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  1. Do you never sleep? Thank you Hodor. It has been an exciting week and there is a sense that things are ramping up.
  2. I think you have a 60% + chance of being right for the rest of 2019 and first half of 2020 and we will see growth unfolding along the pattern of previous bull markets. I think the type of investor will be changing dramatically over the next two years, and this will have a disruptive effect on your expectations as they take over control of the market. Overall, after the financial sector digitalise and join the internet, they will rule the market. The impact will be huge on the crypto that they choose to promote, of which XRP is the obvious horse for us outsiders to back. This time the lead may come from Japan, Far East and developing countries and even India, with the EU and US dragging their feet over regulation but eventually joining too. I think the accuracy of your your predictions to date have been epic.
  3. I have nothing against him but it is the repeating over and over that makes me give him a miss. I have nothing against him making money on his phone calls, he puts in the work and he asks for his payments. Crypto Eri prepares what she wants to say and then rolls it out - that is professionalism. Crypto Eri also has a lot more original content. Her latest Video on SBI is mindblowing:
  4. I only skimmed the article, but from what I read I understood Ripple's method misled the unwary to underestimate the release of XRP by 200 million and the way they return the XRP will affect the speed at which the returned XRP is released, but this is an effect that will only be felt in 14 years time. Yes Ripple need to be 100% transparent in these things but the difference between their reporting and their actions are minimal and was easily explained and made transparent. If you look at the new figures, it was good news that was being unreported. The acceleration of sales is happening faster than many of us thought. Q1 20183.0B – 2.7B = 0.3 B3.0B – 2.7B = 0.3B Q2 20183.0B – 2.7B = 0.3 B3.0B – 2.7B = 0.3B Q3 20183.0B – 2.6B = 0.4 B3.0B – 2.5B = 0.5B Q4 20183.0B – 2.4B = 0.6 B3.0B – 2.4B = 0.6B Q1 20193.0B – 2.3B = 0.7 B3.0B – 2.2B = 0.8B There is also 55 million that was released from another source. I think the article brought more clarity to the issue and is helpful. Any damage to Ripple's reputation will short lived and if it suppresses the price it gives us a little bit longer to accumulate.
  5. Great story. Here's a collection of companies that did not respond to going digital (can you add to them?): Failures Swiss Watchmakers and Quartz Kodac and Fuji - Fuji embraced the digital tech by making cheap cameras, Kodac went bust. Post Office and Email - PO never adopted being involved in the email industry Barnes and Noble and Amazon Film streaming and Blockbuster Print publishers and Kindle? London Taxis and Uber? Digital success stories (Can you think of an industry that embraced digital) Fuji Film and digital cameras Non Digital Shipping and air travel - not a single shipping company embraced air travel or created an airline Digital Start ups that came from nowhere and went mega this would be a long list
  6. Am I the only one who found the question meaningless? “Brad everyone wants your liquidity nobody, wants to provide it so my question is: Could there be a run on Ripple?” I think I understand what a run on a bank is, I learnt that when I watched Mary Poppins as a child: Banks take deposits from the public and then they lend out those deposits to clients who want to borrow money from the bank. If all the depositors ask to withdraw their money at once the banks do not have the money, and there is a run on the bank. With ripple there are no depositors and no money lent out by Ripple. So what on earth is a "run on Ripple"? I had the impression Brad did not know either, which is why his reply seemed to stumble around and he seemed to be making up a reply from thin air. I thought the episode was extremely odd? Am I am missing something?
  7. Gosh Amazing yesterday we were watching a seminar where Brad was invited to represent Fintech at a conference organised by the IMF of central bankers in Switzerland. Today Marjan (Ripple, ex SWIFT) moderates a panel with SWIFT as a her guest about the building of digital intant payments and settlements in the EU. SWIFT and Ripple seem to be working pretty closely together for this to be allowed to happen? for those that do not know this is Marjan's linked in profile: Marjan starts explaining blockchain at 13.50
  8. Crypto trading started out as a closed community with anarchist values. It purposely wanted to exclude the involvement of institutions. Only a year ago you had to buy BTC on unregulated exchanges in order to buy XRP. The values of that inheritance still dominates the bubble universe that still fixes the prices of crypto assets. Gradually the opportunity to invest in Crypto is opening up, and as it opens real world values will supplant the old ones. Be patient and don't take too much notice of prices now because they do not reflect the prices of the future.
  9. Excellent point @WuWei. I think one of the big advantages of crypto is that payments can be made transparent and delivered with text rich attached data and an audit trail directly to the point of need. If crypto payments are provided in a well regulated network it could be used as a means to strangle out corrupt players of the financial system (including corrupt/unfair creaming by unfair and/or corrupt banking practices). My point really was that a store of value has to contribute some inescapable residual importance in the system it serves. A store of value cannot be tagged on as a sort of appendage because everyone agrees it will be valuable for the sake of being valuable, because it only takes one boy in the crowd to cry out for the illusion to be busted. I don't think BTC is finished. It has a way to run, and I do not want to reopen discussions that I have already had with Eric123. I think this thread he started has been a big success and he has demonstrated how patterns can be a very successful predictor of how the future will unfold.
  10. Brad starts his presentation at 2.10. Very much his usual speech. The more interesting stuff is perhaps in the scratching of heads between central banks trying to safely bridge the transition into a digital age. Having Brad representing Ripple at this seminar is huge.
  11. thanks. You have answered questions I have been wondering about for some time.
  12. Yes, there seems to be something of jumping on a bandwagon about JBM coins and others. It seems analogous to a bank printing its own banknotes rather than using the ones supplied by the central bank. If your bank notes have to be backed by a CB bank note, what is the purpose? Or am I missing something? I would think a good strategy for a big brand name bank with monolithic structures would be to set up market makers in their own back yards. Own a heap of XRP and make themselves the gateway for FX transactions to and from their countries. This would help them preserve their brand status as they transition from being links in the correspondence banking chains into useful hubs on the ILP
  13. Yes, I accept that. I am reiterating what I have said before because it is a caveat that needs to be included alongside yours. So far you approach has worked well.
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