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  1. It is all happening and Ripple XRP software are in pole position!
  2. This is a very interesting explanation of why XRP is lagging just at the moment A good read : https://hacked.com/crypto-price-analysis-ripple-in-a-long-wyckoffian-accumulation/ Their conclusion is that when it goes it will shoot higher and faster than it did in 2017/18 - which is what many of us have been expecting.
  3. When it comes to Ripple I just like everything I see; the team, the strategy, the tech, the partners and the lead.
  4. ....by that I guess you mean when it comes to crypto investment you are 100% XRP? I am 98% XRP and 2% ADA. It seems to me that XRP has so many irons in the fire that it is already a diversified investment. I have never seen a graph like this before but I am not in Finance so why would I? I do not believe we need mass adoption to push up price, just speculation that XRP is in pole position to provide utility to a large slice of a vast market down the line. IE If they calculate XRP are sufficiently ahead of the market to be unstoppable then it follows to make a long speculative investments now and ride the waves. How we bridge that hiatus between speculative investment and utility is hard to guess, but it seems to me that once XRP gets known it will be a sexy long term investment. One factor nobody is really considering are how the crypto assets will change stock exchanges. The reactions of large numbers of people in underdeveloped people who have no bank accounts but interact with XRP and other digital assets on their mobiles. These people often have no trust in their local currencies and will have first hand experience of digital assets that go up in value. I can see them collecting and storing XRP in their wallets on their mobiles. Their large numbers might create virtual stock exchanges that might affect prices in unforeseen ways. China is already showing signs of becoming a crypto heavyweight funded by a population that do not trust their own government or banks.
  5. WOW - aren't you just digging up some fantastic documentation and information! I agree. Digital money's ability to attach itself as a package that includes documentation, two way communication, frictionless cross border transactions, KYC and delayed payment integration, security and cut costs at the same time, makes this technology into a total revolution to the way we will do business in the future. All that fragmented stuff becomes one effortless stream organised with the click of a mouse. Your posts are a great asset to XRPChat.
  6. Ripple XRP Expansion Will Be Hard To Stop Now That World Bank, IMF, EU Commission Are Involved We know Ripple/XRP are gaining traction when they get articles like this in news feeds called InvestinBlockchain.com https://www.investinblockchain.com/ripple-xrp-expansion-will-be-hard-stop-world-bank-imf-eu-commission/ I agree with the basic tenet of the article that Ripple XRP momentum is reaching critical mass and given the lack of rivals is unstoppable
  7. Poor you for not getting it I'll help you; its a large US bank This guy has been imported to head their Blockchain development team He has a long history of working with Ripple/XRP partners and integrating their systems with Ripplenet Still don't get it? Well in that case I give up.
  8. The chances of my house burning down are slim but I insure against it because it is something that might happen in the real world I would not insure (if I could) against an alien armada invading earth tomorrow because the chances of this happening in the real world are zero The chances of XRP being adopted as the principle bridge currency are quite high, and if that happened the chances of XRP then being used for other functions such as streaming micro payment, retail and Credit card transactions, trading derivatives, pension pots and storing value are also quite likely to happen. If these things happened XRP's value per token might go very high, even into the hundreds per token. The IMF, Banks and Regualtors have a duty to speculate about how they would deal with such a situation, especially if 40% of the liquidity was owned in one private company. (I was not writing about how to invest my money, I was writing about how SEC and the IMF should react to changes XRP/Ripple might have on the financial systems)
  9. U.S. Bank Hires From A Ripple (XRP) Partner, Will They Integrate? https://ethereumworldnews.com/u-s-bank-hires-from-a-ripple-xrp-partner-will-they-integrate/
  10. It really proves to me that the people investing are not doing their research properly. Quite likely many of them are relying on the BTC dominated press and believing the anti-FUD which is getting more sophisticated. The better the FUD works in causing XRP price to lag the more the idiots believe it (for evidence look at the XRPchat thread about David Schwartz wallet where they tell us David is panic selling because "XRP is a sinking ship"). The really big money is investing in priming the XRP ecosystem or sitting on the sidelines ready to come in when they feel confident the market has already bottomed out and XRP has reached a critical mass required for adoption. I believe XRP has already reached critical mass although it might fall back before it rises. I do not hesitate in buying more XRP every month and never selling my present investment however much it falls.
  11. I have to admit I am out of my depth with a lot of this financial information - it just all seems to be happening on a huge scale and very fast (relative to the scale of the task). You might look at the developments in SE Asia video too (see my thread Zennon Kapron's - "Latest Trends with Southeast Asia and Beyond. (26 Mar 2019)") - because what is happening in that market is advancing very rapidly too. Again huge. Everyone on XRPchat is discussing DS wallet and smearing Ripple whilst all this important stuff is breaking around us.
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