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  1. This asset is still amazing to me. Suck it up haters & enjoy your future regrets
  2. I do love her content. A sensible gem in the ocean of hype vids on yt
  3. just saw bob way in a you tube video (90114 - yllop) (1min31sec) so totally not ripple related but wishing everyone a happy 4th of July so good to see him looking well at least
  4. fair enough all that I can agree with. I think he'll turn up working on an xrp project some time but quiet for now which is fine.
  5. all the negative folks looking for the worst conspiracy bollocks. A person who wrote words we liked is doing something else (or something similar or more so they don't want to talk about) & we are supposed to feel like we're owed something? Er nope I don't follow that I'm a princess logic. I'm happy to do my own research & not think the worst just cause someone isn't summarising it for me. I still think the future is bright, you're welcome to disagree with that & call me an optimist or delusional but I'm not crying 'cause an internet identity didn't ask my permission for
  6. that is a huge unknown as I can't recall anyone ever commenting on how much they had in n/v & how much that would normally last (plus if volumes have been lower with covid?) Plus the how traceable will small payments be if/when they return?
  7. Maybe I'm optimistic but it sounds and looks exactly what I would expect removal of n/v accounts to look like. Namely the big customer uses odl for a bit to top up such n/v aka "treasury" payments. Then after proving it works reliably with saving customer decides to apply it to the actual individual payments AFTER they have burned thru their n/v (or reduced to whatever level they are comfortable with) then volumes (if they're as easy to trace in small payments?) will return........ AKA this could be all the things you mention. So suck up that negativity soldier & have a warm gl
  8. is btc secretly tommen baratheon in this analogy?
  9. jesus lots of fud haters here, must mean it's time for a rerun of er whatever season 2017 was. lol
  10. I will still pea myself laughing if this is just how it happens going from topping up n/v accounts to the actual individual payments (where the drop off is the n/v getting used up) as it is the holy land of what Ripple have targeted & we have been seeking for years but here we are all shitting our pants.....
  11. I'll say again how does a happy customer who was using it to top up their nostro/vostro accounts switch to killing the n/v & using it for actual as needed payments on odl? First they have to use up their n/v funds which would in the short term mean a drop in any previously increasing odl use, after n/v used up volumes will return but in smaller individual size. Simples
  12. Much discussion about this following ripples Asheesh Birla's tweet about this yesterday. See "Staying the course in remittances and SME payments" thread in the press section.
  13. I've been thinking about this all day & although it could just be my delusional optimism could it not also just be, as partly touched on above with the Schwartz tweets etc, that this is just switching from large top ups to keep the nostro/vostro's topped up AKA "treasury" & now they trust it works & are happy to use it directly for the smaller individual payments. If we're talking moneygram here then does that cover all the corridors which have now dropped? If the end goal/promise of removing the need for nostro/vostros is or could be happening now how would it be handled
  14. in simple terms the insider info people post on social media is generally complete bollox so by saying you follow all of them it will get many rolling their eyes. IMO nothing wrong with a bit of optimism but worth taking the fantasies with a large pinch of salt & just see the funny side.
  15. Great news as always Leonidas, tempted to joke that we found an exchange even slower than coinbase for them to only just list it but all good in the end
  16. This was my understanding too as he mentioned being a programmer & with his intimate knowledge of the xrpl & his popularity it probably wouldn't take much of a spark of an idea for Ripple to fund any business endeavours he might have which could be xrp based. Time will tell but I'm sure he'll turn up some time, just not as an F-ing bear. lol
  17. even if nothing of note comes out of it I could listen to that mans words for a damned long time
  18. Aha I think we may of unmasked the true reason behind his exiting stage left. Perish the thought that it is for some fabulous & productive idea he wishes to deploy on the xrpl, he's just scared of needles! Jokes aside as everyone else has said you're a legend whatever name you go by & will be missed but hopefully whatever new goal you have is productive for you personally & potentially for all things xrp based best of luck either way. Hodor
  19. One question I've always wanted to know, if you look at your own article etc does it stream you micropayments? Not trying to get free xrp honest
  20. it's been a pretty good platform for me but time to talk with my XRP & move what I'd left on there, for an easy sell, elsewhere.
  21. I stumbled across a rumour her replacement at the imf could be the current governor of the bank of England mark carney who if we read between the lines tin foil hat style is also ripple friendly. If so potentially a win win.
  22. the one bit which got my ear was when she said a phrase along the lines of most Ripples funding comes from xrp sales. Maybe not a revelation but usually it's worded as they make their money from selling software & the xrp sales are left as a known thing but not the core profitability of the business. Otherwise a brilliant listen, she is so well spoken & faultless.
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