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  1. Yay. Another fuddy duddy post. Just what xrpchat needs. Maybe head over to reddit.
  2. As a NH native, I never knew the significance of our tiny piece of the globe in this context. This article is intriguing on many levels. Thank you!
  3. One thing that's interesting is the reference to working on this within the next sprint. A sprint is a term indicating a duration of agile team-based software development. If it was just someone working on this in their spare time I don't think they would have made such a comment. What could this all mean? No idea
  4. Are there google analytics for xrp chat? Curious if volume to this site is also on the rise. I'd venture that google searches could start folks dipping their toes, but xrp chat is when people start to get serious. At least that's what happened here haha
  5. I saw a western union commercial on tv last night. I cant recall in my entire life seeing one before. Why not launch a new ad campaign if youve got a shiny new best in class, ripple powered product
  6. I assume (maybe incorrectly) that this is to reiterate that xrp is not a security rather than a change in strategy. Probably less likely but still conceivable is that it also could be trying to change the perception in order to help counter some points or perceptions that has come up during contract negotiations. Not trying to take it all the way to the extreme but on the central bank/settlement currency thing...no one wants to see that awarded to a COMPANY. Distance could be strategic. If we were to learn that Ripple or their execs dumped their own stash, then I personally would be conce
  7. The tweets dont really bother me. Unless the MG pilot is going terribly I find it impossible to believe that WM would not insist on using Moneygram's cheapest and fastest product in the future. If I were to guess WM has among the brightest procurement staff there is, and knowing that MG is likely to drastically reduce their costs in the future with xrp it could even already be in the contract to pass on savings to WM. To imply that MG gets to keep all of the profit I think is incorrect. WM, I'd guess, would simply not let that happen. Big companies dont like to be treated like an ex
  8. I acknowledge it's unrealistic, but after watching this my mind went to the binance move to Malta and that crazy picture with the Malta flag/Ripple logo. Any chance theres something in the works with binance?
  9. Probably not worth a new thread for this, but I was trying to mentally counter the argument that banks wont use xrp. If that were true, couldn't WU start to market their xrapid based pipeline to smaller banks as a cheaper alternative to the correspondant banking system? Im clearly not an expert here but it just seems that banks really are going to have to get on-board else face major disruption from either smaller players or new entrants ready to eat their lunch.
  10. New poster here but been lurking for a while now. I'm curious if the hodl mentaility very often espoused in the crypto/digital asset space is counter to the clearly beneficial use cases of using xrp (or any coin/token) for purchases? If everyone expects the value to rise dramatically over time, will anyone actually be willing to spend their zerps on things? And if not, is HODL actually a double edged sword? Curious other's opinions. Thanks!
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