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  1. I've been using Bithomp over the last couple months to catalogue exchanges and transactions on an old wallet I used to trade on. Things were going just fine until something changed with the way Bithomp allows you to sort wallet histories. I used to be able to sort by payments or exchanges and also by most recent or oldest. I was able to use these sorting parameters to get all the information I needed. Now the options just say "Last transactions" and "Exchange orders" with no option to order by age. In fact, "Exchange orders" gives no history for me and just says "No records. Check payments." which I cannot do anymore. This change just happened a couple days ago and I'm bummed, because I need more info and Bithomp was the only place I know of to get it. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I've never had this issue with Gatehub. Are you sure something else isn't going on? Could you go more in depth on what happened? You deposited BTC and ETH and received less BTC and ETH than you should have?
  3. Bitstamp (the trading platform) trading happens on internal ledgers in their own database. It's separate from the XRPLedger pair. They're two separate markets, although it's super easy to send USD and XRP between the XRPLedger and Bitstamp's ledger, so they're usually quite close in value.
  4. Looks like both of the addresses in that transaction are tied to Bitfinex. Probably just moving funds between hot and cold wallets.
  5. Hey there. Bithumb is a Korean exchange. The Korean exchanges are kind of a closed system because you have to be a South Korean citizen to use them. Therefore there's little opportunity for arbitrage to equalize the market.
  6. $1mil in low risk index funds can net you an average safe withdrawal rate of $30k per year after accounting for inflation. Assuming that's your only income in the U.S., that's $25.5k per year post tax for doing nothing.
  7. If you did all of your trading before the IRS made any sort of indication that crypto would be taxed as property and that crypto-crypto trades were not like-kind, how would you put together a comprehensive list of taxable events if you did not track every individual exchange at the time? With several thousand exchanges at different market rates with different currencies at different times with different wallets all occurring on the XRPL, how would you put something like this together years after the fact?
  8. That's a graphical error that happens sometimes with xrpcharts, if you look at the volume for that candle it's around 50k XRP, not enough to push that far down. Refresh the page.
  9. About $500? So? 444500% is a little bit out there for 3 years of growth. $1000 XRP is like new world currency level.
  10. Highly doubtful to happen. IPOs are necessary to raise funds and Ripple Inc. is well past that point. Why would they go public and have to answer to shareholders?
  11. It's not fixed. The reserve has changed a few times. It used to be 100 XRP! Another point is that if XRP reaches those numbers, the game will probably have changed a bit, i.e. individuals won't be required to have a wallet. A bank could use one wallet to service all of its customers' needs with the help of destination tags.
  12. Here's 1000 XRP to put us over the goal. Awesome initiative, Mercury!
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