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  1. dachxrpshund

    How do I get my XRP off eToro and on to a Nano S?

    Have you got the beta wallet from EToro? Myself have the wallet but the 4 coins listed I haven’t got so haven’t tried. The coins listed you can transfer off to your particular exchange or nano join the EToro club I have screen shots of the wallet showing the platform if that helps.
  2. My poppy has a double . Deffo pump is a arriving.?
  3. Me too. but I won’t give up my dogs ?
  4. dachxrpshund

    ZB exchange on XRP Charts

    Yes recently added..
  5. dachxrpshund

    ZB exchange on XRP Charts

    There’s at lot of information on this thread. A lot of wash trading going on. They go from the top trading platform too the lowest the following day..
  6. Looks like ZB are at it again ?
  7. There using QC now this ZB.COM exchange (quick cash they call it say no more to that ?)
  8. Been watching this exchange recently, out of the blue sometimes they are the highest volume out there, around 250m , then next day they disappear to low 4m. They use to use the ZB what ever that was , and now using tether. great if they are adding volume but.. too go from 250m too 4 mil the following day seams a bit dodgy ?
  9. dachxrpshund

    Are we back?

    Here we go again..
  10. Well .. just checked and it the same it was hr ago.
  11. dachxrpshund

    Are you like my dog?

    Please can we have some more xrp (sorry chicken)