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  1. I think this is valid analysis : We will see if a ton of money is about to enter crypto in Q4. I think a lot of smart money will be flowing into crypto in the next cycle and any bearish down turn will eventually be enveloped, without us having to wait for another BTC halving
  2. This is very much the narrative that we get from the investigations by Deaton and DAI: IE the ETH foundations had the exclusive and privileged access to top execs at the SEC who just happened also be also financially benefitting from companies representing and dependent on the ETH foundation. Furthermore the regulations were unofficially being scripted by the think tanks inspired, heavily influenced and effectively in the hands of Lubin's Consensys. This is corruption. The placement of Gensler has institutionalised the corrupt set up started by the Clayton admin. The bias, which works hand in hand with the agenda of BTC maxi culture has its tentacles reaching into banking and political culture in the US, but we are hoping the bias has not reached the structures of the US courts. Netburn seems to be standing against the corruption. I do not share the enthusiasm others have for Gasparino. To me he comes across as an opportunist old style hack who unwilling to giving much time to trying to understand the tech he is talking about, and he has not even latched on to exposing the level of corruption at the SEC. At best his interventions seem to me to be half-hearted attempts at nudging the direction of the debate away from its BTC/ETH centric bias. I am expecting nothing from this worn out old man. (I am probably older than he is. Some people fossilise with age. Gasparino belongs to the old preblockchain world and looks to me to be one of these fossil people) The rest of the world will build out the new tech without the US, after it has regained its senses the US will have to play catch up. Crypto companies should pivot away from the US and concentrate on being centred in Japan, Singapore, the UK, the Middle East, the EU and third world countries keen to adopt blockchain tech. @KarmaCoverage - if you really are trying to do something innovative in this space I would leave the US, and try and keep my tech away from US regulatory authorities. In the short to med term future nothing much will change. I think china will be big, but the west will carry the day without the leadership of the US.
  3. interesting and original analysis seems to predict BTC needs to go back to 37k before it starts climbing again. The two Wykoffs could be seen as noise in one big pennant which is expected to break upwards on the 4 year BTC cycle sometime in November. Such a view would fit with the general expectations of the crypto warriors, but in my opinion it is a pattern that could be broken by a stock market crash
  4. Its called shooting yourself in the foot. Sadly the US is a disaster area for Crypto developers, Gensler, and people like him, drive crypto out of the US but does the rest of the world care? The US had the biggest slice of the Internet boom, this time it will be many countries across the world, including many that are third word status. That might be a good thing?
  5. I am more worried by what is happening in the stock markets and how they will affect the end run of our bull market?
  6. This is looking more like a confirmation of an ABC correction than the beginning of a bear market. It is a bullish structure that is a pre for a moonshot to $4. Many would think it an ideal entry position
  7. Recently, largely through the investigative efforts of DAI and Deaton, we have seen compelling evidence that there was a conspiracy between Eth foundation and certain SEC execs to promote ETH and suppress the advance of XRP. They were successful up to a point, but XR{P has survived and I think after this case Eth and BTC will get murdered by a market which will be a more level playing field. I also believe XRP will work its way to the top spot alongside modern coins like ADA, Flr, Dot, Vet and many more innovative useful ideas, but XRP will be biggest because it is going to dominate and serve the biggest market, which is cross border payments.
  8. If I were Ripple I would be going for clarity now, and SEC would be resisting that, but for SEC losing a SJ is really the pits. So it is impossible to call whether a settlement will come this coming 8 days. If SEC refuse Ripple now Ripple an still wait and flush out SEC at SJ. The problem for SEC is the longer they resist the worse their situation becomes because The mass media is picking up the story Social Media is getting good at uncovering evidence of corruption They have to pass internal docs to Ripple which clearly contains bad stuff (smoking gun?).
  9. this video is 10 minutes old. He has been predicting this ABC move in his videos for at last ten days
  10. About the case it is either very soon on with summary judgement. Both ways are before Xmas About this correction. If it is an ABC correction, which has been widely predicted for some weeks, the low has to be lowers than the A low, which has just happened. They were predicting a bounce at somewhere like .85. But I guess it could be the beginning of a bear market. I think a stock market crash is more likely to start a bear market in crypto, and so far this is playing out as an ABC correction. But only time will tell. I am not panicking ......yet. In any case I would wait for the settlement which would give XRP freedom to expand and rise normally. In the real world Ripple/XRP are doing very well and i personally have no doubts about its long term future
  11. The 28th is the day has set by which date the SEC have to pass over their emails that will show their (corrupt/criminal?) activity around the date of the Hinman speech. I think this is one probable date the SEC will want to settle before. After that it is summary judgement after discovery has been completed (Mid November). There is a very low probability that SEC would dare allow this case to be settled by summary judgement on Fair Notice defence. This case will either be settled before the 28th or in the run up to mid November
  12. quite a few analysists were saying we needed to do an ABC before going up
  13. looks like we are in for the C of an ABC correction?
  14. Its a start. To my mind he is pulling his punches rather than landing them hard and squarely, but I guess this is the beginning of the story and he intends to follow and clarify over coming days and weeks. It is sometimes better not to throw everything into the first throw, and to develop your audiences by stealth. It will be interesting to follow his output.
  15. Carried on: Was I the only one who found it odd that Warren chose to use ETH gas fees as her example of bad practice in crypto in her scripted (by Gary) exchange in the Senate? Surely they should have kept away for using ETH who had been given a free pass. Why did thy do that? I also find it odd that Gensler has opened a new front against Coinbase before the Ripple case had been concluded. Did their demoralised and weakened legal team not have enough on their plate already? I just wonder if Gensler is pivoting away from attacking XRP, which seem to be on the edge of winning against SEC, to attacking ETH and unregulated exchanges. Maybe the post Ripple lawsuit world will see XRP with a free pass and ETH in the SEC doghouse. If Gensler turned that around I might just begin to like "the lizard".
  16. This is Insane. Definitely worth watching the full 14 minutes of this video Gensler met Clayton a 21 March 2018, (Gensler met Clayton 2 more times Dec 14 2020 Dec 21 2020 just before Clayton departed and dropped his lawsuit against Ripple) Gensler made this interview a month later telling us in 23 April 2018, just before Hinman's speech telling us that declaring XRP a security would end up in Court, especially if ETH was not declared a security. Ripple would cite the inconsistency. SEC has to be consistent in its rue making One month later (June 2018) later Ripple gets sued by Coffey for selling unregistered securities Two weeks later Hinman gave ETH a free pass. Gensler had predicted weeks earlier giving ETH a free pass would not work because it would be inconsistent, and companies like ripple would use it in Court against the SEC enforcement notices. Gensler suggest big companies like ripple need time to come into compliance and give disclosure. Ripple tried to go through this exact route suggested by Gensler with the SEC in June 2019, and changed its way of selling XRP to be more compliant. Gensler is saying clarity was needed for companies like Ripple, now Gensler is defending the indefensible.
  17. As I understand it yes, the judge will/must let it go on until the end of discovery. Otherwise SEC might appeal it was not a fair trial.
  18. SEC cannot afford to lose on summary judgement on Fair Notice, because such a verdict would render them toothless to prosecute anyone in crypto for a long time. So SEC have to end this before the end of discovery, or date scheduled for summary judgement after discovery. The later they leave to settle the more Ripple can squeeze out of them, so SEC must now be in a race against time to settle this case. Also the longer this case goes on the more information there is out there for other crypto teams to use in their own fair notice defences. SEC is in a very deep hole..and now the media is picking up on teh corruption inside SEC!
  19. Summary judgement comes before trial, and is usual at the end of the discovery period. mid November onwards - Before Xmas? Summary judgement outcome is now looking very good for ripple.
  20. Ripple are stopping settlement, SEC are in full panic mode?
  21. This is getting more and more bizarre. Poor little Clayton being pushed around by his staff. Nothing to do with the conflict of interest when it comes to the job he moved on to? or the fact he brought Eth moneybags Hinman into the team and helped him with his free pass ETH speech. These sources are really trying to spin a yarn to cover Clayton's exposed bum. I guess they can see criminal investigations coming like a high speed train straight towards them. and here is a summary of innocent pushover Clayton's post SEC wheeling and dealings https://www.claytonhinmanfacts.com/post/jay-clayton-s-post-sec-wheeling-and-dealing
  22. maybe, I did not pick up on that nuance, but he copies in @SEC_Enforcement as if they are in his loop here. "Legal sources" seem to me to be a way of saying they don't want to be identified as who they really are, and who would want make up that BS other than someone spinning from inside the SEC to protect Clayton?
  23. It seems SEC are in full panic over the interest shown by FOX business and are spilling a lot of beans when they talk with Gasparino. This excuse that Clayton was somehow out of the loop when the decision was made to sue Ripple is so easy to knock down, but they try it on the not fully up to speed Gasparino all the same! I think this blabbing by SEC is a further indication that settlement is now very close and they don't care what lies they tell when trying to shift the blame.
  24. do they need to give a sufficient reason for an appeal to be heard?
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