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  1. https://www.coindesk.com/halt-libra-us-lawmakers-call-for-hearings-on-facebooks-crypto
  2. I know nothing about finance. Perhaps these are dunce questions: 1. How can a stable coin be a basket of currencies. The currencies go up and down against each other all the time but the stable coin is supposed to have a constant value, or is the stable coin one complicated algorithm that changes its relative value of the base currencies all the time. Four different currencies all going different ways - how do you reconcile that? 2. How are trade imbalances dealt with. OK FB has 40 billion, but this is the sort of volume that gets eaten up in minutes on international money markets that transfer 5 trillion a day and any trade imbalance would result in the coins arriving and accumulating in one location. The coins have to go back to resupply the trade deficit country, but by then the relative value of the fiat to fiat will have changed. Is this is real money moving, or is it all pretend vostro nostro mudbath?. XRP Ripplenet is an elegant solution because the XRP tokens find their own value and flow to where they are needed at the value they really have and are traded between Market makers. XRP works with the flexibility exchange rates, not against them. FB seems simple on first look but I can't help thinking it will end up with all sorts of anomalies that are impossible to fix without a very complex overlay of fudging and forcing square blocks into round holes. They tell us proudly that face book have 40 billion in cash. Are they going to commit all of that to this project. Ripple have 40 billion XRP at present worth 16 billion, but as soon as the price of XRP goes up to ten dollars they have generated ten times as much liquidity as the FB system own. Suddenly FB look like the small guy in the ring that is going to get punched around.
  3. it looks like a duck, it waddles like a duck, it quacks like a duck but when you ask it to lay eggs its infertile. This is correspondence banking dressed up as a bridge asset. Yes they will fool a lot of people into thinking they are like Ripple, but they are not. Yes they will serve a purpose, but in the end they will eliminate BTC not XRP. I agree all mimics reduce the size of the pie.
  4. Given this thing has to be built and tests and then launched and then go through regulatory hoops before it is launched 2020 looks very optimistic? Where will Ripple XRP be in 2 or 3 years time?
  5. This is what happens when people copy other peoples inventions. Somehow they always fail to understand what makes the product they are copying work well.
  6. Ripple sell over 200 million XRP per month - that is an income of 1.2 billion a year (?). This cost Ripple 30 million over two years, so it is not a lot of money for them. For that they get their brand in every Walmart, every British post office and more. I think Ripple have the money to keep Moneygram a float, provide a service that undercuts Western Union and demonstrate a new modus operandi for old style remittance companies MUST follow to keep competitive. Ripple can put more money in or provide preferential schemes to Moneygram to get the company running smoothly. I think they have the ability to make sure it does not fail. This is one huge advertising campaign that also develops the infrastructure of the XRP ecosystem at the same time.
  7. One of the big benefits of the Moneygram partnership is that it is an opportunity to demonstrate it is possible to move a bricks and mortar company into adoption of the cost saving benefits of XRapid? This is perhaps about showing the way for banks and other remittance companies that they can take their fate into their own hands and they do not have to be like Kodak or Blockbuster.
  8. I think XRapid works well for Fintec start ups in undeveloped regions, that has been demonstrated and nothing will change that? Can a bricks and mortar company adopt the cost saving benefits of XRapid? This will be demonstrated by this scheme. Could Blockbuster have diversified into providing a video streaming service or was it doomed to die?
  9. One suggestion was that perhaps Moneygram can help in setting up MMs. I think this is perhaps far fetched as an idea? XRapid needs more MMs
  10. Moneygram are 100% committed to work with Ripplenet over the next two years. That is not a yawn
  11. You must have been working all night to to get this out! Yes, as we have all been saying all this money from Escrow sales can be used to develop the ecosystem and bump start the adoption. If this case study works is there any reason they shouldn't do the same for Western Union and other remittance companies?. The higher the price of XRP the higher the revenue from selling XRP the bigger the budgets to bump start the adoption. And the price of XRP remains sub .5 so people like me with a DCA of .49 can go on accumulating for the foreseeable future. So many news stories to cover, your weekly digest is beginning to become a long list of new adoption stories, and they are perhaps only the visible portion of an iceberg
  12. An equally pertinent question might be why has the value of Bitcoin gone up from 3k per coin to 9K per coin in the last six months? What happened to justify the huge rise in value? Is BTC gaining adoption as a token of commercial transaction. Is BTC gaining credibility as a store of value? At present ZEC coin, a privacy coin hardly anyone has heard of, is gaining value faster than XRP. My conclusion is that the prices in the crypto market have no relevance to events in the real world and the market is ruled by an cultist elite who own vast numbers of the BTC tokens. It is a situation that cannot endure for ever Ironically blockchain, largely invented by the inventor of BTC, is probably the biggest event in banking since the invention of capitalism. XRP, the only without-counter-party bridging asset, is probably the most significant example of the practical use of blockchain in banking and we are getting weekly news of adoption. The tokens cost about 40cents and there are only ever going to be 100 billion of them minted. Their price is arbitrary and seems to be tied to the arbitrary value of BTC. We have to assess at what price do we want to buy and hold XRP tokens. At this price I can't get enough of them. About what's going on in the crypto market - stuff that.
  13. well if that holds the price down a little longer: thank you, I might yet reach my target of owning 100k
  14. What planet are you living on to write such a silly comment? 2019 is already turning out to be a golden year for Ripplenet and XRapid which is being rolled out and growing every month. Ripple are working with 50 central banks, the IMF, SBI, R3 ,Temenos, Amex and probably Visa and a lot more companies under NDAs. Now they have a very close partnership with Moneygram and Walmart 30 million is peanuts to Ripple and the potential to speed up adoption through helping Moneygram is obviously
  15. The crypto warriors just do not want to admit XRapid is launching and adoption is rolling forward; after rising 8% up it drops back to 4%. It just confirms to me to watch the news not the price.
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