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  1. Thank you again Hodor. This last week has seen some very impressive announcements which make me think XRP/Ripple/R3 are gaining momentum across many markets. Is there a reason you did not mention the MoneyNetInt story? The concept of facilitating companies direct access to Ripplenet without the need to use a bank seems to me an obvious development that will be very popular. It has been very surprising that the price of XRP has stalled when compared to the other big cryptos, ETH is now back in No. 2 position. However I do not think we should attach any significance to the valuation of XRP by the markets. Kitao (that man has such a profound sense of his destination) used words along the lines that "crypto" have no "fundamental value", by which I took him to mean current market valuations are essentially arbitrary. I like to watch is the BTC/XRP index. You would expect XRP to be accelerating faster than BTC but in fact for some weeks the value of XRP has been falling against BTC. I struggle to explain this lack of interest, given the massively good news XRP has received since last Christmas. My personal explanation is that the three FUD stories that we so successfully rebutted (Fake Banking partners/Frances Coppola/JBM Coin) have been believed within the narrow community who are currently moving the market prices up. There is a widening gulf between the people who invest in BTC, ETH and TRON and investors who choose to follow XRP. The weakness of the XRP bull does not worry me.
  2. First of all acknowledge that it is her money and she makes the decision Secondly make sure she has no hard feelings towards you continuing with your investment Thirdly point out that during this development phase no crypto has any "fundamental" value (as pointed out by Kitao/SBI) which means the value can fluctuate hugely according to the sentiment of the investors. It can go very high or very low in this phase of Ripple/XRP development. In this phase XRP is very susceptible to changes in sentiment of investors, and that sentiment can be very adversely affected by the enemies of XRP spreading FUD. The prices will change with the sentiment towards the XRP. This sentiment is likely to get much more positive as the currency becomes adopted and used by all the very many partners of XRP/Ripple/R3 Corda/COIL/XPring/Codius. So the price will be pushed up not only by utility but increasing positive sentiment too. Everyone who is holding is doing so because they are expecting the price will go very high very fast. Don't make any commitments you would regret, like promising to sell yours if the price goes down or stays low for another year. In the end it is her money and her choice. You are firm in your belief and willing to ride the rough weather, even if it takes years and goes lower, but she must make her own decisions.
  3. Julian_Williams

    Mercury FX Announcement Page

    Very good video corridors open in 2 countries now, 10 countries by the middle of the year. Can you please open up the corridor with Japan before the Rugby World cup? (that's Sept 2019) ; this is the same idea as money net int are putting into place. See the video I just posted on this thread: This system could be utilised for big companies that have offices in many countries - like petro-companies could link their offices to each other through Ripplenet.
  4. Julian_Williams

    Moneynet providing direct access to Ripplenet for traders

    I got the impression they do not handle crypto directly, but he says they are using the facilities that have been set up and made available by Ripple on Ripplenet. Crypto is used under the bonnet of Ripplenet. It is Ripplenet which decides what is done under the bonnet.
  5. Moneynet providing direct access to Ripplenet for traders, in effect the traders bypass banks If this is really happening it is huge
  6. This seems to be the Swiss giant Debajani was speaking of I think CTIA stands for Crypto token investment advisory which is a company with very strong links with Japan https://www.facebook.com/pages/CTIA-Crypto-Token-Investment-Advisory/283474332378970 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO_UW5cVPpQ
  7. Julian_Williams

    Shifting my holdings

    I don't care if others do better than me with other crypto, I am just not tempted. With XRP it everything makes sense and their strategy is very diversified and is going well, so I am 99% XRP and 1% ADA. I just don't feel attracted or confident about the other stuff. The price seems very low and after it reaches .55 I am all profit. I think it will happen this year.
  8. Julian_Williams

    How JPM coin will affect xrp

    In a nutshell yes, it is another layer for little benefit but it could perhaps work as an smart internal bookkeeping ledger? It also makes good headlines and gives an impression that JP Morgan are an up to date modern bank with great prospects in the future. The story has provided FUD for further delaying the adoption of disruptive technologies like XRP/Ripplenet.
  9. looks good but I still do not own a wallet. What happens if you lose your phone?
  10. https://www.ccn.com/newsflash-samsung-galaxy-s10-crypto-wallet-highly-likely-during-todays-launch
  11. (Speculation ?): Amazon’s new initiative with Axis bank (Ripplenet member) https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/02/19/amazon-is-now-leveraging-a-ripple-partner-for-india-based-transactions/ technology.
  12. That seems an odd decision. Do you know why they did that? I wonder if they approached Ripple first and got spurned? Iran has XRP exchanges - does it have any XLM exchanges?
  13. Intuition comes from deep understandings and sensitivity to how things work. Intuitions arrive as emotional responses built from pattern recognition that are subliminal. The patterns are based on subliminal awarenesses which come from long term study and experiences, and they are more accurate and more reliable for decision making than rationalising. Rationalisation is an add-on, confirmation and safety process, but rationalisation without intuition is not a reliable method of discerning trends. Every great scientist, innovator or business person pays deep attention to their intuition. For instance the event of an apple falling from a tree provided the intuition that led Newton to discover and understand gravitational forces. Einstein looked for beauty to provide intuition for his theories of relativity. XRP has David Schwartz and Chris Larsen as well as a host of executives with long histories in many specialist spheres of Fintech. More than a match for Justin Sun (however brilliant).
  14. Yes but that is no help if XLM dosen't have the exchanges and corridors open for the transaction to take place. In any case for the user the default would be the fastest, cheapest regulatory compliant option with the best features of smartness and attached documentation. But you are perhaps right; IBM will at least put XLM will be put at the top of the list so that those lazy users who don't care about the cost, security, smartness and how long it takes will preferentially choose XLM over everything else.
  15. They partnered a flaky wheeler dealer with a habit of running away whenever the heat in the kitchen gets warm. Of course such a partnership cannot ride the bumbs in the road ahead. Where are all these market-makers and exchanges for XLM? Where are Jed's answers to Cobalt, Coil and XPring? Where is regulatory testing on XLM? Where are Termenos and R3s interfaces with SWIFT and the banks? If IBM changes horses they get all this work done and set up for free and ready to go.