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  1. I do like the hat though, not seen anything like that on my ebay searches.
  2. only thing I could find was he was now CTO & they had recruited a professional CEO lady. So isn't necessarily anything major & could just be a sensible business thing of putting someone better at heading a corporation but doubt it's Jed giving up any real power? Who knows what politics it could alternatively be but I won't hold my breath of them dying just yet. Still pains me to hold any XLM but I do so as a hedge, ~3% vs XRP, in case they did somehow manage to steal ripples thunder so I don't lose everything...... Enjoyed the none event of a massive announcement earlier though Makes me feel bad hoping for bad things to happen to others, think I'll be like an evil bond villain when I make bank...lol
  3. Already said but Bob my man you owe us nothing in terms of some specific number people will for ever & a day hold you to. You feed us great info & we are all grateful, don't give trying to find a nice answer for us greedy number watchers a second thought, or as you say put any risk at all on yourself. All we want is your voice of reason, expertise & knowledge on how ripple works & how big this good stuff might be in the world. Anyone who can't work out their own desired number based on their circumstances is likely to be hard work anyways. Hope that massaged your ego enough big fella, respect & peace all
  4. I'm hoping cause Brad wore the blue ripple ones these folks made when xRapid was launched that these new 3 pairs will soon be worn for some huge news. lol
  5. lol was just tidying up my desktop & found an old picture I'd titled britto poss, presumably from a previous who is Arthur thread. Look who it isn't AGAIN @BobWay lol
  6. @BobWay is that you I spy top right being called Arthur?
  7. Don't be silly by buying XRP I have shares in Brad & David
  8. Besides the name of his site making me laugh the original blue ripple socks I bought are bloody comfortable. So maybe more than my tight ass would normally pay for socks (especially when I price everything in XRP) but you've got to treat yourself sometimes.....lol
  9. agreed I don't ever recall anything like that being said, show us the post please or well it didn't happen......
  10. Just a silly thread to show off my new socks
  11. just as feedback and just my opinion Digital asset investor is my favourite one to watch every day, short videos covering the latest news & although he is massively pro XRP not too hype. I did go off Alex's vids as he is a little ott on the hype front but I'm not going to heckle optimism too much as that is a quality I love, more the TA & long streams which just doesn't float my boat but each to their own. Crypto Eri is probably my second favourite for just presenting info/news & the Japanese side of it......
  12. guy at work started telling me about something his friend had been recommending all year (2017) & how he'd made some good money & was going to try it. I was sceptical & wanting to take the pi$$ a la banter at work but did some research & my history of not being risk adverse, an economics degree & knowing some of the hassles of sending money to Thailand (where my partner was from originally) I fell in love & ever since then have been going all in & DCAing a reasonable stack to fantasise about a better future...…….
  13. Not sure it relates to assets but equally no reason it wouldn't, paretos law or principle I believe it's usually called or the 80/20 rule
  14. lol quality. I'm hoping the fello eth folks don't get access to weapons in the game or you'll be lynched.
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