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  1. just to be a pedantic knob you appear to have written the times in 24 hour standard & thus said it's 7am not pm?
  2. I was always waiting for him to come out & be one of the people behind flare or another xrpl project, not happened yet but that maybe sensible if it's trying to appeal to all not just xrp lovers.........
  3. on the subject in hand of the xrpl decentralisation how many non ripple funded companies are building on the xrpl as that seems to be one of the points of the sec case? Wietse would of been an awesome example but also got ripple funding so was trying to recall others?
  4. the title made me laugh which is much needed. Good work
  5. Without knowing the end results, which it's easy to argue about , has anyone got any interesting specific details from the report? If nothing else it gives some interesting info, eg if Investor A or B (can't recall which without going back) is R3 with which the report tries to hang a 30% discount ripple offered (makes for great fud/hate ) & a $240mn total this is interesting as some detail of how the previous out of court agreement was met which was supposed to be 1bn but i can't recall the price? Also does it potentially point a big flaw in their point that the 30% discount was taken
  6. I thought Kraken main man Jesse Powell was pro xrp if not obviously vocally so?
  7. what prices do you see per ripple share on the platforms you can see? On bnktothefuture it appears to be at $61.4 on a few sales in August+ having been between $16 & $30 a go for the previous year or so?
  8. saw an interesting alleged polysign patent on twitter earlier which seemed to involve facial & vocal recognition as some kind of authorisation.....
  9. it's quiet most places & doubt talking like that will get much positive feedback but each to their own
  10. This asset is still amazing to me. Suck it up haters & enjoy your future regrets
  11. I do love her content. A sensible gem in the ocean of hype vids on yt
  12. just saw bob way in a you tube video (90114 - yllop) (1min31sec) so totally not ripple related but wishing everyone a happy 4th of July so good to see him looking well at least
  13. fair enough all that I can agree with. I think he'll turn up working on an xrp project some time but quiet for now which is fine.
  14. all the negative folks looking for the worst conspiracy bollocks. A person who wrote words we liked is doing something else (or something similar or more so they don't want to talk about) & we are supposed to feel like we're owed something? Er nope I don't follow that I'm a princess logic. I'm happy to do my own research & not think the worst just cause someone isn't summarising it for me. I still think the future is bright, you're welcome to disagree with that & call me an optimist or delusional but I'm not crying 'cause an internet identity didn't ask my permission for
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