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  1. Well I spent a few k's on zerps......then one day I saw the price under .60 and pages and pages of bg123 and tinfoiled hats and I blacked out. I woke up a few days later with an addition charge on my bank account, tinfoil hat club disbanded, 20 different charts on my computer, pictures on my wall with strings attached in spiderweb fashion and the word HODL written many times on my wall in red ink. If you ask me I think something big might be happening soon.
  2. Sounds like a plan. I was hopping xrp would turn cause I over extended myself recently. I might need to liquidate some assets if we drop any lower.
  3. Hey Ripplista, is it possible that your program is telling you what XRP should be atm however it cant not take into account the manipulation that is being done so it seems broke? That means with all the news we had recently received xrp should be at least $27 atm. Wouldn't that be something?
  4. I wonder if we will see a bullish run up thru mid May just like last year? It would be nice especially if we hit a new ATH. I don't know about you guys but I am expecting that new high to be near $7 then a possible sell off.
  5. Weak hands would. Speaking of the markets I remind myself of this principle often "wealth is not lost only transferred, from the fearful to the fearless."
  6. I was wondering today who would be willing to trade such small margins. Your bot theory sounds to fit the bill. Nobody in their right mind should consider selling at these lows. This is the time to load up on XRP especially if ya brought in at 3 bucks.
  7. May 14-16 Coindesk is hosting the Consensus event with over 4.500 attendees. We should expect to see a bull run leading up to the event with a possible sell off after the event ends. I too believe we have hit a floor at .56 that level has been rejected quite a few times today alone.
  8. This seems very realistic considering that there is enough xrp in escrow to steadily feed liquidity for the next 4 years. However enough FOMO could get us there sooner.
  9. I believe XRP will achieve 1st on it's own. I sure CB recognizes that but dont want to be that guy who causes BTC to fall.
  10. I just brought some more this morning at the exceptional low price of .57 pennies. Years from now I will be telling my children about it and they will think I'm trying to pull a fast one on them.
  11. They wont add XRP because it would decouple from BTC and ETH as trading pairs. CB would be blamed for XRP's push into 1st place.
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