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  1. Thanks for the reply @stefanosd . Very useful to understand how i should be approaching this. Can I ask for your view on one more thing in regards to the XRP in escrow which will be released periodically..how will this affect price... presumably it will dilute price or will the escrow releases be in line with what higher liquidity is required? Where do we realistically see price in eg 5 years 10 years assuming adoption is high (as it should be ). Thanks again... a very clear and concise response (in a sea of " xrp will moon" and " xrp will be a $1000 sure thing" :-).
  2. Hi all, I'm a ripple holder looking for some clearer insight...but the more I research the more i wonder about the decline of the future xrp price. I'm newish to crypto but have traded most asset classes over time. My primary concern is this ...and I'm hoping that I'll get a flood of "no your logic is wrong" or "it doesnt work like that" ...anyway we shall see... but my thinking is .... assuming the huge liquidity that the current circulating supply offers..and also assuming the transaction speed of ripple...surely there will always be ample xrp in the pot to facilitate the fiatA-xrp-fiatB process. So why would the xrp token be in demand if there is always enough in the pot that no one needs to hold xrp themselves. Ps I hope my logic is wrong and xrp price sees huge growth. Please help me understand if my above point is a factor or if I'm way off. Thanks in advance.
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