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  1. The biggest turd in all of this seems to be Lubin. In the video Vitalik looks completely out of it, his body language is almost almost foetal. Lubin comes across as his master. We know Charles Hoskinson was so uncomfortable that he left and refused to take the stake in Eth he was owed. Lubin seems to have corrupted everything he has touched. I think Lubin works by playing dirty and manipulating those around him, and he does not understand that a business will only grow and prospers if it is providing a service. I expect Eth 2 will fail to provide a service equal to Flr or Ada or Dot. I think Deaton should consider to sue Lubin and by extension bring SEC into the case as a defendant. This video stands out as the worst amongst all the video because it seems to demonstrate Lubin's intentions to defraud the public and coupled with what he said in other videos to use his connections inside SEC to maliciously stymie Eth's competitors.
  2. The implications of Lubin's word are clear. They (ConsenSys and Vitalik (and the Eth foundation?)) set out with a premeditated intention to launch a product that they knew could not do the job. The purpose being to raise money for the development of another product; Eth 2 (an unlaunched speculative product). In other words Eth 1 was intended to be scam coin that they knew would be worthless in the long run, and was only worth investing in if they lied to their investors about its potential. This to me makes SEC's position akin to either being an abetter or the innocent dubbed partner in a criminal scheme to cheat investors. (organised crime?) The very thing SEC is supposed to be protecting the public from. Given the close financial ties of Clayton and Hinman to the Eth foundation, and that Hinman was introduced to SEC by Clayton, there are compelling evidence of both motivation to enter into a conspiracy between the three actors to support a dud product at the same time as hold back other superior products that were already built out. Hogan told us in his video "you cannot sue the SEC unless there was an intention to cause harm". This new video shows "an intention to harm investors". Also a motive "to do harm to Rippel/XRP" (who were technological leaders). To launch a case against SEC Deaton needs to tie/line up Lubin's intention to Clayton and Hinman's The connections between the Eth Foundation/Lubin to Claytons and Hinman's pre and post-SEC jobs Clayton's commissioning of the memo that formed the basis of the Hinman speech (I believe Lubin was included whilst H Pierce was excluded from this process) The Hinman speech The preferential treatment given to Lubin in developing the SEC policy of giving Eth and it's products a free pass The launching of a suite against Ripple on the last day of Clayton's tenure Did Hinman and Clayton trade the markets and benefit from their Eth-centric actions? I would guess these sealed internal documents might contain more evidence of a conspiracy between Clayton, Hinamn and Lubin. Deaton is trying to get evidence of who was trading Eth around the time on the Hinman speech and who shorted XRP. Suing SEC would be a huge speculative task (impossible) for Deaton to do alone. The presence of Empowered Oversight is certainly an exciting ally.
  3. So basically what Lubin is telling us, is they're muggin off millions of users with a product they designed to fail. And SEC gave them the license to use this ruse to rip off the public, whilst holding back Ripple. These people are thugs
  4. even redacted document are interesting and I guess they can go to the courts if the SEC play dirty. The can of worms is being opened
  5. he also has people around him that could prep him for the interview; that means knowing what he wants to say, knowing the sound bites he wants to get across, and checking the facts in your prepared answers are correct. He introduced the subject, so he was working on his own firm ground, yet he got his facts wrong. His responses were wooly and had no real thread or message. For three years whilst he was asking SEC for clarity, SEC and Lubin were running rings around him, conspiring against his company and undermining his company, ending in this court case. How did this happen? Ripple can afford better.
  6. He didn't even know that Deaton is representing 20,000, not 10,000. He is second rate.
  7. Sorry this does not get to the point - very muddy questions and answers
  8. seems it has begun to recover a bit, lets hope that was it! If it recovers fast that was another shakeout, and should put us into a better position to move through current resistance
  9. I think is because there is a new "China nasty to crypto" story
  10. Quite interesting that ethics are something many judges try to keep out of a case, and the corruption might not figure very highly in the case. Ripple have to file for judgement after discovery and due process is finished, otherwise it will be deemed a an unfair trial. "After November". We cannot sue the SEC unless there was an intention to cause harm, but Deaton is crazy enough to give it a try. Deaton must have been working very hard to do what he has done so far. Settlement most likely at the end of Discovery is concluded, because that is when both sides can weigh their cases up. How important is Gasparino. Negative coverage must affect the case and the judges behaviour. Expert discovery until Nov 12, then ripe for a summary judgement then there will be a move for summary judgement with a series of motions to be decided by the judge. Dec at the earliest, with the earliest summary judgement ruling Jan - March.. He thinks this is where the case will end for Ripple case, but BG and CL case might drag on longer. A trial (which is unlikely for ripple) would be later in 2022 (summer). The initial judgement the law is the law as decided in the trial but there is another 9 months for appeals which would be likely. The problem with this trial is both sides have a lot of money and are very serious. Settlement is hard. Settlement is a unpredictable magical process.
  11. At last Gasparino is talking about the "conflict of interest". Code for "corruption" I don't see how SEC will be able to keep a lid on this story once it becomes about corruption, and by extension questions about how much the present chairman is a cover up guy and friend of the perpetrators? This is gathering into a meltdown moment for the SEC. Can they continue the case whilst the mass media is questioning their motives, and how much money the previous execs who met with Gensler on the eve of starting the case, made out of manufacturing this situation? It is going to be very interesting to watch how the SEC answer questions about "how much of this did you know" against we are the honest regulators and friends of the country. Can you be answering questions about your part in conspiracies and treason at the same time as being the honest brokers regulating the business community and weeding out corruption? How is this going to play out? Deaton has put the evidence together on a time line in a very straight forward way with videos etc. It is very little work for the hacks to write their stories from this script. Then there is the question of why Genslser has ignored the 20,000 hurt investors that petitioned him to root out the corruption? His silence, perhaps advised by his lawyers, now suddenly looks like collusion with Clayton and Hinman? Then there are the Chinese and Russian connection to Hinman and Clayton to discuss. And the scripted conversations between senator Warren and Gensler? meltdown.
  12. I am guessing much of the stuff that has been found out by social media in recent days is the same stuff SEC were frightened of Ripple seeing in those internal emails they were holding onto. I wonder if there is still more we do not know/ The only missing factor is the records of the money made by Clayton, Hinman and others whilst this was all going on, and whether Lubin was being messaged as if he were a member of the SEC commission? I believe they kept H Pierce out of the loop. Imagine if they were informing Lubin whilst keeping Pierce in the dark?
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