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  1. Not all of it. The difference of ~57b that's there is about 50b escrowed and 6.7b available CMC takes its data from Ripple's data api here: https://data.ripple.com/v2/network/xrp_distribution Last record at 2019-09-15T00, shows total 99991343356, distributed 43080011224, escrowed 50200000013 and undistributed 6711332118.
  2. Regarding the inflation rate, it seems that Brad is considering programmatic sales against the total amount of XRP Ripple distributed. Most of the distirbuted XRP comes from OTC sales and the founders' holdings, so it seems to me that in your calculation you either have to consider all XRP released (including OTC sales) in the numerator or exclude from the denominator the XRPs that typically are not in the market (OTC sales contract, Jed's, etc)
  3. There is one yes, but it's been moved under "rippled-unmaintained" and it hasn't been committed to for years. I've been thinking of starting one, including a Spring module and a Spring boot starter, but never got to it. Judging from Ripple careers page they write a lot of java, so it's a curious thing why Ripple is not maintaining an open source library.
  4. I'd say Codius was released prematurely. However, as a project, it looks promising.
  5. I thought only David was at Ripple and Arthur was at Polysign
  6. Yup. For a community with so many "blockchain experts," we sure have way too few proper projects.
  7. I bet the average age here is higher than other cyrptocurrency communities. I feel like it's easier for a 20 year old to be a crypto-anarchist / BTC maximalist than a 35 year old.
  8. For as long as the price is coupled with BTC I just ignore the paid FUDsters or the ideologically challenged BTC maximalists. What I care for now is to understand to what extend has the investigation into price manipulation caused this downfall, and what's going on with that.
  9. There is no "off the XRP ledger". If you want to deposit XRP to your bitstamp address you can do it, just don't forget to use the destination tag along with the address. If this is your first time and you want to test it out just to make sure you can just a few XRPs at first. Afterall XRP is the fastest and cheapest crypto for transactions
  10. XRP and BTC are to some extend at war, because XRP makes fiat payments easy. You can find how Ripple investors are also CB investors and assume that means they are working together, but xRapid makes Jack Dorsey's statement that BTC is the currency of the internet false, and kills this whole idea of having internet merchants accepting BTC to which CB will be offering check-out like Paypal does. CB will need to generate enough through xRapid to balance out losing on BTC, because adding XRP is like shooting themselves in the foot. Edit: XRP can't, and possibly doesn't want to kill BTC, it just makes it optional. CB wants to make BTC mandatory.
  11. There are 113 open issues on Github at this moment. It would be nice if they used milestones so we could know which of those will be included in version 1.1 @JoelKatz
  12. Early BTC adopters were mostly libertarian tech people who thought BTC would bring anarchy, destroy banks and governments. Some of those people are whales now, so it makes absolute sense that they would hate on Ripple who is bringing the blockchain technology (and even better) to the banks. The motivation for the whales to manipulate the price of XRP is absolutely there. As to the extent in which they do, that remains to be proven.
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