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  1. You could reply with some simple bullet points that attract his attention about why he is asleep on his watch.
  2. Jeremy Hogan thinks this is not an issue for "motion to strike" but one for the judge to consider when she comes to making a judgement - not much help for SEC as they would never let this go that far (way to dangerous to go to court on fair notice). It is a nothing burger.
  3. Its good that some previous BTC maxis are eventually coming round to seeing XRP is a very good project they should have been supporting all along.
  4. Everyone should help Deaton on this - he wants the power to subpoena these docs SEC are hiding and by giving 2 mins of your time you can help him.
  5. Welcome I like your approach. I cannot choose between Coinskid and BCB, both are extremely sensible in their analysis but only one is right.
  6. I have price targets for withdrawing a useful sum, the rest I will either hold long or play it by gut feelings. I really expected to reach a new ATH by now and have been disappointed not to have more money out by now. Like you I am very confident about XRP long term prospects. (In fact in my mind I have always classified my XRP investment as low risk)
  7. It feels like a relief to see XRP back in the .60s and almost unbelievable we revisited the .50s again. Two lines of thought - Blockchain backer: we saw a double bottom and alt season will begin sometime soon (maybe still six weeks away) Coinskid; The BTC correction is not in yet and we will see some dramatic new lows which could see BTC go down to 28k and bounce - followed by a dramatic bounce and continuation of the bull run. This would see XRP down to .27 again. both are long term bullish and saying not need to panic. I suppose a third point of view is that BTC will go on slipping into a crypto winter and we will not see much alt season at all. I am mostly committed and sitting still. What will be will be. Hopefully SEC will settel with Ripple and that will impact positively on XRP price regardless of what BTC is doing.
  8. Coins kid thinks it is still looking for a bottom - which he estimates to come in at 28k. that would scare the living daylights out of many people.
  9. Looking really bad for Gary, they are now depending on changing history to make their new stories fit. His only weapon is extending deadlines (delay costing ripple money), but as he extends the deadlines he also confirms the contradictions (and the lies) on which the SEC prosecution has been built. Netburn is giving him minimum extensions, which look like good news for SEC but if you scale back and look at the bigger picture the trade off is really bad value.
  10. I agree there might be an element of crossing her Ts and dotting her Is, but I think there is a bigger elephant in the room and Judge Netburn has swung a blinder on SEC. She has let SEC put more arguments into court that confirm the contradictions at the heart of their evidence. By putting in more details about their contradictory arguments the SEC are screwing up their own case and forcing themselves further and further down a blind ally. This order by Netburn accelerated the settlement negotiations because after this the SEC have nowhere to go other than to capitulate.
  11. That's simply not true. The judge has shown a strong inclination to take Deaton's intervention seriously and to nail down SEC's wriggle room. She has also shown herself knowledgeable about how crypto works once announcing that Ripple has more utility than other crypto. She has been cautious to always remain balanced and not to take sides in Court.
  12. I would love to see Lubin's world implode, and more advanced platforms replace what Vitalik started. I like to think bad management and bad practices always lose, but it does not always unravel that way.
  13. Note: the judge made her judgement within a day of Ripple's response and she gave SEC the very minimum she had to remain fair to both sides; she is not wasting time herself, and she knows her prey are dishonest and slippery. She is nailing SEC to the floor, and also creating a situation where SEC will be brought to the negotiating table sooner rather than later. She is on our side, you can smell it.
  14. I think NFTs and Metaverse are here to stay. The first NFTs are junk art and people who bought them and did not resell will be left with junk stock, but tokenisation of things worth real money is a way out of debt and they will go on exploding as people discover they can raise money painlessly..
  15. I think there is more truth in your supposition than I thought at that time. NFTs are almost an independent market of BTC and they represent the tokenisation of things, perhaps every things like houses and metaverse properties and businesses and real Art treasures. NFTs are poised to spread and be adopted faster by social media than the banks will adopt Cross border payments, this is why they have perhaps impacted the market and why buying these. That is why it was and is perhaps a good idea to have some of both in your portfolio (note to oneself) XRP's position has been complicated by the SEC lawsuit, but XLM is languishing just as badly.
  16. Coins kid has been posting interesting analysis Yesterday he was saying BTC has not capitulated because it was all low volume, and to remain bullish it has to capitulate first, which means down to 25k and and spiking on high volume these are his thoughts about XRP's present situation It seems the analysist are divided about where we are in this market. Lots of analysists see us still in a bull market that will go para, but they are sounding a lot more bearish. @Troote a few weeks ago was saying he thought the NFT market had swiped the top off the end of the bull run, and we would not see an alt season. This present situation does sort of vindicate his point of view. I don't really have views on TA. My strategy has been very simple. I believe XRP will grab a huge slice of cross border payments market and that as this happens the price of XRP will shoot into the stratosphere. So I still believe sitting on XRP will make me very rich one day. 2022 looks like being the year ODL goes para, but this may not affect price at first. I also believed XRP would hit ATH in 2021 or earlier, so I have been disappointed, but I still beleive in my strategy of holding a big bag of XRP is a relatively low risk strategy to make me very rich...but if i had sold like Troote did in the early summer I would be much much richer and have much more XRP. Yes I am disappointed but I will not be beating myself up about it. I sold 5% of my stock and the money was useful. i began to buy things that I had been denying myself when I was accumulating XRP I think we will not be going into a long crypto winter like 2018 - 2020 because 2020-21 saw a huge amount of innovation in new techs and a broadening of the market for new crypto - Defi, Farming, layer 2 platforms, NFT, Metaverse to name a few. I think there is too much broadening of the market and momentum for this market to go to sleep for 18 months. Just my opinion.
  17. This will run because of Empowerment Oversight have their teeth into it. I expect Deaton will stop when clarity is given to XRP holders, but maybe he will move on to help Empowerment Oversight continue with their investigation. As Deaton points out Hinman outright contradicts himself He had been writing the speech with the help of Consensys and was being paid 15 million by Thatcher Simpson who were heavily into working with and profiting from the work of the Eth Foundation and then he retired and went back to working with Simpson Thatcher who had made a fortune from decisions he made at SEC
  18. Deaton is so strong at refining and simplifying his arguments. He is also good at gathering, mobilising and leading He is a very dangerous enemy for SEC.
  19. I agree he is quirky, which is a trait I like. He also responsible and I think he does give signals, but I agree no one should take his tweets as news.
  20. I have never cheated my taxes and do not advocate doing anything illegal. I am thinking down the line it is going to become increasingly impossible to calculate crypto profits. For now it is just about doable - but I just cannot fathom how anyone will keep track of profits in a world of tokenisation of everything in multi-tokens and micropayments all at once. Should we take notice of this tweet from David Schwartz?
  21. Of course we should pay taxes, and of course the authorities have a right and will want to enforce the keeping of records and payment of taxes. So far most of my trading has been on etoro and they produce an account of my trading and I think also calculate my taxes, which were zero until about 1 year ago because for the first four years my XRP was in constant loss making structure and I only bought and never sold. Now I have begun to trade on Bitrue (and maybe some defi paltforms) on multiple wallets I will have to calculate my taxes from a jungle of information. Quite frankly I will provide some calculations that will be broadly in line with what I invest and what I take out, it will be a fair calculation. I cannot imagine ever being able to keep an account of every micro transaction, every airdrop which arrive daily and are mostly valueless, every movement between crypto on defi exchanges, every payment for daily products on amazon or other online shops. It is not my character to work like that, it is in any way unpoliceable by the authorities Every year, as digital tokenisation becomes more sophisticated, more ubiquitous, more built into trading software and structures the calculations will become more ludicrously complex and even more impossible for anyone (taxpayer or tax collector) to monitor or calculate accurately. Governments and regulators are going to have to get their heads around how crypto tokens are valued and taxed. Traditional accounting will not work for anyone; taxpayer or tax collector.
  22. Jeremy Hogan very much taking the same line as Ripley earlier; It might not be what is in the documents so much as that the SEC are terrified of this precedent for future cases. If SEC hands over internal docs and then loses, the whole world will pile in with this tactic every time SC tried to sue anyone. It is interesting how so many commentators are seeing this moment as a key moment, the moment SEC admitted they had lost the case. SEC are into damage control. I am not suggesting this case will end anytime soon. Ripple are probably willing to pay a fine, but not in the mood to stop the case without complete clarity.
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