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  1. XRP Settlement DEMO in Japan & Future Hedge in 6.6T FX Swap Trade Finance, Sumitomo, FXCoin & SBI - YouTube
  2. You would have thought that by now they would know how much fuel to put in the rocket! Incompetence at Ripple labs/
  3. XRP just crossed .65 again. I hope this time round it gets clear of gravitational forces
  4. where have I claimed billions a day? Ah I see, that was a mistype, I know it is millions. I apologise, just point out those errors, I thank you for that and I have wholehearted and publicly corrected that error, but my argument is not about numbers it is about trends. You think Right now that "evidence" that Ripplenet and XRP is so great is very thin. I would say: ODL is still embryonic (and to be clear on where we agree only a few million a day and almost nothing over the weekend) but the evidence is that it works and Ripple and XRP and Ripplenet are ahead in the race and this t
  5. For this coming run the single best thing that can happen would be for XRP to reclaim No 2 spot from ETH. That would bring more money in than any other single thing.
  6. your no beauty yourself, can't see any prince kissing you anytime soon, you're stuck
  7. maybe he will have the money to have that wart on his nose fixed too
  8. You are extrapolating my words into things I never said and in the same paragraph complain I am spreading blatant misinformation. I wrote "The growth should multiply exponentially as the network grows" not that it had been observed to have happened yet. You response seems emotional and wrong, are you OK with that? Actually your comments are not usually this angry? Yes things have developed more slowly that Ripple predicted and many investors hoped (I have often written this myself without need to be prompted). Big projects do get delayed by roadblocks and regulations, and always have to
  9. utility scan has built up to 7 billion a day and it is missing a lot of what is going on. ODL is less than two years old and the old ways are working whilst the public are willing to pay high fees and suffer the delays. This situation has come to an end between Mex and USA, the biggest remittance corridor of all, where 10% of the business has already transferred across to using Ripplenet. The limiting factor is the Deep Liquidity which needs to be grown before the corridors become active, and this is very hard to do. The growth should multiply exponentially as the network grows. The a
  10. apparently the date is really Dec 11 because the time is set GMT and America is is still in Dec 11 when the snapshot is taken. So to be safe you need to make your arrangements by Dec 10th.
  11. Ripplenet's crown jewel is the ability to settle without a counterparty in real time. No need to set up vostro nostoro accounts or find a another company that owns the local currency and wants to buy yours; when the XRP is sent, having been bought in the local currency (say Mexican dollars), and arrives three seconds later it is bought with local currency by a local company/individual that wants to buy XRP - let's say Japanese Yen. If Ripplenet sent Mexican digital dollars they would need a counterparty in Japan who would accept Mexican dollars and convert them into Japanese Yen. No other s
  12. and what is so bad about that? This monopoly is very unhealthy and will stand in the way of progress. New methods will be adopted and Ripplenet is proven to work safely and much more efficiently and more cheaply. I think it grew last year by something like 600%
  13. I would guess that if XRP can break this .64 which seems to be a resistance the next stop will be .7?
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