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  1. Thoughts on today's Ripple insight on another xrpl just for CBDCs?
  2. Have your thoughts changed with Ripple's new insight for a private ledger for CBDCs?
  3. Welcome @BobWay! The community appreciates a fresh perspective. Looking forward to reading more on your thoughts. -Tripple Ripple- - Ripple Effect-
  4. Hey, the fastest way I found that allows you to get xrp is buy LTC at a ATM and transfer to Bitstamp. Yes it's expensive, but because you sell LTC immediately ( ~17 minutes for transfer) it's a tax write-off as a loss that you get back on taxes as investment lost. Everytime I get gas, I grab more zerps basically. ATM of choice is RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM. Instant setup with KYC by scanning your driver's license. You can even get new wallets. RockItCoin customer service is fantastic. Just last week I asked for every transaction and they emailed me right away. Like I said it's expensive, but the fastest way I found, especially since I travel from State to state and can always find LTC on one of the ATM's. -Tripple Ripple - - Ripple Effect -
  5. You should DM Claire or hit up @peebo38 on Twitter for that info. She is Head of Community, Ripple. - Tripple Ripple - -Ripple Effect -
  6. Thoughts on changing the website title, now that XRP and Ripple are clearly separate? -Tripple Ripple - -Ripple Effect -
  7. I agree 100%. Its my opinion it wasn't a one-time-PR-stunt, but speaks to the character and culture of the leadership and overall organization. - Tripple Ripple - - Ripple Effect -
  8. Ripple is still helping many out by matching all donations up to $50 through July 1, 2018! Promo Code: RIPPLE https://help.donorschoose.org/hc/en-us/articles/215857957-Promo-code-to-help-fundraise-for-your-first-project What are your thoughts about that? - Tripple Ripple - - Ripple Effect -
  9. I figured it out: It's #IHob 2018!! June 11th https://mobile.twitter.com/IHOP/status/1004093182227959809 -Tripple Ripple - - Ripple Effect-
  10. From the Ripple insights page: https://ripple.com/insights/sbi-virtual-currencies-to-exclusively-list-xrp-at-launch/ "Adding to the momentum behind XRP’s growing global liquidity, SBI Holdings announced that its newly released digital asset exchange — SBI Virtual Currencies — will use XRP as the only digital asset supported at launch."
  11. Another update, summarized from the BG interview this week: XRP is not a security: #1 XRP is not a share of ripple: when you buy it, XRP does not get you shares, dividends, or access to profit of Ripple the company #2 Ecosystem: the XRP ledger is open sourced, free, decentralized, and independent of ripple; if ripple goes away, the XRP ledger will continue to exist #3 A real utility – solves a real-world problem and real companies are taking advantage on the XRP ledger Recent XRP graphs are about technological adaptation, not sales goals or earnings power. -Tripple Ripple - - Ripple Effect -
  12. Hi and . Be sure to check out some of the clubs/other sections... that's were some really great information lies. - Tripple Ripple - - Ripple Effect -
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