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  1. Obviously the important execs would be given large golden handshakes to continue to work with the company Ripple would be awash with billions which it could use to strategically to leverage itself into the cross border banking sector a lot faster than if it has only a few hundred million. Where Ripple has to use guile now it could instead use its chequebook in the future. It could set up ODL MM/exchanges wherever it chose. Lets us suppose it retains 5 billion XRP and gives the rest to IMF. ODL, and raising the price of XRP to $5 in the market place, would still be is the biggest money earner the company owned.
  2. For the attention of the regulators and institutional investors. I think this is a signal that the price of XRP is far too low and needs to rise.
  3. Some people love money, and behave very badly when they get rich, never being satisfied that they have enough Others become more generous and become less greedy and even humbled by the experience of being rich. I think Chris Larsen's is already showing himself to be the latter sort, giving money to his old university and being charitable . Kitao is a visionary unaffected by personal wealth.
  4. It is worth reading Hodor's original article which inspired this thread. He is not stupid, and he clearly thinks an IPO would have many very big, almost instant benefits to adoption of XRP. The publicity surrounding an IPO itself would make XRP a household name and more attractive investment.
  5. XRP is the common property of the XRP ecosystem and community. Ripple gave birth to the ILP and XRP ecosystem. XRP has to be independent of Ripple if it is to be adopted as a replacement for SWIFT. Regulators will force them to give up ownership of such a huge proportion because otherwise their position would be monopolistic and offensive to the International community who would not tolerate Ripple continuing to control an asset on which World economic system was dependent. I presume this issue would have to be dealt with before an IPO was issued. I think the owners of Ripple are already so rich that they will not be thinking of making quick money when they sell their shares, it would be part of a long term strategy. An IPO would be part of the unfolding of the next phase of its development.
  6. From the way I read Brad's words they will one day do and IPO. They will not be in the first wave. The vanguard of first wave will begin in the next twelve months So I would guess he is thinking the second wave is at least two years down the line. The biggest shareholders at the moment are also the biggest owners of XRP, so I cannot see them selling out before XRP is fully established - which I think will happen over the next two years. ODL is the crown jewels of Ripple Labs. It is what distinguishes Ripple from every other cross border payment company SBI have a 10% (?) stake in Ripple, and Kitao is very big on Ripple and ODL. These scenarios of Ripple being sold soon to a group of investors who's main aim would be to pull out money for short term gain just does not make any sense to me. If they have an IPO it would be to get huge wealth to finish the job they have started. Ripple XRP are set to be the Google of Cross Border payments.
  7. There have been reports from banks that have adopted Ripplenet that the process has been very fast (3-6 months). Ripple have pre-packaged their software for easy adoption. At Swell there was a lot of talk about the problem of banks not having common systems, this causes companies like Visa to have hundreds of staff integrating their software with the multitude of different APIs of other banks. Ripplenet is solving this problem which is huge, cumbersome and wasteful of money. But the main problem for "slow" moving banks is that their customers no longer feel the same loyalty they felt just a decade ago. I have been banking with HSBC since 1970, and I used to have a local branch and a bank manager, now I have no local bank and speak to an automated voice on the phone. I owe the HSBC zilch. If I see another service by another provider that is superior, I use it. I am not interested in the problems, or reasons, HSBC have for being slow in a fast moving world. Cross border payments is not a side issue for businesses that send money across borders. We meet other businesses like ourselves at trade shows and we talk about these sorts of things. An FI that is set up with ODL and an API will simply steal the customers of big banks if they think they have a right to be slow because they are big and part of the establishment. Big banks have 2 -3 years to provide comparable services to companies like Flash FX. If they can't do that they better close their FX departments because they will not have any customers.
  8. Any bank that thinks they can sit around for ten years not improving their cross border services will lose that business to FIs. . Look at what Nicolas Steiger is telling you on another thread. He has just set up ODL very recently and he is already becoming a hub for banks in his country that have not yet set up on ODL. Reason: He can provide a cheaper service because he has set up on Ripplenet. Banks that do not compete will lose their market - period Businesses, and I am one tiny one, have to cut costs to survive. We trim our sails or we die. My distributors pay me in pounds, and they pay high transfer costs every day sending payments to overseas suppliers like myself who want to be paid in their native currencies. If someone is going to cut the cost of sending money by 1,2 or 3%, and make it more friendly and efficient? Hell yes, they will use that company. They will not be loyal to their traditional banks if they waste of their money, they will transfer their business to the little competitor that does the job better and cheaper. Go and look at what Nicolas is telling you - he has no trouble with liquidity. He can send between 200 and 200k on his corridor and he is setting up his company to steal the market. It amazes me that the pessimists stick on these threads spreading their pessimism without information, (speculation pessimism?) when there are more interesting threads with real information and news that would cheer them up. Do you people enjoy feeling you lost all your money and your worlds are coming to an end? In the last week seven Thai banks joined ODL. The Bank of Singapore is setting up as a regional hub for ODL. 80% of Japanese banks are working with SBI and their ODL APIs, the non SBI Japanese banks are in other digital schemes. 100% of Indian banks are now on XCurrent. Banks all over the world are going digital. Digital wallets are built into Samsung phones Hey its never going to happen any time soon? Rubbish, it is already happening
  9. Me too. XRP is a long term hold, and if ODL gets adopted the price will go through the roof, but you might have to watch the value behaving erratically and irrationally whilst you are waiting for the investment to mature.
  10. A: ODL flow will automatically exchange currency/xrp on either exchange once the initiating entity agreed the pre-quoted price. There is always back up liquidity from market makers, so if an order book is hit by a bigger market order, liquidity is immediately replenished by those market makers. Meaning what? The MMs sit on billions of XRPs waiting to be used? I think MMs source more from the markets. Holding huge amounts of XRP over long periods of time would be very risky for MMs A: For us price is irrelevant as part of ODL. We look for the use case to transfer value from A to B and thats the important factor here. That was always important for us by choosing Ripple. We believe in use case, we believe in the technology, we believe in Ripple and the team behind, we believe in ODL and how XRP works as a digital asset, with increasing utility the price will eventually increase. He says they have no interest in holding XRP. Okay, fair enough atm. He says the price will eventually rise with increasing utility. Considering the fact that about 50 billion XRP are still not in the market at all and that ODL will only be relevant for those corridors that are exotic and not liquid, where less money is flowing anyway than e.g. USD-EUR, I think we can wait a very long time until the utility will raise the price. except More usecases are being developed and the limited number of XRP will have an impact. With ODL alone it will take a very very long time, in my eyes. Crypto Eri has said the talk is that we need about 30 corridors before the utility begins to hit price, but this is a guess. The cross border remittance market is something in the order of 800 billion, and the banking cross border is many times bigger again - in the multi trillions per day. ODL at present is hitting a few tens of millions a day. The 50 billion XRP will be needed, but they are mostly locked up and only released on escrow at a rate of up to a billion a month. Last month the release was only 100 million. I think you should watch Crypto Eri on You Tube. You are likening you crypto investment to investments in other markets. The Crypto Market is flooded with bad players with huge wealth and not as well regulated as traditional stocks. This will change. This is an embryonic market and does not behave with much rationality. If you choose a winner at a low price you will make huge gains, if you choose randomly you will lose your shirt.
  11. This is a very interesting reply. You are becoming a hub! Can we elaborate here? Digital transfers with SWIFT carry very little information about the money. Digital money could for instance arrive with an invoice or remittance attachment, or the release could be tied to a provision in a smart contract . Do you see FlashFX providing extra services alongside their traditional payment services? Are there times you would still use SWIFT on the Ripplenet corridors? About what proportion of your business is using SWIFT and what proportion Ripplenet?
  12. Thank you Nicolas, this thread is a real FUD smasher. This is first hand account from a Ripplenet user who has moved up to ODL; he is telling us ODL is providing liquidity and Ripplenet with ODL is cheaper than SWIFT. We have 300 XCurrent users and a handful of corridors. As more corridors open, and users become more confident, ODL usage will expand at an exponential rate
  13. How much cheaper is ODL compared to the other services? Would it be possible for us to watch the volume growing as the service matures? Is the present price, .22, restricting your ability to grow your volume of ODL transactions?
  14. In principal I agree too, @XRPVisions . When it goes it will snowball up very fast, and we are at a moment of maximum danger now. The pessimism is doing real damage to XRP, and this has to be reversed by some big influential stakeholders in the financial system (or even a few whales) backing the concept behind Ripplenet and starting a run upwards. I think the combination of upward trend and publicity about the mechanism that is being installed for the IoV to work on a global scale with frictionless money transfer across borders will send speculators crazy. I agree Ripplenet is having most success in backwater economies that have not been properly served by the present failing monetary system.
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