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  1. I dont think OP is FUDing. I am the furthest thing from a fudder and the SEC chairmans comments rubbed me the wrong way. It seems 99% of people viewed what he said as a good thing, but I am not so sure. In no uncertain terms he basically said cryptocurrencies are not securities and digital assets are. I kept asking myself why he said digital assets... Anyway, calling it a digital asset doesnt make it a security, but I did find it peculiar phrasing on the chairmans part since Ripple is the biggest party referring to their related crypto as a digital asset.. I am not really worried, BUT, it is noteworthy language.
  2. I want to say perhaps from @JoelKatz, but I am not sure I am remembering correctly. 99.99% certain somebody from Ripple said so.
  3. The SEC chairman just stated that Bitcoin as a matter of fact is not a security and will not be classified as such. I dont see Coinbase getting rid of Bitcoin, so this means they will be selling both securities and non-securities. They added ERC20 support so they will be selling all sorts of ICOs. The SEC chairman said ICOs will be listed as securities. Basically whether XRP gets deemed a security or not there is no reason for it not to show up on Coin base. That being said, XRP being deemed a security would be a disaster. In my crazy fantasy, Coinbase is thinking this: ( we want to list XRP but are afraid it could be deemed a security. Lets get licensed to handle securities and go ahead and list XRP. If it remains non-security, great, if not, then at least we wont be prosecuted. Also to sell all these Ethereum based ICOs we have to get licensed.) This is actually interesting news.. US based Exchanges are going yo HAVE to get licensed if they are selling any ICOs... The SEC chairman made it super clear. ICOs are securities.
  4. My main gripe with the Ledger Nano S is that I do not know my own secret key. I want to protect it from my computer and the internet. I do not want to protect it from myself. If there is a software glitch and my Ledger app no longer matches my 24 word mnemonic to my correct secret key, I will forever lose access to my wallet. Something like this HAS happened, to multiple people on Reddit as far as I can tell, though there is some argument as to whether it was user error. Regardless, it freaks me out. I really want to use my Ledger Nano S, but I want to have my secret key written down somewhere in case their software forgets my pairing somehow... Maybe I am confused... Not sure if this tool could provide a solution. When you arrange posts by top voted all time on the r/ledgerwallet subreddit you will see many people having different issues. I'm sure many are user error, but when looking at the comments it really does look like there has been some sloppy coding causing some problems. That is why my Ledger Nano S is still not activated. I'm paranoid. https://www.reddit.com/r/ledgerwallet/comments/7rd798/should_we_be_concerned_about_the_ledger/
  5. Omg.. Ouch... Very dumb indeed. Everyone trying to piece together the mystery thinking it was a hint to something major only to be let down by a stupid marketing idea.
  6. Davids point was that they had to solve liquidity by prioritizing remittance FIs as their first xRapid customers, because banks wouldnt be hopping on board until the unit price goes up and XRP gets liquid. I think Brads recent statements reflect that Ripple knows something we don't, and that is that liquidity will be solved this year, thus banks will jump on board.. This tells me Ripple is expecting a steep price hike in the next few months if they are expecting multiple banks to hop in before EOY. Exciting AF! I dont believe we will be waiting until EOY for our new ATH.
  7. Its been said before that during every xCurrent transaction there is a value displayed showing how much money would be saved if the transaction utilized XRP. Dangling like a carrot... So I would imagine there is literally an xRapid button..
  8. The higher the price climbs the less units they will need. So hopefully when more units are needed than exist, the price will somehow find a way to spike to make up for it.
  9. So wait a sec. If I send half of my XRP that is in my Toast Wallet to an exchange and the exchange gets hacked, instead of just having access to half my funds they have my Toast key so they have access to all of it? I thought a new wallet is generated by the exchange with a new private key.
  10. If you are in the US use a Chase bank debit card and it should be fine. It will decline at first, then call the bank and have them unlock it. Then make the purchase again and it should go through. PNC on the other hand, no luck.
  11. I agree. The price will not moon tomorrow, but tomorrow is a MASSIVE step in getting Japanese banks to start using xRapid. SBI is an absolute godsend for XRP.
  12. I hear ya, but I dont mind getting let down, I am used to it. I am hodling hardcore regardless. I do however love getting hyped up. That's how I came to purchase XRP in the first place.
  13. Holy ****!!!!! SBI is an absolute MAMMOTH: http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/company/group/ Financial services, asset management, they are even in bio-tech!
  14. I would be interested in what @Hodor has to say about this part. Will this translate into these banks using xRapid through SBI VC?
  15. I want to believe you, but I dont feel I've been presented with enough information to believe that SBI VC will translate into xRapid use by affiliate banks of SBI. If I understood that better, I would be the insanely excited.
  16. Yeah I made a big Reddit post a couple weeks back stating that a panel of judges should be elected, many people agreed, and now they come out with the crappiest way to vote possible. Not only that, but how can it be considered fair? My submission that has been in their system for weeks isnt even listed. I submitted 4 symbols and they put up my suckiest one and nixed the rest. And the best one was the first one I submitted! My best one isnt even up and it was pretty popular on Reddit... This bas been a flop. Horribly organized. Oh, but the organizers symbol is up of course... Oh hey if anybody wants to choose the symbol for the soon to be most historically significant symbol in financial world history, feel free to use a bunch of VPNs and vote spam the hell out of your choice. That is how secure this is... : P Lame. (Please dont actually do that). I am stressing about this too much considering Ripples sumbission will clearly be the winner... But its the principal of the matter. I should just take comfort in that I have a nice bag of XRP. Worrying about anything else is vanity. That being said.. It is an incredibly important decision, too much so to be handled so amateurly. I dont really care that mine is picked as much as I care the the correct choice is made. While I am not a fan of how Ripples submission comes out when handwritten, in digital it is sexy as hell. Probably the best in that regard. So I could live with it. Anyway, this voting system was a lazy and careless execution and I would venture to say intentional negligence. I mean... He opened the submissions up for voting before even listing all of the submissions, allowing a head start for many of them.
  17. Thanks, buddy. I always feel bullish after your vids.
  18. Let us address the matter head on: until yet there becomes a legitimate usefulness volume of the coin named by letters of X, R, and P, nary to occur in a fortnight, the coin will forseeably prove itslef Bitcoins servantgirl, apt to be mishandled hither and to at will. The entirety of the, "What value shall the denomination accrue?", chalk studies, mathemeticians plotting, etcetera... Are nary more than mental self-fondling, in futile wants to prosper financially. All of whom bore witness to Sir Brad Galrlinghouse of the Americas in his recent ploy across the home picture-drafting machinery, would conclude the gentleman strode great lengths to not amble towards conflation of the Ripple establishment and the coin aforementioned by designation of the lettering, X, R, and P - as with the man were but a b*tch clawing away to extinguish her botherous flea ailment.
  19. Ledger Nano S scares the shizer out of me with their wonky software, but I bought one! Waiting to see how the new software is received when it comes out.
  20. Fear is merely the F in FUD. Don't worry. It would make no sense for mass volume to not drive the price up.
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