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    eToro Is Very Interested Working With Ripple

    EToro claim they buy the coins and store them on behalf of their clients. They also provide a wallet in which you can store your coins, but once you store your coins in a wallet you cannot sell them on the eToro board. I believe eToro are setting up an exchange At present 70.40% of investors on eToro hold XRP the figures for the other currencies are XRP 70.40% 100% in Buying position BTC 26.78% 98% in buying position ETH 23.97 99% in buying position LTC 16.55 XLM 14.3 BCH 9.19 ETC 8.33 From these figures you can see what a success selling XRP is for eToro. No other currency comes close and eToro management must be planning for a huge wave of XRP buyers when the next bull run takes off
  2. Julian_Williams

    Why is JPM Coin not a threat to XRP ?

    Here you are, Eri lays it out for you; JPCoin is NOT a threat and anyone who tries to say so simply does not understand the difference between a Stable Coin and a Bridging Asset
  3. Julian_Williams

    Identity theft

    huge issue you are opening up there - but I think it is going to happen - perhaps starting with passports. In countries like France they don't seem to care about carrying ID cards, in Britain we use our Driving licenses and Credit cards. But is would be a problem because ti is a slippery slope that ends with the State checking us out to find out if we are terrorists and ending up watching us from above
  4. Julian_Williams

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    The analogy about being like Walmart using blockchain for auditing processes looks close to the mark. If JPM are going to try and use/market this as an alternative for XRP that would seem to be disingenuous and a bit dumb to me. Pulling wool over the eyes of loyal customers would poison any customer/supplier relationship.
  5. Julian_Williams

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    but if I am understanding you correctly from what you say this is centrally controlled blockchain with JPM in charge! "Smart enough" to have a go at pulling this stunt off might be "stupid enough" to try a stunt like this.
  6. The Iranian rial becomes the 44th fiat currency to be tradable with XRP. You can view a detailed list of all exchanges and currencies trading XRP/fiat, here at XRParcade. You can find more information about Nobitex here. https://xrparcade.com/news/xrp-gets-its-first-pair-to-the-iranian-rial-irr/ Nobitex: http://iran.ahk.de/fileadmin/ahk_iran/Blockchain/Nobitex.pdf I think this might be controversial because this challenges America's stranglehold/embargo on trade with Iran through locking down SWIFT.
  7. Julian_Williams

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    Triffin's paradox
  8. Julian_Williams

    Identity theft

    Whilst this article is not about digital currencies, it is about how blockchain will solve problems of identity theft. The same principles apply to all financial transactions that are performed on a well regulated digital asset platform. Blockchain will make international finance much more transparent. The IoV will expose fraud. I believe this is one of the big arguments in favour of the modern world adoption of XRP because DAs are one ledger which can be constantly watched by regulation authorities. Money going to International Aid projects projects bypasses the bank accounts of middle people and goes directly to the point of need. Two way communication on data on the IoV provides transparency The old world SWIFT methods of having heaps of fiat allows for opportunities of fraud to be hidden. https://www.ccn.com/mass-adoption-is-coming-the-biggest-us-automaker-turns-to-blockchain-to-help-save-millions-in-identity-theft previously I have posted a link about how when the Afghan police were paid with a mobile currency their wages went up. This was because direct payments cut out the police authorities who were stealing their wages in transit https://www.betterthancash.org/news/blogs-stories/afghanistan-moving-police-salary-payments-to-mobile-accounts
  9. Julian_Williams

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    Isn't this a huge risk for the financial system. At least Tether is supposed to backed by a 1 dollar to 1 Tether, JPCoins are IOU's backed by 5 cents (if they are allowed to produce IOU on a 1- 20 ratio). Imagine how this can get out of hand if you have hundred of banks worldwide jumping on this bandwagon, and then you have a few local fiat meltdowns like what almost happened to the Greek Euro. Over exposed banks would begin to default and that would cause a chain reaction. I have limited financial understanding, but aren't these coins another way of trading derivatives...junk derivatives?
  10. Julian_Williams

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    Interesting comment; confirms the point that the more XRP gets known by the public as "the bankers coin" the more it will become trusted. JPCoin is JPM's stable coin - XRP is the Bankers interbank cross border Digital Asset
  11. Julian_Williams

    Welcome To XRPL Labs

    yes, I agree, the unused xrp can be used to manage elasticity of supply and for IMF sponsored bale outs
  12. Julian_Williams

    Welcome To XRPL Labs

    The money spent is not our money so we cannot expect to have a right to say who should be funded, however there is a case for a community controlled fund to be set up from money earned from sales of XRP. The money might be put under the supervision of some sort of XRP community body. Maybe something set up by the UN for the development of blockchain and funding of useful projects for the world? Suppose XRP reached $10 and Ripple still controled $55billion XRP - that would give them a war-chest worth $550 billion. If the token continued to rise to $100 they would control $5.5 trillion. This situation could happen very fast. Ripple ownership of 60% of the un-circulating supply of XRP has to be addressed before they get them selves into the invidious position of becoming some sort of benevolent financial dictatorship.. The way Ripple managed the decentralising of the nodes was exemplary. Perhaps now is the time to start setting up a fund for the accumulation of money from sales of unsold XRP. Ripple could have full control at first and then gradually invite other in to manage the fund. As XRP becomes airborne Ripples ownership rights would gradually diminish.
  13. Julian_Williams

    Welcome To XRPL Labs

    How often do we see posts deriding the XRP community as being made up of deluded fanatics and an embarrassment? No other crypto community are so hands on and effective. These guys grew out of this space and are now using their considerable talents to accelerate utility and adoption with Ripple. Thank you Ripple for picking up on their work and funding them. It is so impressive to see how quickly FUD stories are being rebuffed; special mention to Crypto Eri who within 24 hours posted two well documented FUD squashing rebuttles exposing the groundless nature of two very dangerous, sophisticated and plausible looking FUD stories that were planted since Christmas. The dangerous FUD about fake banks and costless nostro-vostro bank accounts were effectively neutralised by the XRP community before they gained traction. Our XRP community is very now diverse and full of talent. There are other interesting ideas being floated and I hope some of them are going to be picked up in future XPring, COIL and Ripple projects Of course special mention should also go to Hodor for his bi-weekly digests that keep us in all touch and up to date. ...and we are going on the offensive with carefully crafted explanations of why PoW will never work...the boot is on our foot.
  14. Julian_Williams

    Xpring is investing in Wietse Wind's XRPL Labs

    Wonderful, wonderful news
  15. I agree - the aims of Nakamoto Satoshi were to disrupt the hegemony of banks and centralisation of capital in the hands of a few wealthy barons. XRP does both of these things better than BTC,. but the BTC Marxist cannot embrace it. BTC Marxist have embraced the belief of a utopia and then built a cult and dogma that cannot tolerate others succeeding where they have failed. It is like the 1950s Soviet attitude to the development of consumerism in capitalist countries.