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  1. This target2 TIPS thing and other instant settlement services are a joke. Maybe users see the payment instantly, but behind the scenes banks are just exchanging IOU's and netting them every couple of hours. Everything is done via prefunded accounts and between members. My problem is that i know xrp is great and could solve many issues, but it keeps falling in value more and more. And it makes me sad.
  2. Hi, ISO 20022 is coming, i believe its very BIG. It is related to ripple somehow?
  3. 1. CLS uses swift and nostro banks 2. Probably CLS Now uses prefunding So, they are nothing more than TIPS in Europe. And unless they can settle under 3 seconds, they are as obsolete as SWIFT. The only way they can settle under 3 seconds is by using crypto and my dream is that they start using xrp.
  4. Privacy is very important for banks too. I think no real bank will use xrp unless all information is private, like account balances, number of transactions, amounts, etc. But at the same time this informations should be available to regulators by request. So we have a very long road ahead.
  5. https://bitsonline.com/forex-trading-platform-clsnet-goes-live/ CLSNet uses the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain framework, a permissioned blockchain system that IBM has used in other enterprise applications. IBM announced in July of this year that it was working with CLS to build a blockchain-based proof of concept for the financial service industry. Not sure if this is related, but https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-joins-hyperledger-blockchain-consortium Distributed ledger startup Ripple has joined the Linux Foundation-backed Hyperledger blockchain consortium.
  6. Man, you should relax a little. Buy a good book about how exchanges operate, make some peppermint tea, listen to Berry White ?
  7. I think this is a standard practice for former presidents. Not so long ago i received an invitation to an event where Barack Obama was speaking. The whole thing was recorded except for his speech.
  8. In that case i want a collective Thank you as well. I did the same thing + i said that if they add XRP i will deposit a big amount
  9. Monero to 18000 USD in 5 years, xrp to 0.001 USD because it has no use whatsoevere. Even Ripple the company wont use it.
  10. Agree. I can only add that in case a counterparty fails to pay, other members should send their apples to cls to cover that amount. So technically, counterparty risk is also mitigated. But my point was that xrapid model is far more effective, fast, cheap and easy to use than cls can ever become. So i don't see them as direct competitors at all.
  11. CLS is settlement service. It uses swift to send messages, so technically you still pay swift to settle and cls as well. Instead of me sending you 1 apple and receiving 1 beer from you, i send my apple to cls and you send beer to cls, thus "eliminating counterparty risk", then cls sends me beer and you apple. For this they receive some good money. Process is really complicated and expensive. If one day i will be able to send you apple and receive beer within 3 seconds, provided that we both trust each other and can do it privately, i believe there will be no market for cls or swift at all. Maybe only for parties that are not trustworthy
  12. Its just where the biggest bully from my school is now. Others became either dead before 30, or working on low-paid jobs. At least thats what i heard. To be honest, i don't know any bully from my school who became successful. Sorry for off-topic.
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