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  1. Of course the millennials will take up crypto, but I think the big money will come from the bank accounts older generations. The hard working professional classes and people approaching retirement will be forcing their financial advisors to find ways to include a stake in the BTC/financial digital revolution/tokenisation of assets...I am not sure what the catch phrase will be. Others will learn to trade on investment sites like etoro (who are showing the way). For these people it will be about securing their futures, getting a stake in new tech, FOMO and perhaps most of all FOFF - Fear
  2. I have no fixed exit strategy yet, only some broad predictions: I think we are in the foot hills of the mother of all bull cycles. Money will not just be sucked in by: News of profits FOMO Easier to use exchanges Better understanding of what benefits DLT will bring Staking opportunities for savings it will also be driven in by A crisis in confidence in fiat money (fear of Hyperinflation) FOF (Fear of the Future (made that up )) Fear of Governments stealing their savings One more prediction is that the BTC tops before the Alt market I
  3. The company Jay Clayton keeps - more bad news for SEC. SEC relationship with Clayton is a reputation SEC needs to distance itself from! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ewkmf0mUCyg
  4. Do you know the answer? If I create FXRP how quickly can I unlock them again to sell the xrp and FLR on the market? My fear is that I will create FXRP and then want to sell my XRP and FLR at the top of the market before it crashes. But I might get caught waiting to get the XRP decoupled to sell, meanwhile the price will crash? Maybe there will be a market in FXRP - which will be similar to the price of 1 XRP plus 2 FLR tokens?
  5. The addition of FLR tokens redeems some of what we lost through holding whilst everything else boomed without XRP . If only SEC had not clobbered us, holding XRP would have been one of the better crypto investments! But it is not over yet, there is still a good chance XRP will go off like a rocket at some point.
  6. I agree, I would advise them to wait for corrections - buy the dips
  7. I think I cannot trust what BG says, but I do believe that they need to have NDAs and incentives. The problem I cannot trust anything that BG says as being truthful. Ripple have actually done a good job developing and rolling out the XRP ecosystem. It really is head and shoulders above everything else, largely due to the vision thing CL brought to Ripple. I like what I see, I am extremely conflicted because it is against my nature to be invested in a company that tolerates dishonesty by its CEO.
  8. Thank you @Ripley I do agree with the general thrust of your point. Unfortunately Ripple's claims of transparency have been hugely damaged by the secretive private sales by BG and CL. According to SEC the "transparent" sales by Ripple amount to a valuation of 1.3 billion. We only have numbers of XRP sold by BG and CL ( XRP that were not being included in the "transparent sales figures" touted so loudly by the CEO of Ripple). It seems that the value of private sales were at least another 50% over the transparent sales, and with Jed's sales over 100%). If SEC had said nothing we would not
  9. Absolutely agree. Look at the posts/sentiment from early March 2020 when everything in Crypto was looking gloomy, and XRP was 11 cents and ADA was 5 cents. The sentiment was appalling, but those that bought against the sentiment were rewarded. Yes, XRP is a bit of an unknown, because of SEC, so even at these prices it contains high risk factor. If ADA goes to 10 (8 x ATH) and XRP stops at $7 (2 X ATH), XRP at these prices would be a substantially better investment. IF XRP sentiment recovers it will go many times its ATH. I own less tokens of ADA, but my ADA valuation is twice XRP.
  10. I can see it happen very easily. But first XRP needs to get across .70 and move into higher territory. The ecosystem surrounding XRP is unique, and as such XRP has more potential than any other crypto. ADA and DOT and ETH are trying to share the same space, once XRP takes off it will be sharing its space with no one. Just now SEC is the curse of XRP. Can that curse be lifted? - we will see. (A not altogether popular view I might also add: another curse, related to SEC, are the management of XRP. Contrast the honesty, strategy, passion and vision of Charles Hoskinson against the
  11. Charles Hodkinson is a very good self publicist. He is also an intelligent, slow moving, compassionate man with a strategy and vision. On his live stream last night he was talking of setting up a micro payments fund to lend 50 million to the poor in underdeveloped countries. He has an ambitious strategy to overtake ETH. which is better, ADA or DOT? I think they are very equally matched, and some people say Flare has a march on both of them. Unlike 2017, there are many very good projects that promise utility. ADA seems to me a very good company to invest in.
  12. There is no show in the next few days, just formalities to be completed before they lock horns proper.
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