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  1. Not sure what you mean? Not heard of any concerns over sending GBP cross border because of Brexit. The only border limits are getting on a plane with over £10k & not declaring it as I recall but that's nowt to do with Brexit?
  2. sounds promising but I sure aint getting as excited as many of the youtubers about this as some small branch/departments who does gawd knows what having a play with ripple doesn't mean a new world order, plus the evidence itself wasn't overly set in stone let alone recent. For all we know they are just some techies trying out the tech. Not that that can't lead somewhere & we know lots of good noises coming from the UN & XRP folks have ties in with them BUT it's not a confirmed use case or even a trial really.
  3. scoobysi

    XRP deemed not a security in Europe...

    Blimey I have really found the opposite to be true, US is slow & missing the boat & the rest of the world are way ahead with crypto regulations. True enough when whoever manages to confirms in US crypto isn't a security will make the market grow massively. But I really don't see how the US is leading the way at all beyond the fact that Ripple is a US company?
  4. scoobysi

    Star Wars Universe asked, "Is XRP a security?"

    lmfao, that was fun
  5. Thanks for posting. Great chat by Marcus as always & all the panellists seemed to share many of the same visions. I'll plead ignorance on the what & how but Marcus referred to being infinitely scalable, presume this just includes off ledger type actions.....Either way love seeing such confidence!!!
  6. agree with lordvet on this one, doubt there will be much beyond some good sound bights, Hopefully though it could be something larger, hope at least Marjan can deliver a better tech blow this time. I'm not normally a huge fan of her delivery but we are spoilt by the charisma of Ripple employees so it's a tough benchmark for her......
  7. scoobysi

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    which lambo is the one I struggle with...…...
  8. scoobysi

    UK Fish

    Nice one, I may of had a cheeky look on dvla site for any good xrp based plates for when the day comes & I have enough money to not worry about btc vandals. That one surely wins, just for having 1 as only number will make it pretty valuable already
  9. scoobysi

    RippleNet is needed in Africa

    I presume their work with the gates foundation will (hopefully) bring a suitable result for such areas & potential...…….
  10. scoobysi

    UK Fish

    dudes you might want to delete some of the previous address info as no-one, or their nearest & dearest, wants to have their whereabouts known to anyone who wants to find them. Especially when we're talking about such future wealth as we do here
  11. scoobysi

    Trading XRP from the UK

    I always take the fees with a pinch of salt as I care about end results so may have a worse rate on XRP or as GBP to bank hence why I'm going to do a trial later. Yet to do anything so can't really add anything constructive yet. I will post something when I do it...…..
  12. did anyone crack the code round the outside of the white board on the last big picture?
  13. scoobysi

    Trading XRP from the UK

    will add that to the trial list, don't think it was mentioned or available for GBP when I first drew it up. At first glance 1% withdraw fee by wire transfer...
  14. scoobysi

    Trading XRP from the UK

    In the early days when I first wanted in quick I bought ETH (even BTC first off till I learnt) on bittilicious to send to binance & convert to XRP. Bitti definitely isn't the cheapest but pretty easy & pain free. Nowadays I have wirex which tends to come out marginally cheaper than the above but very similar & is so easy & instant & easy to transfer wherever you want. Only limitation is you can only do £1k per day if you were looking for some larger purchases. Nice to have the card too if just to get a bit of free BTC for using the GBP debit cards in store. For selling when the time comes I am going to do a few trials to see which works out cheapest & easiest/quickest. My shortlist is as follows: Kraken, limits=$25k per day, $200k per month. From what I read fees cheaper than bitstamp but takes longer. Bitstamp, no limits although some comments they may ask some OTT questions if over a certain amount LBX (London block exchange), 2.45% withdraw fee (0.95% for premium members which costs £10 pcm so maybe worth doing for bigger amounts), 0.5% trade fee Wirex, more of a bench mark as I'm familiar with it & should be easy & give me something to compare how the above fees work out in comparison, is limited to holding £15k I think it is on the card & not sure if that can be sent to bank or just payments made off it (which if it's cheap I'm fine with paying mortgage off & lambos etc etc. lol) I bought a few hundred zerps to play with & test the above out when the markets a little better, no rush & likely to be many more options at such a time...….
  15. scoobysi

    UK Fish

    Sounds like a reasonable split, XLM is loathed with good reason c/o the whole Jed thing but even I had to buy a small %age just in case it stole ripples market. Unlikely but worth hedging risk against for me. PS welcome to the UK massive