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  1. David clearly said that companies were unwilling to let them handle retail payments before the system was tested. In my mind this makes perfect sense, especially when it comes to regulations. The regulator's job is protect first and foremost the retailer, so it makes sense that they would require them first to test it with the "big boys money" before allowing retail. Looking at it from this angle -if true- then this is actually a big win.
  2. Agreed. Using ILP to stream money into ILP-enabled custodians like Uphold is awesome, but the problem is not on the receiving end but the sending end. So far it's just Coil with a subscription-based model. It seems there is a long way to go before the vision is realized of browsers managing money like they do with other resources.
  3. By "just" do you mean your tools? The git commit for adding domain to the manifest dates back March 2019, however when I added xrparcade.com to our manifest the validator instantly disappeared from the Ripple data api. It seemed that either your crawler was unable to parse it, or it filtered it out. This forced me to revert back to SSL based domain verification, but since I use cloudflare shared SSL certificate I actually had to spin up a new small VM with nginx just to serve a certificate for domain verification. Coupled with the fact the data API sometimes may go down for days without anyone noticing I think you guys could give it a little bit more love.
  4. Our validator runs on digitalocean on a general purpose machine with 4 vCPUs and 16 GB memory, which costs $120 a month (https://www.digitalocean.com/pricing/). A production machine according to xrpl.org (https://xrpl.org/capacity-planning.html) should be double that, which costs double, at $240 month. That's still hobbyist machines. A real production environment ran by an organization who relies on their validator for business-critical operations (e.g. exchanges) should have multiple servers clustered, monitoring infrastructure, an op center, engineers always on call, etc.
  5. yes actually. Satoshi invented the combustion engine and Ripple upgraded it and put it on a car.
  6. I"m curious about what such an action from the SEC and a court decision would mean on a global scale. It's a USA court, the USA SEC and a USA company, but XRP was sold everywhere. If Ripple is "punished" will other countries have ground to make demands?
  7. Not all of it. The difference of ~57b that's there is about 50b escrowed and 6.7b available CMC takes its data from Ripple's data api here: https://data.ripple.com/v2/network/xrp_distribution Last record at 2019-09-15T00, shows total 99991343356, distributed 43080011224, escrowed 50200000013 and undistributed 6711332118.
  8. Regarding the inflation rate, it seems that Brad is considering programmatic sales against the total amount of XRP Ripple distributed. Most of the distirbuted XRP comes from OTC sales and the founders' holdings, so it seems to me that in your calculation you either have to consider all XRP released (including OTC sales) in the numerator or exclude from the denominator the XRPs that typically are not in the market (OTC sales contract, Jed's, etc)
  9. There is one yes, but it's been moved under "rippled-unmaintained" and it hasn't been committed to for years. I've been thinking of starting one, including a Spring module and a Spring boot starter, but never got to it. Judging from Ripple careers page they write a lot of java, so it's a curious thing why Ripple is not maintaining an open source library.
  10. I'd say Codius was released prematurely. However, as a project, it looks promising.
  11. I thought only David was at Ripple and Arthur was at Polysign
  12. Yup. For a community with so many "blockchain experts," we sure have way too few proper projects.
  13. I bet the average age here is higher than other cyrptocurrency communities. I feel like it's easier for a 20 year old to be a crypto-anarchist / BTC maximalist than a 35 year old.
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