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  1. It is so easy to underestimate the size of the pool out of which investment into crypto will be arriving. This is why I sleep soundly, even when we are going through crypto winters and sudden collapses in the market. 6.45 she makes the point well. I have not listened to all of this video yet
  2. Apparently Elon made another tweet and this helped BTC bounce (not sure if it is true) Some commentators seem to be predicting BTC targeting about 75 in medium term future if things go well (much higher by the end of the bull run) XRP looks well poised to shoot (especially if Hogan is right in his assessment that a settlement is likely to be reached in the next 2 weeks) The next XRP rally should break through the blockages and if that happens it is quite likely we will do some catch up on ETH and BTC which is over due. ADA might need to consolidate. Not a clue about other ALT
  3. The point is that these cases are unpredictable, as are the judges. If something pushes things another 15% towards Ripple's favour that is actually quite huge. SEC have a record of winning, they are not a small adversary.
  4. I think that is a bit harsh Billy. The contribution of the XRP community has upset the SEC attack machine and turned this case around on to them. They have refocussed this case away from being a fight between a big regulatory body against a company with two over greedy execs into something that is a very big human interest story that is now getting the attention of the MSM. They have stopped this case going off on a jag of its own, and kept the issues at stake very much more grounded than if it had been left to a bunch of opposing lawyers parading their technical regulatory stuff in front o
  5. Hogan predicts settlement either in the next two weeks if Gensler wants it off his desk post September if Gensler wants to fight reading between the lines: the SEC have already been wrong footed and have a big uphill struggle to make this case stick
  6. The executives who are put at the top of organisations like SEC, and brought this case are now multimillionaires because apparently their services are so sought after that they were worth that much on the open market. They worked for years preparing this case in lavish offices with highly paid staff under them before it was brought before the courts? In the end they do not even have the common sense of an everyday person in a menial job. It illustrates to me that if you pay millions you are unlikely to get competence, you are more likely to get egotistical monkeys and corruption. Jay Clay
  7. Looks as if the marketing department are talking to the manipulation department. (OK they are they same department!) XRP scares everyone and with good reason. SEC has changed the crypto landscape in substantial ways, at first it worked against XRP but the way it is going it will be FUD buster that launches XRP in ideal conditions. XRP, with so much happening in the Far east, Polysign and FLR enhancements are so much better positioned than they were in December.
  8. interesting article. I am quite sceptical about how unbiased Greenpeace are, but the article definitely makes a good case.
  9. I regard the whole Elon thing as a car crash waiting to happen. Like you I would have preferred if he had kept away from the crypto space altogether, but he has actually highlighted an issue that has not been addressed by the financial institutions investing in BTC and brought it our into the open. That can only be good for the long term future of crypto. I think if he were to now tell the world that there are some serious crypto projects that would go some way to correcting some of the wrong impressions he has contributed towards. That would be good, but I think everything Elon does i
  10. I like your theory @RikkiTikki_is_Back, but it feels too clever. I know Musk is clever, but this sort of explanation feels like afterthought cleverness. I do not think battleplans work like this. Musk has hyped Doge and BTC. Such a high profile "green" orientated business hyping the two most useless crypto in the crypto league stinks of ignorance. My perspective is that Musk was messing about being egotistical and making easy money, with very little regard to consequences. This feels like opportunism gone bad and is a mess. If he were to adopt XRP, that would a good exit out
  11. I actually like that he has turned against BTC (and ETH?), but his fooling about is really costly for us.
  12. Anything could happen. What I have noticed is that this is a tight, innovative team with a clear strategy and lots of ambition. They seem to have produced something that is ahead of the market. I will be holding, even if they launch at 2 dollars a piece (I expect more like 50 cents or less)
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