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  1. That is for every investor to make up their own mind about. My DCA is .41, so it looks as if your side are right, but my view is that Ripple's position in the ODL market will be impossible for a newcomer to dislodge (they may compete). for me I do not see huge risk in sitting still and waiting for the tide to lift me , but I understand my view is a very minority view.
  2. I agree that silver might be a better short term buy, but I will just hold my XRP and wait for the flywheel effect to hit the markets. The energy is building and I have no idea when investors will notice that they have an opportunity to get into something very early. I am personally confident that over time XRP will become the standard for ODL, and ODL is destined to be very big indeed.
  3. It seems to me that massive unlimited QE will devalue the dollar's position as a reserve currency, not enhance it. To trade in digital dollars you still have to buy the digital dollars with pounds, yen, Euros or whatever. For that you need some sort of bridging asset. Do you really think the EU will make digital dollars into the national currency of the EU? No country will give up their national currencies to adopt the digital dollar.
  4. On an Italian Facebook site I was on yesterday I saw Xoom adverts. Apparently they got 4,000 registrations in the first 12 hours As @PlanK intimates the fees might be wavered for accepting adverts - and there are other services to make money out of. I can certainly see a company like Amazon wavering transaction fees in exchange for international business. Mobile phones started off much more expensive than landlines, now we have services like whatap and Skype for free, and VOIP phones. Digital payments will be much cheaper than Analogue payments and they will have added features like data rich attachments etc.
  5. I think the deduction that this is about ODL is correct, but not proven. Crypto Eri has looked into the background of this deal and joined the dots. @Dogowner - I woudn't even bother to read anything Nakedzzrp writes, it is all as you say "taunting and disrespectful". I expect he has mental problems and the user ignor button will clean the threads of his malicious drivel. Unfortunately XRP chat has become a magnet for these types of losers.
  6. I agree 100% with that analogy, and would add the child is already allowed to work in the factory as a child labourer. a seven year old does not make much difference, but a ten year can contribute quite a lot. Also at what point do the adults recognise the sense in investing in the child which is their future? That can happen at any time. This child is some savant!
  7. As I understand it a hub is developing between the Bank of Singapore and the rest of SE Asia; Vietnam, Thailand, Japan (SBI), Korea and the Philippines. Crypto Eri often mentions these developments in her dispatches. ODL was supposed to be launched in the first quarter, but they seem to have missed that target.
  8. It is nonsense to believe XRP will forever be tied/related to the the price of BTC. XRP is more than just a satellite alt coin of BTC; it is a digital asset designed and used for providing ODL and micropayments for bridging cross border transfers and settlements. As that market consolidates the investment capital arriving to buy XRP will come more and more directly from users and associated industries, and no longer through BTC centric speculative markets. Corona virus makes XRP's future more certain as liquidity in international settlements becomes harder and more expensive to provide through traditional correspondence banking methods.
  9. Much too early to comment. I agree the sentiment towards XRP seems more positive than a week ago. XRP is about providing liquidity, and gaining more liquidity has moved to the top of the agenda, so it is possible that this is at last having an impact. Lets keep watching and keep our fingers crossed that this is a moment when sentiment moved in XRP's direction.
  10. Yes, XRP has been very steady against BTC for about a year. Since mid 2018 the vol looks as if it has been slowly rising (is that good?).
  11. The last three days has been XRP resisting the BTC dominated bear market. Maybe there has been a change in sentiment towards XRP, or some good news?
  12. The pessimists about XRP price have been right, does that mean they have been prescient? I think all it means is that generally pessimists are right in a down trend, and optimists are right in an uptrend. To be prescient you need to give reasons for things to have turned out badly and see the relationships you predicted to happen play out; for instance if you said XRP will do badly because no one will use ODL, then you were not prescient, you were just lucky. I believe my investment is good because I believe ODL will be adopted and that adoption on scale will push the price up. Nothing the price does at the moment has changed my predictions which are as yet untested.
  13. XLM always follows XRP. I have no idea about the connection with Binance coin.
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