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  1. It seems a couple of “guys” here spend the whole day living inside this little world! Time to get out of the basement! Find a job and stop dreaming! Mom’s gettin upset of the bad odor in the basement! Get a job! Get a life! And Stop dreaming of overnight riches!
  2. Im with you! These Fomo freaks are worst than Hugo Drax!
  3. This is gettin unhealthy.. dear God! Now we have a guy talking liKe Yoda giving advice... Stop the doritos and mountain dew and get out of the basement!!! Feels like a Tron forum..
  4. This is gettin worse by the minute... now listening to a youtube “decoder”.. What next? Crop signs? Between the guy from the jungle, the blonde youtube “thank you for your donation” kid and now this decoder.. we are pushing to all time lows in sanity
  5. Im sorry i was just kidding a little, i hold a little more than 10k xrps , just frustrated dont get me wrong brother! Have a good night.
  6. One of the “little kings” , i sent my nano to the bank deposit box, im not selling, but come on! A little reality check wont harm !
  7. Preach! Too many guys spending the whole 24 hrs in here! Feeling as kings in this little realm! For me a mega optimistic is the same as a fudster! REALITY IS UPON US!! Wake up
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