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  1. I guess some analyst is going to pop up soon to tell us we have after this bullish news we have to double tap back test .64 before we shoot to the moon.
  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/roslynlayton/2021/12/05/who-will-protect-investors-from-the-sec/?sh=59bc60631cae
  3. Very interesting analysis of how markets work psychologically - worth a read:
  4. I beleive these privileges apply to internal "deliberations". The Hinman speech was deliberated upon, it was a personal opinion by one individual, so Ripple will argue these new privileges should not be applicable.
  5. They want the IoV to be as easy as sending an email. Soon after email was invented people began spamming the system. This was partly controlled by internet providers intervening and not letting their customers send more than a certain number of emails out. I hit this level, the solution was to use Amazon cloud servers . I now send my emails to my customer list of 4000 customers out through Amazon severs for a small fee. Sometimes Amazon tell me that I have too many email bounces, and I need to clean up my customer lists. They won't reinstate their service to me until after I have removed redundant email addresses. Most users have systems that remove the redundant addresses automatically. If someone is a spammer the spam filters remove the spammers from the network. I am not sure if something similar could be set up on XRPL. Maybe airdrop should go through service providers that have the power to police antisocial usage of the XRPL?
  6. Blockchain backer thinks if BTC lost 53 k then it is probably over for BTC the run. His suggestion is that BTC will make a half hearted retrace whilst the money rolls across into the alts, especially XRP. For me that would be a good scenario, so I hope for it to happen. Two years ago XRP was equal to or above ETH mktcap, now XRP is more than 10x less. XRP is undervalued and I expect the differences to be redressed. I have no opinions about when the SEC case will be closed down. It has already gone on longer than I expected, but I have learnt not to try and second guess when it will happen.
  7. Hi @StellaBlueZerpsI read your post with some sadness, although it is comforting to know someone has played the game even worse than I have (I diversified in ADA and which effectively halved my DCA on XRP). But I think there are some comments I would like to make. There is a difference between bad luck and stupidity. Your story is not one of stupidity, it is a story of bad luck. Some people would criticise you for not diversifying more, but I think your strategy would have worked but for the SEC black Swan. XRP still stands out as the one project more than any other that should have made a new ATH. Don't beat yourself up for suffering from bad luck. ADA and SOL are both good projects, not meme coins. Shiba Inu is a meme coin and if you had invested in that trash you would be very rich. I firmly beleive, more than ever before, that we are very early in this market. In a decade's time Blockchain tokens will come of age and rule the financial, service and trading markets. That means there will be a huge transition of money out of fiat based methodology into blockchain token methodology. As this happens tens or hundreds of trillions of dollars/property values/service markets will move from being denominated in fiat into being denominated into some sort of digital tokens (I include stable coins) The tokens that underpin this market are being invented now and sold/airdropped on the early investors (like you). In the 1990s the Russian economy was sold off cheap to just a few investors who a decade later because the Russian oligarchs. In a decade's time the world will have a new class of super rich. Those super rich of the future will be ordinary people like you and I who invested in crypto tokens now and got the free FLR/SGB and XFI tokens and bought into projects like XRP, ADA, SOL. The world is selling off the present day economy in the form of crypto currencies. I am not advising you. Just telling you my view and why I will not be leaving the crypto market anytime soon. At 33 you have so much more reason than me to hold in there. (maybe diversifying more and taking out your original investment) As they say in investing Time trumps Timing
  8. The fact that this is happening is further demonstration to Gensler that XRPL is decentralised and under the control of users not Ripple.
  9. This theory that SEC and Ripple are settling by complying with Reve's test/ Notes (and that Howey is a distraction) makes a lot of sense. If this is right, and I think he is because everything fits so neatly, XRP will be absolutely in the clear but SEC will be left able to attack every other crypto. Can you imagine what that settlement solution would do to XRP price? It would provide clarity. FROM 7.50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI1c4TZHl5k
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