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  1. Indeed, other dependency management tools could also implement this! I've also opened a discussion on the npm's cli tooling discussion board to see how they feel about the idea. https://github.com/npm/feedback/discussions/134
  2. Hello! "Can we enable payments, and more specifically XRP, in our CI/CD pipelines?" I've been playing with this idea the past week if it would be possible to contribute to the open source community during development lifecycles. With Node.js and in particular the packages structure, a lot of dependencies are added between lots of packages. Whether this is a good thing or not is another discussion Some of these projects are also looking for funding. When you've used npm you've probably seen the npm fund command. Now, what if we could automate this and distribute XRP to opting-in projects whenever we have a succesful release, or even build? I've created an example of the idea here, that leverages travis to do the build and donate a payment to the xrp-payment-cli package: https://github.com/bnuyts/xrp-payment-cli-example You can check the log output of the builds and see that XRP is being transacted at the end: https://travis-ci.com/github/bnuyts/xrp-payment-cli-example/jobs/467430753#L211 What happens is the following: build is triggered via an event on github to travis travis runs npm install xrp-payment-cli is defined as dev dependency and is installed in node_modules the travis configuration file contains the following to trigger the donation functionality of xrp-payment-cli after_success: - xrp-payment-cli donate --sender ${SENDER} --secret ${SECRET} --amount ${AMOUNT} when the build is succesful, XRP is sent to the addresses defined in package.json files of node_modules. E.g. the package.json of xrp-payment-cl Below an abstract illustration of the concept: I've probably missed some things, like what happens when lots of payments are submitted at the same time, will it increase the fee by a lot? Is bulk submitting possible? Anyhow, I think that with the speed of XRP and the usage of drops, almost anyone willing is capable of contributing something to the OSS projects they love, in small bits, but regularly. Feedback is welcome!
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