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  1. not relevant IMO. I don't overly care what anyone here, regardless of age, does with the rest of their life. Yes it's generally nice if people the world over have balanced healthy lives & I will try to help give such virtues to my offspring. As adults though the rest of you can blow it on "boats n hoes" or education, charity or whatever. It's your life, enjoy it.
  2. scoobysi

    Galgitron’s blog: Hopium

    perfect example of an enjoyable read & loving the wording & humour, even though I disagree with some of the point of the article. I'm a bit of a hypocrite cause I'd like to read things I disagree with to expand my appetite but I do also think I'm always right as a scientist I can always change my mind & be right again when my errors can be show to be false methodically. lmfao at the slapping self but enjoying it line, & I enjoy the fact you're almost laughing at yourself as you spray colourful words in my face. A good read would recommend to a friend or enemy lol
  3. scoobysi

    Home Sweet Home

    NB be careful of the pooch, I believe farmers within rights to shoot any dog "worrying" sheep.
  4. scoobysi

    XRParrot is live

    I almost see your point as it is basic graphically speaking but knowing what I do about it I love the simplicity of the operation, transfer my bank cash into zerps in the cheapest way available. I'm going to try using it shortly to bench mark the price it manages to get...…..
  5. looks like you have to subscribe/pay to read the full article so none the wiser. Presume as above they are talking trillion not million mind but even then the basic maths of 35% increase a year doesn't quite work.
  6. for what it's worth rather than going off on one I do kind of get & agree on the point that any article which quotes a number to decimal places when it is a great unknown is likely to be trying to sound more knowledgeable than is likely. That said I'm still going to dive in & read it
  7. understood xrpphilospohy, number errors are one of my pedantic things so can understood why that might of annoyed you, just rereading my post my typing of "might sounds a lot" annoyed me so I can't heckle mistakes & typos too much
  8. to be fair this is first time I've read about a specific fee & the link is a new one to me. Interesting to read ripple include a 5x higher hedge when using xrp in their cost savings & that still brings a big ole %age saving vs the other options. 10mn might sounds a lot but 15 months sounds like a pretty quick time to pay this off with savings from a business point of view.
  9. scoobysi

    Ripple Insights | Q3 2018 XRP Markets Report

    Dude are you a glitch in the matrix repeating yourself?
  10. from 20:36 he does indeed sound more open to the potential although the majority of the other comments & their current successful system would suggest otherwise. Having seen how large the use of WU in countries like Thailand is for receiving money easily & without banks I can see just what a great company & market they have had. Also seeing just how willing people are to use technology does make me think when things can be done easily & cheaply a la internet of value style their entire market is pretty much dead very quickly. The blockbusters comparison is strong for exactly this argument of tech making life easier & previous big companies which did the hard work become totally obsolete. So 2 years for blockbuster to die, lets see how long WU takes....
  11. scoobysi

    USD.Gatehub super valuable asset

    weird, I noticed some comment about github having a low 39c (I think was mentioned) selling wall earlier on reddit??? Some weird prices bouncing about?!?!?!?
  12. scoobysi

    Ripple Insights | Q3 2018 XRP Markets Report

    they're not doing it primarily to keep afloat, but what business won't make some cash while it can, but they do need the zerps out in the real world to really get their business working. I really don't get your point, the business model & the ripplenet ecosystem wouldn't get stronger by them not selling them or by giving them away??? Equally dumping the lot would be a rubbish idea hence why they are being programmatically sold at a relatively slow & consistent way.
  13. scoobysi

    Swift & Ripple New Angle

    Not trying to cause trouble or take away from your excellent & simply put description of such potentials, but if you don't mention them then you aren't giving any credit? Anyway enough pedanticism around the credit side, love the theory either way.
  14. scoobysi

    Ryan Zagone - IMF

    I like a philosophical debate & agree we should all try to keep to the points of any debate without name calling. I agree with the overall principle there was & is nothing I've seen concrete about IMF/ripple full on application of our beloved ripple tech and we were getting overly excited about them merely being in the same room/conference/whatever. I & most of us also love joining the dots & seeing relationships develop which hopefully bear fruit so also get excited about such things BUT that is some distance from facts that show an actual result. Love a good debate even when it's differing opinions around the same info. Respect to all
  15. scoobysi

    Swift & Ripple New Angle

    I like the theory, just to settle the credit side of it, who was the said commentator?