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  1. Supply really matters, but the ace in xrp's case is the anticipated levels of volume that Xrapid will bring.
  2. I agree with you. More like the devil calling humans evil. But I have a feeling Buttcoin is here forever, but the best coin will eventually rule over it. The bet is on XRP.
  3. She really needs that message. Her freaking out is quite understandable. The market massacre ain't in no way encouraging. But I urge everyone not to forget why they fancied XRP. A news of Xrapid going into production will make XRP the king of this market. I hope it happen very soon though.
  4. 4. Day traders always roaming chat rooms for info!
  5. Funny thing is there'll always be FUDders as long as the market exists, which I believe is forever, but those would be new FUDders. The current haters would have bought in at maybe 50 dollars ???
  6. I'm over 60% in red, but no way I'm leaving this ship. My attention is currently on the value not the price, the current price is very deceptive.
  7. Hahaha....and Ripple is literally 6 year old at the moment!
  8. It couldn't have been said better than you did... It goes to show the horrible state of his heart.
  9. Much respect to Buffett for his enormous success over the decades. But the point is he should have kept quiet about stuff he's not sure of.
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