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  1. This is news of another sensible investment in the future by Ripple who seem to be role models for good practice and leaders in the blockchain industry. It is good brand labelling. Thank you for keeping us posted
  2. Some days ago Crypto Eri gave a link to a Japanese site where Kitao has published saying they will be using XRP on the corridors to Vietnam (and Thailand I think) using teh services of a Singapore bank.
  3. I think we still have plenty of sellers; either people who have bought at very low prices before early 2017 or from people who are exhausted by the waiting and disappointment. The technology and partnerships and associated projects continue to become more and more advanced and embedded into the world of fintech. When BTC falls the bots hack at the resistant points at the floor of the XRP price and we go down. Six weeks ago it felt as if the incoming buyers were again consistently out-buying the sellers, but it does not feel that way now. This "sagging" could easily push us through the floor again creating another hoard of disappointed sellers. So we might be in for the long haul. When we look back we will be thankful for the long accumulation phase because it will make us bigger stakeholders than we first envisaged. When XRP really does take off there will be a lot of buyers who have been sitting in the sidelines waiting for XRP to restart its climb.
  4. I notice that that etoro are opening up trading in "Gram" and started in Tezos XTZ recently. Etoro are quite well informed in their choices. Has anyone heard of these cryptos and why they they have been picked out
  5. I know that Kitao has said he wants to make the Japan World Expo 2025 into a showcase for XRP
  6. It is impossible for anyone/country looking at cross border payments to ignore Ripple/XRPs contribution and vision of what future cross border payments will look like. Once you pencil in data rich, frictionless, instant, secure, costless, streamed cross border currency into your vision of the future your sight expands across a new landscape that is run on mobile phones, tokenised, no longer dependent on reserve currencies like the dollar, inclusive of backwater currencies of underdeveloped countries. Your mind races towards imagining what sorts of regulations will be needed for undreamed industries. Ripple is totemic of this new world order.
  7. In recent months I have noticed two new themes coming to the fore 1. Ripple are trying to integrate all the financial transactions on to one system with a on common protocols and common APIs - (perhaps their work is modelled on Cisco in the early 1990s ?) 2. Ramping up of ODL is being managed on a number of levels - as has been confirmed by Moneygram and Brad - getting the exchanges available, linking them and then gently allowing them to become used on scale. About two years ago they started a policy of not over indulging the market with speculative news. As time has gone by they have become more and more restrained about how they comment on or announce new partnerships. Brad has shown himself to be a good manager of growth and integration even if some people find his style a little bland. I remain more and more confident that XRP will explode one day, but everyone has their own best guesses about when and how high XRP will go. Some even believe XRP might be overtaken for being too slow off the mark, I cannot comprehend another company getting level with Ripple/XRP within the next 5 - 7 years.
  8. I have not watched that before - starts talking about ODL at 10.00
  9. I could not disagree more - prices do lie in these sorts of unregulated markets sponsored by many investors tied together in group think. Obvious investments are often overlooked by markets. To my way of thinking an investment in XRP is in a completely different category from BTC. LTC and ETH. That said I like your approach to investment and wish you well, and I follow your analysis with keen interest.
  10. Thank you, this is very interesting analysis @Molten. For me, without TA knowledge hoping for the next bull run, the charts looked so gloomy, so I hope your optimistic prediction is correct.
  11. thanks for the clarification...still it is odd that the four corridors are MX/Brazil/UK/Spain (surely Spain is all Euro Countries?)
  12. Yes that is why I was putting out the question. Yes they are all converged on Ripplenet, but they can just use the XCurrent aspect if they wish. Is Xcurrent blockchain? Does Xcurrent provide certainty of charges? Interesting use of the word corridors (that usually used for ODL not messaging) and then naming the corridors as Mex, Brazil, UK and Spain. Spain and UK are homebases, Brazil and Mex are places where ODL is happening now.
  13. Sorry, I see the risk in investing in Ltc, Btc or Eth. I do not see the risk in investing (long) in XRP. Its technology and its positioning in the market are simply too far ahead of the opposition for it to fail at all levels. I understand that it might be that gaming finds better partners, or Mojaloop might fail, or banks might not adopt XRapid, but Ripplenet is here now and getting itself embedded in fintech culture. Nothing will marginalise its presence. About $10. This would be a figure that is inevitable at the beginning of adoption. We are in embryonic mode, as Brad said mile two in the marathon, at a stage where our identity is still perhaps mingled with the crowd of other runners. If people are foolish enough to invest in crypto that is high risk and less advanced that is their foolishness. Foolishness and fools are nothing new, they are always with us and around us, that is the type of world we humans made and live in.
  14. XRP is falling even faster - the doomsters will be back on XRP chat licking their lips and telling us XRP is forever a failure
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