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  1. Check out the first post if this thread. The Palm Beach Group has apump&dump newsletter that’s really expensive to join. Maybe this is a stunt to get new customers in board. Like, hey we predicted this months ago. Come join our 1,500$ newsletter!
  2. Yeah, this is probably not the place to ask who’s selling, haha. However, I have to admit that when I saw this thread back in February I thought I’ll just sell my holdings if XRP is still at 1$ in May. But future me is lucky. I’ve decided to HODL!
  3. Fast forward to May and XRP is trading well below 1$. Time to: 1. Sell? 2. Buy? 3. HODL? I’m planning to to some number 1 and 2 with my play stash, but my main stash is still in HODL.
  4. It was officially “stolen”, right? Darn those bounty hunters
  5. Malta was pro crypto before BG123 posted the pic with the ripple logo on it. Do a google news search, loads of articles out there that predate BG123`s post. IMHO, BG123 gets that one right when/if a Ripple/XRP and Malta connection happens.
  6. The imgur image in mention points to Walmart
  7. Was the Walmart connection also known?
  8. I wasn’t invested in XRP back then either. I was reading back on his reddit posts before he closed the Rippled subreddit. Judging by the comments in those posts his predictions were correct. I haven’t checked if those posts are still there after he reopened the subreddit though. Maybe some long time holders can fill in here as well.
  9. The imgur link to the MoneyGram image is in a comment on his reddit post that’s 81 days old. He might have edited it though, I’m on cell phone now so can’t verify.
  10. He also predicted one or two bull runs in 2017. Can’t wait to get to EOY2018 lol
  11. The last one. Click the imgur link in the reddit post and you’ll know what he meant;) edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rippled/comments/89dql9/comment/dwq8f4d?st=JFJSYUEY&sh=f3efdd74 https://www.reddit.com/r/Rippled/comments/89dql9/comment/dwq8f4d?st=JFJSYUEY&sh=f3efdd74
  12. Yeah, the definition of “afford” is key. Sure, I can sell my house and belongings and live in a tent to get more cash to buy XRP. But the emotional cost would be too high even if it’s financially affordable. If “what you can afford” means investing (part of) the available cash after expenses are paid each month, that’s the way to go IMO. Investing monthly is also a nice way to make sure you’re not buying at the peak. I think your post is spot on, cut some unnecessary expenses if you want to invest more.
  13. I have ~10% of my investments in crypto. ~90% of my crypto investments is XRP. I’m at a point where I feel uncomfortable investing more in crypto. XRP has a real use case and all, which I believe will be big, but I guess I don’t have the balls of some of the guys on this forum who are 100% in on XRP. I feel better spreading my investments. I will envy your Lambos though if XRP moons
  14. got rejected its really frustrating not being able to read this... Yeah I was rejected too. Doesn’t look like sending a new join request is possible
  15. Thanks! Been waiting for this. There’s some interesting interpretations for the symbols in this pic over at reddit.
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