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  1. I think the same. I am 99% certain that XRP will be +10$ sometime in the future. But i have no clue if we will pass 10$ in 2 Months, 2 Years or a Decade from now.
  2. Great news for Iranians. I have been to Iran two times. (I am European, but have friends in Iran) I remember that it was a pain to bring money to the Iran. There are ATMs in Iran but it´s a closed system not connected to SWIFT or SEPA. I ended up bringing almoust 5k Euro in cash with me. But that’s an even bigger problem for Iraniens. Iranians (unlike Saudis or Chinese) get passports and are allowed to travel as much as they want. So they do travel a lot and for that they have bank-accounts in Europe to have cach, ATM-cards and credit-cards to use in the rest of the world. I assume XRP is a very good way to move money fast and cheap from rial to euros. PS: I am European so I don’t care about any embargo from the USA. Actually my country (Austria) is (and was always) doing business with Iran.
  3. Kinda funny. I am living in Vienna just 10 min away from Transpaygos headquater. I recently noticed that one of the 15 non ripple validators on the defalt UNL is located in Vienna and was wondering, what the reason could be. Now it makes sense. I have to admit that TranspayGo isn't known widely in Austria. But maybe that's because they are not targeting retail customers.
  4. That is only true if you just look at XRP against the dollar. In my opinion one of the next goals for XRP is to become 2nd biggest Cryptocurrency in terms of marketcap (I know that marketcap does not mean that much but it is importand for the public). So XRP has to overtake ETH to be the first contender of BTC. In the last month XRP has gained 20% against ETH, 40% in the last 3 months and more than 90% in the last 12 months. So at this point of time XRP is doing good within the crypto-space. Gains against the $ (that are not only driven by speculation) will come into play in maybe the next 18 months
  5. Ripple stated that the Ledger handles 1500 Transactions at the Moment. And that it will handle 50.000 TX/sec in the future. That would bei all of Swifts transactions in 7 minutes
  6. Imho: The goal for the next 6 months should be to become Nr.1 alt-coin. In other words: overtake in ETH in marketcap (I know that marketccap doesn’t mean a lot but it´s importent for the public reception) So I it is also important how XRP is doing against ETH. And recently the XRP/ETH Charts look promising
  7. From my European perspective I can not understand the backlash. Bill Clinton was (and somehow still is) popular in Europe. In my opinion the message is clear. It is: Ripple is a legitimate company so that Clinton (how has ties with Banking Industry) is eager to hold a keynot for this company. Sure Obama would have been a eaven better choice – maybe next year.
  8. As far as I know he is Austrian (but has studied in Germany and lived in Switzerland). So his mother tounge is definitely german.
  9. If BTC goes down to sub 2000 the whole System will collapse as miners will stop mining. I am not saying that it could not happen. but I think that it is quite unlikely. I would say that BTC has now reached its "intrinsic value" which is the cost of energy needed to mine one BTC. Do you hold any XRP at the Moment? I dont think we see single figures ever again. But It is quit possible, that it will take some years till we see +$1 year.
  10. That is exactly the situation I am in. I bought early before Nov/17 so I have no loss. But I missed selling at the ATH. Thought about selling 10-20% of my stack. But didn’t do it. I didn't expect going so low. Now it is to late to sell imho. The odds are way better that XRP will be higher in 6 Months than being lower. I am quite sure that (if Ripple is successful) we will see a new ATH. Although it might need some patients. Even if XRP takes 5 years to reach the next ATH the Return on my investment will be tremendous.
  11. Visa is having big problems with processing payments in all of europe at the moment. Wondering if a distributed ledger could prevent something like that from happening. www.express.co.uk/finance/city/968194/visa-down-payment-processing-visa-europe-mastercard-finance-news-credit-card-debit/amp
  12. I sold all my BTC when it was 9.7k back in Nov and bought almost all my holdings of XRP at 0.20-0.22 in Oct/Nov. I didn’t sell a single XRP since then. I am sometimes (a little) frustrated that I didn’t sell some XRP at the ATH and buy back now. But then I remember my personal rules of investing (in Crypto). Invest only what you can afford to lose Invest in tech you believe in and see a future for Don’t let any hype guide you Don’t let panic guide your decisions Control your greed Keeping that in mind, I am totally fine. I have had a return of more than 300% in half a year. (Way better than staying with BTC). Short term price isn’t predictable. XRP could rise 20% tomorrow or drop 20%). I believe in XRP more than ever. XRP has such a superior tech. So on the long run XRP price will rise. Could be $10 in 5 Years or $100 in 2 Years. In both scenarios this will be the best investment of my life (it already is). If RIpple fails it was definitly worth the try. So I will go on with my life. And will get then Nano S out of the drawer in 3-5 years to see what has happened.
  13. How can anyone take this Center serious. This obscure ******** is what they are promoting on twitter:
  14. Very Funny. I wanted to know a little more about this skeptic guy Martin Walker. So I go to the homepage of the Center for Evidence-Based Management ( https://www.cebma.org ). I click on the first tweet that appears on the feed on the top. “Evidence-based mediums and spiritual guides - OMG, Say WHAT? https://t.co/CAOxfEOpfh „ nuff said nuff said
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