of the US. Just like Bockchain itself; control over the assets would have to be decentralised. China and India and Africa and Europe and Latin America and the US will all be contributing and working under the same governance, as they do under the governance of the IMF
  9. Everything that man writes is malicious - please lets ignore user him as he is not worth anyone's attention
  10. Am I right in understanding crypto is gaining whilst stocks continue to crash? This would be very good news for holders of crypto since it is likely that cash rich investors will start putting a bigger proportion of their money where it is likely to gain value.
  11. I have always thought that there must come a time when the Ripple and Ripple Exec XRP ownership issue comes into play. Addressing the issue has been pushed aside and delayed by the XRP price going down and down, but when it begins to rise again this will be an issue again. I feel sure the Ripple are aware of the impossibility of XRP being adopted as the standard cross border DA at the same time as their being allowed to hold over 50% of the stock. No democracy, or dictatorship, can allow a private company to have that power over their economy. I expect there are plans in the background about how to hand over the XRP to a neutral third party governance (destroying them would be absolute folly). I expect it may be part of a deal between SEC and Ripple for regulation clarity? Crypto Eri has posted a really interesting video today about how the covid-19 is causing a rapid breakdown of the old paradigms (correspondence banking with vostro nostro accounts), and how essential XRP will be for trading CBDCs across borders. I agree with her and agree with her calling it a perfect storm that XRP can solve.
  12. I see you are right! But I was watching it yesterday and there was good volume? Something is wrong with yesterday's data
  13. Its disappeared - it was a glitch!
  14. Is that THB - USD Real? not sure I am believing my eyes! must be a glitch?
  15. NO if you look yesterday has been labelled twice (there are 2 days 20 03 20!) I think the utility scan had some problem of being out of sync by a few hours, so perhaps they corrected the error. Yesterday was quit good considering the volatility and problems in the world.
  16. great stuff from Crypto Eri today about opening ODL markets The analogy between Amazon replacing bookshops and digital money replacing physical money in armoured cars is excellent.
  17. Today, the weekend day when ODL almost drops to zero, both the KRW and THB are again showing up as doing business through ODL
  18. KRW (Korea Won) looks as if it might be an active corridor? I know it has appeared before, but today it has actually started to show some volume? THB (Thai Baht) is there too, but too small to be more than a test transaction
  19. in a bear market they are always right, until it becomes a bull market when they are always wrong. Nothing to do with being clever. The prescient people are the ones who know when it will change from down to up and up to down, and even those who can use TA to play the market and make money. All I know is that ODL makes sense and XRP is in the correct position to become the Google of ODL, huge money will flow into ODL when it takes off.
  20. I agree, we are in uncharted territory. This could make or break BTC. XRP could tank - maybe to below .05 or lower, but in my opinion even at such low prices it would not be broken because XRP is about providing ODL. The Sec General of the UN said today that driving the cost of cross border remittance payments to zero was a priority for tackling the corona virus crisis. ODL is happening. The lower XRP goes the sooner ODL support meets price of XRP. The floor is going up, the speculative price is going down. WE were told there would be a number of new corridors opened in Q1. This has not happened and it seems we are a bit behind schedule with ODL, but I also think the Corona virus is impacting negatively on opening new corridors and rolling out ODL. I am doing nothing, but I will try and put spare cash into XRP at intervals.
  21. I have not seen that data yet. That looks promising news if it really is what the data is showing, especially as I had been worried that the virus has been spreading in the Australian summer. I have heard that common colds die in the summer because they are hitting residual immunity plus heat, but the corona virus may not be so hampered since residual immunity is currently nearly zero.
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