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  1. I see your method of thinking, which to my mind is a narrow way of looking at how these markets work. When adoption happens the rate of adoption of ODL and demand for XRP for other uses will be exponential. Rate of release is limited to linear 1 billion a month, but in reality much slower and under the control of owners who have a vested interest in making the price go up. On the other end of the scale people lose their keys and lock up XRP in long term holds. MM and banks are also likely to stock pile XRP. Jed is a problem, as are hoards stolen in scams (but the scammers seem more r
  2. No offense, but "delusional" is a big word to bandy about. I have run my own business for forty years now and I think I am known for my calmness rather than letting fantasies get the better of me. OK, I will take this: In the present environment it might be construed as delusional to call XRP a "store of value" maybe it is a word thing? ( every investor in XRP is putting in saved money in the expectation that the value of their investment will grow; are you calling every investor in XRP "delusional"?). But lets forget about that use of the phrase "store of value", it is not del
  3. loss and gain of value. Over the last three years it has been a consistent loss, but should XRP be widely adopted as a cross border token then the tokens which are restricted in number will generally gain in value. In such a world holding an XRP token would be better than holding and inflationary fiat digital currency.
  4. But they are setting up a Japanese stable coin - I think called the J coin but I agree, it is countries that have the worst systems in place that will be the first to adopt crypto/digital currencies first. MPeso happened in Kenya before blockchain was born, and was years ahead of its time.
  5. SA only appea5red a few days ago. Perhaps it was never really there! Utility Scan is doing a good job, but it is still likely they are not picking everything up
  6. I agree with everything you write here. Maybe an extra caveat might be that an ever higher proportion of payments will cross borders in a global world, making the need for a cross border currency in an ever increasing proportion of retail settlements too. In a big economy like the US, or China or Japan the proportion of payments not crossing borders will remain very high making digital yen, yuan and dollar a preferential currency, but I imagine the smaller economies could see more than 50% of their retail purchases payments crossing borders. I can imagine a world where some compani
  7. Crypto Eri new video is all about Kitao. He give background about this news which is still speculative. The new prime minister is establishing a "Digital Agency" and has been getting advice from Kitao.
  8. Utility scan picking up a lot of small payments from Thailand. It happened before and was nothing, but it is worth watching. Thailand has been on the radar of the next ODL corridor for some time
  9. Yoshitaka Kitao becomes an economic advisor to Japan's newly elected prime minister !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. wow XRP is ag Wow does the pain ever end for XRP? - back to sub .20! Well another buy8ing opportunity I suppose.
  11. it looks like that figure was just a glitch - it ended up 505,000 which is exactly the same as the week before
  12. works perfectly - useful tool - thank you
  13. I just looked again at the site - it is so much improved! It really works intuitively Love the planner. This is really a useful tool - just what people need to plan their exit strategy One last request - could the planner perhaps add up the columns and give a grand total for the investment congratulations - show it to some of the video channels like crypto eri. Maybe they will advertise it It can also be used for any crypto - not just XRP
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