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  1. What is the use of a basket currencie like the SDR if they can just swap their local currencie for a foreign currencie by using XRP? If there ever comes a point when their is enough liquidity of course.
  2. 15:25 More information about project aber: http://www.sama.gov.sa/en-US/News/Pages/news29012019.aspx Can someone explain to me what they mean with "common digital currency "? I think I know but that might just be my personal bias speaking
  3. Willem Middelkoop over de monetaire reset. Hij beweert hier dat Mark Carney in zijn speech zegt dat Ripple technologie mischien gebruikt gaat worden maar XRP niet (3:30 en 17:20). Ik vind hier alleen niks van terug. Mis ik iets of praten ze over een andere speech? (Hij geeft zelf al aan dat het een BTC maxi is). De speech waar ze volgens mij over praten vind je in onderstaande link. https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/-/media/boe/files/speech/2019/the-growing-challenges-for-monetary-policy-speech-by-mark-carney.pdf?la=en&hash=01A18270247C456901D4043F59D4B79F09B6BFBC Eerlijk gezegd gaat een groot deel van het interview mij boven de pet maar misschien zijn er mensen die dit beter begrijpen en het interessant vinden om hierover te speculeren. Wie weet leer ik nog wat
  4. Ripple has in the past stated that they don't promote XRP as an investment right? So what changed? And what do they tell those big players to convince them to invest while the market is so volatile right now?
  5. Robert Nass en Simon Lellieveldt over de FATF. Op het YT kanaal van Cafe Weltschmerz worden binnenkort meer afleveringen over vergelijkbare onderwerpen verwacht.
  6. Do you think banks will design there own PRX like currency for internal use and make there own decisions on how to store them for there customers and that the equivalent amount of XRP gets locked up on the ledger? Or do you think one day i can store my XRP at my own bank. I hope one day the value increases i can earn interest on my XRP by my own bank. Thank you for al the information you provide to us @BobWay. (Not a native speaker)
  7. http://blogs.worldbank.org/peoplemove/node/1672 Article was posted in June but still a nice read i think
  8. Most of you say banks wont hold xrp during a financial crisis. But what do you guys think about banks using xrp during a crisis? Its about utility right?
  9. So you think Xrapid usage wil affect the price the same way speculative buying and selling does now? I think volume increase through Xrapid wil always drive price up. volume increase on one exchance can also mean alot of people selling right? So it doesnt really tell you much.
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