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  1. Hi @peebo38 , hope you are well I'm one of the many average person that invest in regular markets (stocks/banks). 40yr old and I work for a Multinacional IT company. I got to know Ripple in last October. Since then, I did not invest in any Crypto before. I start with a few thousands of XRP last year and increase my positions on the bull run that happen in December and January by FOMO. The only reason that I invest in XRP and Crypto was because the company Ripple. Right now, I'm increasing my stack based on facts and confirmed road-map by Ripple. As you may see, I don't post here a lot, but since January, I start to read a lot about XRP and Ripple and I can tell you, that here is my best source, comparing to Reddit or other sites. I just like to send you this little note, as you are one official employee of Ripple, understand that a lot of people like me, only invest in Crypto because the COMPANY Ripple. Not because 100% speculation or lotery ticket. Facts about the company make me believe that INVESTING in XRP will give me a best return when comparing to stocks or regular banks applications. So, for a regular/average person, middle year, I'd like here. and I'd like people's feelings and believers. I'm a very mathematical person and regarding money I try to stick to plans. (except for the little FOMO in January, but it was ok). So, welcome, and I hope that you could got the info that you need to pass out to company C-Level. Cheers Edu
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    I’m sorry for your loss. Hope for the best on you
  3. For me either. I’m one E-toro customer and all my XRP are stored in their Wallet.I can not withdrawl XRP right now but as soon they finish their wallet, I’ll have the option to move all my XRP to the wallet and pay some kind of security storage.
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