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  1. that's my point he wasn't representing them he was talking about his view on them from 10 years ago & his view on the world now, it's ok to describe him as the x CEO 'cause er that's what he was, doesn't needs swifts permission to call a spade a spade?
  2. to be fair he left swift a long time ago so wasn't even trying to sell anyone on them
  3. Have to say I agree, I enjoyed the bearableguy stuff when it was a bear market with not much else to do. Think the alleged stuff happening while you were at same place as ckj the other week probably only fuelled any link people may have wished to draw between you & bg123. Keep it real
  4. I'll believe it when I see it, and I'd rather not & have a smaller slice of a bigger cake as BTC dying would hurt everything too much. Anyway my point is China has been saying this & manipulating the market with such threats for years...….
  5. New question for you, which you may not wish to talk about as I believe David et al have to keep closed lipped presumably for NDA reasons: How big, or what is your understanding of how big or what Polysign could be or do in the whole crypto environment? Is it just (lol like it's a small thing) a custody thing or does it have other potential applications? Cheers boss
  6. anyone done any digging on Xendpay as a company? I only ask as the first thing which jumped out at me was the similar use of X=S as Xpring, unlikely to be any link but worth asking...…?
  7. Great work. Just to correct a typo in the bittrex to bitso analysis you seem to of misspelt continual: "with no recent continualt activity", also for the hunt "A transaction for just over 1,200 XRP" when it's actually referencing 12,000 xrp so lacking a zero.
  8. not known one way or the other then is what you actually mean?
  9. presume it's referring to these older ones (seen in these articles) with ripple folks & imf groups: https://xrprightnow.com/imf-and-ripple-what-is-going-on/ https://www.coindesk.com/imf-just-finished-first-high-level-meeting-blockchain
  10. pretty sure Jeds %age was based on the volumes happening on the ledger itself otherwise a smart (or other word here) man like Jed could just increase the "wash" trades on exchanges & shift his stack much quicker.....
  11. lol ok you can get **** info on most other formats too
  12. worth noting twitter is the worst place to go to for balanced info, by it's very nature it just gets short aggressive bs more often than not, if you can stomach such things there are nuggets of useful info but as I say not the best place to visit for some grown up debates on real issue......
  13. its a joke about aliens probing you
  14. mojoloop, that's the thing I was trying to recall: https://cointelegraph.com/news/gates-foundation-to-partner-with-ripple-and-coil-to-support-pro-poor-payment-systems http://mojaloop.io/
  15. not that im aware of but they are part of the gates foundation which is focused on this area...…...
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