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  1. I am sorry to hear that you lost. The problem is that if you have an expectation of being right 75% of the time and you bet three times in a row on those odds your chances of getting hit once are 75% (is my mathematics right?) - You have to take a chance once and take your money out when you are winning. At least you did not lose money.
  2. I am confused about what it is measuring - but today has seen the liquidity index shoot up by a record amount. It is looking good.
  3. I am looking out to see if XRP is the first to start gaining value. A few weeks ago this was a pattern, it would be a very positive sign but recently XRP has seemed to me to be weakening again.
  4. You're mathematics are over my head, but your graph looks like a smoothed summation of growth in volume. In you post you say I simply made a trailing 30 day volume summation in a copy of your doc and i thought the results were interesting on their own. Am I right in thinking it is smoothed through adding up the previous 30 days, everyday adding a new day and dropping off an old day? Is there a link where we can watch this growing? Rate of growth is doubling about once every two months?
  5. It is also nice to see the gap between ETH and XRP narrowing. At one point we almost hit 50% of ETH Market cap, today the gap (about 30% below) is less than 6 billion for the first time in a long while.
  6. I agree that an XRP transaction is a cycle - out of the exchange and replenishment back into the exchange. This makes me think a transaction does not really take 3 seconds, it takes until the exchange is replenished. The replenishment may happen with a transaction going the other way (cancelling each other out), but it also may be through periodic arbitrage movements. I suppose the exchange can start to predict the cycles over time, and gainsay the cycle by putting in more accurate orders to pre-stock for periods in the month when they will expect bulges in usage.
  7. It is wonderful how people overcome adversity and demonstrate they know how to live their lives to the full. My mother is 93 and has had a crumbled spine for the last twenty years of her life and a lot of pain with it, but she still goes swimming and never complains about the constant pain. I think the ones who are best at it are the ones that like other people. These stars of life demonstrate how we should appreciate every minute of good health and living through our relationships with those around us.
  8. It could and bounce? Long term utility is set to take hold and XRP is set to take off.
  9. Certainly that was my first thought. The Wafflehouse idea is a surprise. Whatever is happening is big in relation to what happened in the three preceding months
  10. Available liquidity gets exhausted and then reset and total available liquidity is being ramped up with each cycle?
  11. Announcement from Ripple https://www.ripple.com/insights/ripple-expands-global-regulatory-team-in-d-c-and-joins-the-blockchain-association/
  12. Like many others I have been following the Bitso Liquidity index which can be seen using this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pZ2POpljERK-oV3rusaCmq58U2badn5i9WOCIP9Wtmg/htmlview#gid=1888946776 The rate of uptake on new corridors is one indication of how quickly utility is likely to grow after it is seeded. If the Mex Bitso corridor is typical we can expect usage to double and double and double several times a year. I thought I saw a pattern which represented people sending cross border payments back to Mexico at the end of every month. In Jun - July there was no bulge of payments This first bulge began about July 22 and built up until Aug 14 and then dropped off dramatically The pattern repeated itself in Aug 22 to Sept 14, ( the payments appeared to go on an extra day or two until 15-16) The pattern repeated itself in Sept 22 to October 14 reaching new highs - but then something surprising happened; instead of dropping off the daily values just continued to go up and up. Today is already a record and it will continue to grow until midnight. Today is huge and accelerating upwards. In previous months the 22 is at the bottom of the cycle, so this cycle confounds all my expectations and theories. Perhaps others have points of view? The pattern might not be end of month payments? There is also this blog post summary about liquidity by XRPtwin which I recomend a read https://xrpcommunity.blog/corridors-easy-difficult/
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