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  1. On another thread it was suggested that Coil represents XRP coupled with smart contract tech?
  2. I agree there is a question mark over whether Fajr Sadni might be a lone shark trade mark squatter that just happens to employed by ABB. I agree it is odd that Ripple do not trade mark in their own name, on the other hand this is a rabbit hole worth investigating further and watching. I wonder if either Ripple or ABB might clarify for us.
  3. ABB The ABB connection with Hitachi https://new.abb.com/news/detail/64657/abb-completes-divestment-of-power-grids-to-hitachi
  4. THIS IS A HUGE STORY In this video Eri goes down a Rabbit hole and finds plans for Smart cities being designed by a Finnish Swedish company called ABB (100,000 employees). https://global.abb/group/en She starts her video with referencing a hint by Brad that Ripple will build out from the Cross border payments Verticals, but nothing prepared her for what she discovered when she investigated Fajr Sadni who trade marked "Ripplenet" "PayID" and "XRP logo" on 30 June 2020 ABB largest shareholders are the Wallenbergs (Swedish bankers who have just signed a contract with Hitachi for smart power networks in 90 countries) ABB and the Wallenbergs are a huge quiet companies in banking, smart power grids, smart power blocks for cars and now blockchain with payments for smart sustainable cities Sustainability is a buzz word that has recently appeared all over Ripple's literature. Fluff Japanese Parks that are replanted with the seasons and flood lit at night Eri's Daily Crypto Journal: https://coil.com/u/TheCryptoJournal
  5. I think many of us have been perplexed that Santander were not at the forefront of the roll out of ODL, the suspicion being that this partnership might have led to disappointments. It really good news to hear how well the partnership between Ripplenet and Santander has helped Santander become more efficient. “The partnership with Ripple is key because our success so far gives us the confidence to move ahead even faster. It’s not just the technology. Being part of RippleNet has helped us to forge sustainable and scalable relationships with other financial institutions around the world. By offering more customers a better way of sending money abroad, we’re achieving our goal of helping people and companies prosper.” I presume their AP represents the way they intend to go, with perhaps 100% coverage and ODL Today, One Pay FX has expanded to 19 countries while half of the bank’s annual international transfers can now be handled by the app. That percentage is set to increase as the service rolls out to more territories and customers.
  6. Bullet points: Miguel Vias - ex Ripple charged with building liquidity 2016 -2020 (april) is still very bullish. When he arrived he was selling an unknow concept, when he left he was selling a product that worked with tremendous proved potential Thailand ODL seen last night turned out to be a bug in Utility Scan Tracker Treacher announce Remittance Platfom in EU has gone live Bitso - Eri s compares an interview from 2014 when Bitso were saying they had aspiration to provide Mexico with cheaper remittances to where they have travelled to now. She highlights an interview in Spanish. Fluff Japanese Robots cheering the Baseball teams Hotaru - Japnese Fireflies and their place in Japanese culture and art
  7. in so far as it starts with an introduction, ends with a conclusion and has some meat in the centre. But otherwise Hodor's style was more messianic (not in a bad way) and different from this
  8. Wow Tar - thank you for your insight. There are just too many financial structures and too many variables I do not understand, so I cannot altogether get my head around what is brewing. What I do have is intuition, and what you write confirms what I am feeling. The world; quality of leadership, quality of media analysis, government attitudes towards money and the growing nationalism and xenophobia are deteriorating. I have had this feeling for the last two decades and it is getting stronger. My intuition towards XRP is that it will explode upwards again in my lifetime and by owning a good number I will be financially safe, but financially safe in a world that is going wonky and getting argumentative. I also can see that by having your ear to the ground you can make huge personal fortunes in crypto. Look for the people with common sense and follow their lead. For at least a year the clever people have been saying buy VET, Tezos, XRP and I think Casino coin (?). I have not the ability to buy VET, but I have TEzos and XRP. Picking the winners is 50% luck and 50% having the common sense to spot good ideas before others. As individuals we have to look after ourselves and those around us. However bad things get there will always be pockets of happiness, and we can create those sanctuaries by being honest and generous to each other and those around us.
  9. It may once have been a weak point for you, but you seem to have an impressive grasp on the detail.
  10. This leading edge stuff and they will be back when the market turns.
  11. This is cool, hundreds of people sending 30 dollars a time across the world in secs at super low fees, we are watching history in the making.
  12. Thailand seems to have gone live - watch utility scan graphics in the last half hour - lots o little payments streaming to US, Australia and Korea https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard They are almost micro payments - 39 dollars 88 dollars
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