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  1. And probably drop even less if the IMF had the keys too the 50B escrow 🙄
  2. Can everyone report this YouTube free airdrops scam..Any newbie reading all the scammers responses too getting these free xrp.. just shocking that YouTube allowed to do this.. Why do the sheep still believe in this scam , nothing is free in life..
  3. karma is a BITC h. justice deserved .. Lost 46m worth of bitcoin.. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8031745/Jailed-Irish-drug-dealer-faces-losing-ill-gotten-46m-bitcoin-fortune.html
  4. What out for this scam.. just had 0.00088 xrp into my ledger, but the memo is this airdrop scam link.. Fookers ...
  5. Shame he didn’t give his shares to the 300 plus passengers that perished 🤬
  6. I don’t really post too often on this great forum , but saw this thread plus your message and had to reply, so have a look at this user friendly device . Myself was in the same position as you with all my crypto on eToro , most of my XRP on there EToro wallet (they have the private keys so you don’t actually own your crypto) and some on the actual platform I trade unsuccessfully 😔 with till this week. I actually bought a nano back in March when they had a offer on but personally looked a bit fiddly to set up , and like yourself just could trust myself , so still in it’s sealed box. Not pr
  7. Have you got the beta wallet from EToro? Myself have the wallet but the 4 coins listed I haven’t got so haven’t tried. The coins listed you can transfer off to your particular exchange or nano join the EToro club I have screen shots of the wallet showing the platform if that helps.
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