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  1. Might I suggest taking a small part of your stack and use it to practice buying and selling the daily/weekly swings. It will acclimate you to feeling of executing an order and give you a better feel for the market. If you are doing anything but HODL, practice with low stakes.
  2. Great sleuthing! I think we'll see some announcements soon about real-world usage of Ripple's platforms and XRP. Remember, businesses exist to make money and Ripple will do exactly that. Hang on!
  3. So, for the sake of saving research time, what coins are you looking at? Totally asking for someone else...
  4. I've got some fiat ready for the dump. There has to be some profit taking here soon, thus, another opp to increase the stack.
  5. https://www.vox.com/conversations/2018/4/11/17206018/bitcoin-blockchain-cryptocurrency-weaver If you read the whole thing, it inadvertently makes the case for Ripple. LOL
  6. Amen to this. Couldn't agree more. Alex, when you are on CNN in 6 months, hold off on the f-bombs. But, when your wrapping with us clowns on XRPChat, let 'em rip.
  7. It's been proven that people who swear frequently are more trustworthy and tend to be more intelligent. I'm just saying...
  8. I just took a small portion of my stack and invested in Depends. Thanks to you, I have a much more diversified portfolio.
  9. I listen to MSNBC in my car via Sirius. They play different ads on the radio feed then what is on the boobtube. Regardless, they just played an ad for a service that will add crypto to your 401k and investment portfolio. It was pretty terrible production but Ripple was mentioned by name. Marketing experts will tell you that it takes around 10 impressions for a product to 'land' on a consumers radar. Assuming these ads become ubiquitous, my prediction is that we start to see a new crop of people investigating crypto investments in 2-4 months. Marketing, even bad radio marketing, is a powerful thing. Anybody else hearing similar ads?
  10. Read this article which states they are giving away ALV token to XRP holders if they opt-in: https://www.coindesk.com/xrp-ico-happening-whether-ripple-likes-not/ I have two questions for the group: Is it worth our time to opt-in? If yes, has anybody sorted out how to do so? Cheers.
  11. Trying taking a small amount of your stack and playing the micro movements. It's making this miserable bear market a little fun as we wait for the bulls to run again. Make it a game as time flies when we're having fun.
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