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  1. well on the Utility scan website we are now overtaking yesterdays total, which was the biggest since we dropped. Today looks like it will be 50% up or more on the trend line of last week I just bought 5,600 XRP for 1000 dollars. Feels good to get so many for 1k. The same amount of XRP in Dec 2017 would have cost 18k +
  2. You called it, ODL seems to be ramping up today Something has been changed in the software to make it run more efficiently? It would be really good to see some UK ODL coming online - seems quite fast as it was only spotted two weeks ago. Maybe things are going to move faster.
  3. Yes, Eri said the same. It unblocks a liquidity pinch point I do not understand the detail It is a necessary piece to get their flywheel spinning
  4. Thank heavens - I can breath again!. I had the strong impression the stopping of the "treasury payments" on ODL was an act of confidence by Ripple and we should expect some spectacular progress in its footsteps.
  5. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/69812/japan-sbi-30-million-stake-crypto-b2c2?utm_source=cryptopanic&utm_medium=rss
  6. in my country the stop sign is a red ring with a white centre this is a white ring with a red centre - the very opposite to a stop sign. I think what you are seeing is a keep going sign, but a few poor souls will wish to see it as a stop now sign. https://pngtree.com/freepng/vector-stop-icon_3788187.html
  7. I agree with all your sentiments Nothing is going to get in the way of the benefits of the internet of value, and to provide those benefits the internet of value will utilise digital money. cross border payments with without counter party DA's have to be part of that revolution, so I cannot see Ripple/XRP missing out on what is inevitable
  8. People who have had high hopes that were not realised become very bitter sometimes. They feel exonerated if they can find some external wickedness to blame.
  9. It is a silver lining that more and more users in Ripples target market are turning to online payments during the pandemic. I do not wish for it, but the pandemic will probably go on intensifying for many more months until a vaccine is found, and Ripple are well place to extend their networks during this period. Overall remittance payments are taking a hit, but Ripple are benefitting more than they are losing.
  10. Do you remember that campaign strategy "Its the economy, stupid"? With ODL/Ripplenet think "It's the network, stupid" The value of a token is only as good as the network that supports it, which includes all sorts of whistles and bells: exchanges, developers, FIs, APIs, tokens, use cases, cross party software, protocols ...etc. To understand your investment is maturing forget ODL volume and instead watch the network development and adoption. The value will come in after the networks are set up, and the entry of the new investment money might be explosive and unstoppable..
  11. The first Japan to Korea ODL has been recorded. Japan has been added to the utility scan, but it could be weeks or months before we see daily ODL between Japan and other users. https://twitter.com/UtilityScan/status/1277943529101242368/photo/1 The expectation is that a remittance corridor between Japan and Vietnam will be opened up as SBI have a big share of this remittance corridor and are well placed to make it happen. Utility scan have added the Japanese flag
  12. I understand - there was a new version released in about Jan - which was really the start. People think ODL has been around for years, when in fact adoption only really started in the late spring and we have really only had one full year.
  13. I wonder who he invests in? One interesting point is he sees the successful network system as very often ending up with "winner takes all". Ripple have this Ripplenet messaging system ODL network which to my eyes is growing and now sitting centre stage and becoming unassailable. If the flywheel takes it to the next level, then there will be no stopping it. The market which ODL is disrupting is the largest market of all markets. A winner takes all flywheel effect in such a market would make every XRP holder super rich.
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