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  1. @EMacBrough So I assume the two layer approach discussed above in the xrpchat thread by @JoelKatz , isn't the approach discussed in the twitter link( cobalt v4) . Is the v4 approach even a two layer approach? If not, what does cobalt v4 look like?
  2. The thing is a movement to a wallet doesn't mean its then sold right away, it could be ripple stocking up in their exchange wallet anticipating higher volume coming to make sales. We really dont know, and many times like september 2018, there was outside factors like the swell announcement upcoming that was hinted at, which moved the market dramatically and it likely had nothing to do with the small amount ripple salles compared to overall volume( As well as the fact that they had a huge amount of OTC demand that quarter, so they likely sold much less programtically sas they didn't need to. @B
  3. ripple originally advised that to you because they were telling you to migrate off the old ripple client onto a new gateway. This was for people using the xrp ledger features like decentralized exchange. Sending xrp does not require a gateway. It seems you may have never originally migrated your account. If you did, you have a secret key. You can use that secret key and import it to any wallet like toast, gate hub, trust wallet( requires conversion to mnemonic), etc ( this has nothing to do with 20 xrp even on toast because you aren't activating a new account, you are just importing)
  4. Chris commited 7b to ripple works, and Jed can only sell his based on volume(which he has been doing for a while). Arthur May still have his 2B. The founders no longer hold near the xrp they once did.
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