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  1. The first corridor is proof of concept The next few reproduce the business model Setting up becomes an off the shelf routine service available from team Ripple Businesses compete for the opportunity to be the first corridor in a country The corridors are being added every few weeks and the network effect grows exponentially, add another corridor will add 6 pairings to make it 21 add another again and it goes to 28 add another and it goes to 36 The capacity at the point of sale are ramped up daily as we have seen on the MEX corridor. Then we get some good articles in the main stream media about what is happening in the cross border payments industry and the new investors arrive to invest in the price of XRP going up. We very early investors do nothing other than wait for everything to unfold and for our investments to mature. Well that's how I see it anyway.
  2. crypto eri in her two latest videos has evidence that is reliable from a CEO that the Japan corridor is opening in Q1 When you do not trust in the development of business you are investing in you should be seriously looking at getting out I have been buying xrp every month since late 2017 and feel as bullish now as any time - every one must make their own judgements
  3. I think that is right; the cross border payments industry is in a race to cut costs and speed up delivery, and they cannot afford to hang around waiting for the final solution which will be in many cases ODL with a bridging asset. The software companies like R3 are providing APIs that allow the businesses to choose from a menu of options The ODL Bridging Asset will win when it becomes the cheapest most secure and fastest solution available.
  4. Great link That was their plan in April 2017 , and it is still relevant - Ripple are flexible and consistent
  5. Crypto Eri has some evidence that the Japanese corridor is opening in Q1: 5.06 Its plausible and it would be great to see Japan Philippine corridor ramping up - the network effect has not kicked in yet and such a move would take us a step closer
  6. Yes the Philippines is ramping up nicely. A month ago it was just a orange line hugging the ground The Mex Tenitoshi posted a new high after a few days in the doldrums during the American holiday The Euro Mex is also developing a nose This utility is not enough to move the needle, but the growth is happening at an impressive rate.
  7. and that link 1.88 is very similar to the spread on ODL you calculated? Are we getting close to seeing what is happening under the bonnet of Xrapid?
  8. Appreciate your work. I am so non tech I need explanations from people like you. A five hundred K transaction is pretty big. What is the usual commission on a cross border transaction - a lot more than 1.8% I think, and this is safer, faster and requires no nostro funds tied up.
  9. am I right in thinking that is very good narrow spread for odl trading?
  10. Nice to see Tentoshi's liquidity index making a recovery after a couple of weeks on stop
  11. I see that Etoro have set up for selling something called Gram - have you looked at that?
  12. I think as a trader you are doing the right thing. Buyers will come in when XRP gets the publicity about the success of its projects and partnerships. XRP is at a two year low and is still all weak and feeble. I think this tells us there are simply too many sellers even at these relatively low prices: so holders wait and you traders go an make your money work for you on the markets.
  13. I think so, but meanwhile XRP will go on getting reckt. -Although low price into the market is good for buyers waiting for capitulation. My worry is that low XRP prices reduce the liquidity which reduces the opportunity for corridors to get vol going I think growth in Japan will be a big push back from XRP. When SBI getting firing on all pistons.
  14. you have mental issues to deal with , here is the wrong place for that (User ignored)
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